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Gryffindor Trio




Challenge: Ron/Harry/Hermione   


Objective: Harry has just come into his creature inheritance, and discovers that his two best friends are his soul mates. RW/HP/HG. Harry is the submissive, being the youngest of the three friends. Hermione is the alpha female of the trio and Ron is the alpha male. Ron and Hermione care for nothing more than to protect and care for the well-being of their little submissive mate, Harry.   

Just after his sixteenth/seventeenth birthday, Harry comes into his family inheritance (creature of your choice). He uses his limited wandless magic ability to put up glamours to hide the changes. A few days after his birthday, Harry is picked up from the Dursleys and brought to Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, where the Weasleys, Hermione and several Order members are staying. Harry is sent up to his and Ron’s shared room, where Ron and Hermione are waiting for him to show up.   

Upon entering the bedroom, he immediately recognizes his two best friends as his dominant mates. He has the seventeen-year-old Hermione lock and silence the room, before he tells them about his inheritance and lets down his glamour. It is then he confesses his sudden desires for his two best friends. Hermione, being the obvious bookworm, immediately goes up to the Black library and tries to find any information she can about what Harry has become (or more information, depending on your choice of creature) and what he knew sudden feelings for her and Ron mean.   

OoO Ron and Hermione CANNOT have a previous relationship with each other. They have all – Harry, Ron and Hermione – had feelings for one another since the very beginning of their friendship, but being the young immature teenagers that they were/are, they never acted on them, or tried to ignore them for the sake of their friendship. Plus, they all thought it odd that one of them liked BOTH of their best friends, and they didn’t want to have to choose one over the other, should they have had to act.   

There cannot be any graphic R/Hr, please. You can make this story as graphic in sex as you want when he comes to Ron/Harry and Hermione/Harry, but not Ron/Hermione. I don’t like Ron/Hermione pairing, in fact I loathe it. The only way I will read a R/Hr fic is if they are in a threesome with Harry, and Harry is the center of the fic and relationship.   

While Ron and Hermione love each other just as much as they love Harry, they are in agreement that it is Harry that needs the most love and care in the relationship, as it is Harry who has never been shown what love actually was. He is abused (and raped, maybe?) by his relatives, abused by his peers at Hogwarts and the press in the wizarding world, and has been in constant danger from Death Eaters and Voldemort’s many attempts on his life.   

May or may not have Mpreg. However, should you make Hermione pregnant, I want there to be Mpreg, and I want Harry to get pregnant WAY before Hermione ever does. Like, for example: Harry gets pregnant in their 7th year, and then maybe after Harry’s had his baby and maybe a year or so after they’ve left school, Hermione gets pregnant by both boys.   

If you can, it would be cool if you can have Harry somehow get pregnant with Hermione’s child. Weird, right? This could work by some sort of magic or something (a potion accident, kinky sex gone wrong, etc. Use your imagination). I think I’ve read a fic once where this happened, and it was amusing. At the same time, he can also have gotten pregnant with Ron’s child as well. Harry, pregnant with both Hermione and Ron’s child, at the same time. Like in fics where Harry is pregnant with a child from Severus and Draco (there is a handful of those around).   

OoO Harry does have to be shorter than both Ron and Hermione, and it would help if he was a slight bit feminine, yet at the same time also still quite male. You can have Harry be a Magical Hermaphrodite if you like, that way Ron and Hermione can experience the best of both worlds with Harry’s female and male form. You can have a femslash scene(s) if you write Harry as a MH, where he’s in his female form and he and Hermione are ‘doing it’ while Ron watches in fascination and awe, before joining in. Just an idea…   

NO overly kinky sex scenes. Hermione can’t be a dominatrix. I want her to be a gentle, motherly dominant female, not rough, harsh and bossy. No whips, handcuffs or leather, okay? Not unless it’s just a one-time thing and/or just a experiment.   

This fic can’t be pure smut. There has to be a plot, and I want it to be a lengthy fic, several chapters at least. There can be lots of sex, but not just sex.   

Definitely has to be rated M or NC-17, depending where you post the story.   

Okay, I think that is it for now. If I think of something else I’ll let you know if you decide to want to take this challenge/idea on!   


That concludes challenge eight (8).   



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Challenge: Dean/Harry/Sam or just Dean/Harry SPN/HP crossover

Objective: Harry, age 14, quits Hogwarts and runs to America. There, he meets up with Sam and Dean Winchester. Though highly intelligent, Harry sucks at potions. He tries to brew a potion that would be helpful for him or the brothers (like a healing potion, or whatever you decide to use), but ends up getting the process wrong and the potion blows up in his face. Dean and Sam are there to witness the explosion and panic, but of course dont really know what to do. Before their eyes, Harry de-ages to a 3-year-old.

Yes, this is a de-aging story, only, Harry de-ages to a 3-year-old and is now in the care of a clueless but highly protective care of the Winchester boys.

Harry has to be tiny, and has to have a history of bad abuse (Vernon Dursley), and Harry has to have no memory of life outside of the Dursleys.

Dean and Sam are aware that Harry can do magic. Dean and Harry are already in a relationship, or Dean/Harry/Sam are either in a relationship (threesome) or getting very close to that point.

Harry has to stay a toddler for a while, and cant gradually age. Hes just 3-years-old and then the potion wears off and hes back to being his 15/16-year-old self.

Harry HAS to be a minor still, meaning he cant be older than 18 (preferably between 15 to 17). Sam and Dean have to be older than him – Dean by at least 9-years and Sam by at least 4-years, because Harry would be meeting the brothers during season 1, where Sam was 22-years-old and Dean was 26-years-old.

John Winchester DOES NOT die!

Mpreg eventually, if youre comfortable writing it.

Harry has to have taken his OWLS and NEWTS tests before leaving for America, so that would mean that Harry has to be very intelligent and knowledgeable in magic and possibly even muggle subjects. Easiest way for this to happen is to give him a photographic (eidetic) memory.

Harry has the use of wandless magic.

Oh, and Harry cant be taller than 5 foot 2. Yes, I love short Harry, and feminine, so make him as feminine as possible without taking away from his masculinity. This fic does not require Harry to be a Magical Hermaphrodite, but if you wish to make him as such, please do. His hair cant be any color but jet-black and has to at least be shoulder-length, if not longer, and his eyes have to stay emerald green.

NO Ron/Hermione pairing.


That concludes Challenge seven (7).


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Challenge: OMC/Harry

Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite (MH). He has been since birth, but James and Lily put glamours on him just a few hours after he was born (when they discovered that his was a MH).

Since the night Voldemort attacked the Potters, Harry has been able to do wandless magic. Because wandless magic was rare and therefore untraceable, nobody at the ministry or Dumbledore realized that he was performing magic – and advanced magic at that.

Because of the Dursleys abuse, Harry is very small. By the time he’s 17yrs old, he only stands at 5’2’’

As he grows up, Harry notices at he has the ability to change his gender, yet nobody notices when he does. He can see through the glamour that his parents put on him at birth, but nobody else can. Eventually, once he gets to Hogwarts, he learns how what he is (MH) and replaces his parents’ glamours with his own wandless glamours – which allows him to key people to (those who he keys into the glamours is able to see through them).

Harry doesn’t tell anyone at Hogwarts about his MH or wandless magic.

Between second and third year, during Harry’s long stay in Diagon Alley, he meets his soul-mate, a 19-year-old Italian, Thaddeo ‘Deo’ DeLeo. Pronounced (THA-day-oh) or (DAY-oh). Deo is a an American-raised but Italian born wizard. He and his mother and two sisters moved to Los Angeles when Deo was just two-years-old, leaving behind their father, and three other siblings. At seventeen, Deo returned to Florence, as did his sisters Giuliana and Bianca. Maybe their mother, as well.

Deo’s Five Siblings:

Sergio DeLeo – 35yrs-old, wife – Flora (3 kids)

Sereno DeLeo – 34yrs-old, wife – Ita (4 kids)

Gianna DeLeo-Ventigio – 32yrs-old, husband – Carlo (2 kids)

Giuliana DeLeo – 25yrs-old, boyfriend, Adrian who is 26yrs-old.

Bianca DeLeo – 22-yrs-old

You may decide in which order they come and their ages. However, Bianca is the youngest (at least 1-year younger than Deo). I have them oldest to youngest in that order, with Deo between Giuliana and Bianca. I have them all married and with kids but you can change that if you like – it isn’t necessary for the story to have the all married with children.

When Harry and Deo meet, Harry is 13 and Deo is 19 (six years age difference). By the time Harry meets up with the Weasleys at the end of summer at the Leaky Cauldron, the two of them have consummated their bond.

— You may choose why they are soul mates. Whether it be a creature-fic or a magical thing, it’s your choice. They do HAVE to be soul mates and they HAVE to consummate it by the end of summer.

When bonded they share two powers:

– a Telepathic link – which works between any distance (so they can communicate without it being noticed like owls and such).

– a Teleportation link – which works between any distance, and through any wards. This means that they can teleport in and out of Hogwarts or any other heavily warded area and therefore, they can visit each other whenever they like.

Deo teleports to Harry at night, where they spend time behind Harry’s locked and silenced curtains in the boys’ dorm. Sometimes, Harry teleports to Deo, but only when he’s sure it’s safe and when nobody will notice.

Their relationship is a secret to everyone but Deo’s family and they are under wizard’s oath. Not even Ron and Hermione know of their relationship, nor do they suspect anything.

NO Ron/Hermione, until at least 7th year, and there can’t be anything graphic about it.



Someone who can write graphic or explicit sex scenes between Harry and Deo.

Whenever Harry goes back to the Dursleys, he is actually teleporting over regularly to his and Deo’s shared home. Because of their soul mate status, they are legally married, so they share pretty much everything. Harry ‘unofficially’ lives with Deo during the summers. He makes sure to be seen around Privet Drive when he and Deo realize that the Order of the Phoenix is tailing him.

–         Harry gets pregnant around March of his 6th year. He hides the pregnancy with glamours and concealments.

Harry’s 5 months pregnant in mid-August, when a few members of the Order come and get him to take him to Grimmauld Place. While at Grimmauld Place, Deo sneaks into Harry’s now private room (Sirius’ master bedroom). At the end of August, just a few days or a week before going back to Hogwarts for 7th year, Harry and Deo are caught having hard core sex up in the room, by people of your choice, though by at least 3 people (adults).

Because nobody knows who Deo is, and before Harry had his glamours hiding his MH features and his pregnancy down, the who ‘being caught in the act’ becomes a huge deal and when Harry and Deo come clean about their history together. Everyone is shocked.

My vision of Deo DeLeo is:


Shaved head with short black stubs for hair and some stubble on chin (3 0’clock shadow)

Bulging muscles – biceps, eight-pack abs, thick/broad shoulders

Deep, baritone voice that rumbles through his chest.

Maybe a small Italian accent but not necessary.

Basically, when I thought this, I was thinking a build like Vin Diesel; tall, dark, shaven-head, with a deep rumbling voice with lots and lots of muscle. Deo is supposed to be very sexy.

My vision of Harry:


Mid-back length jet-black hair

Emerald green eyes

Petite figure, with slender waist and long legs

Harry is supposed to be much smaller than Deo, in both height, weight and muscle. He’s to be petite and slender, and very beautiful, especially with his Magical Hermaphroditism.


That concludes Challenge six (6).


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Challenge: Charlie/Harry


Harry and Charlie are in a secret relationship from Harrys fourth year and onward.

– Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite (MH) definition found in chapter 2.

– Harry is also a half elf (from Severus) and half veela (from Lucius)

– At 14, Harry meets his soul mate, which is Charlie Weasley. Charlie is there at Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament for the dragons and for Weasley support. Their relationship is kept between them two. They consummate the bond that same year.

– Charlie is 23-yrs-old when Harrys 14-yrs-old. Charlies 26 when Harrys 17.

Harry is actually the child of Severus and Lucius, and is the baby brother of Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoys birthday is to be September 2nd (the eldest in his year).

Harrys is still July 31st (the youngest in his year). He and Draco are 11 months apart, nearly a full year.

Severus had Draco, and 11-months later Lucius had Harry.

James and Lily had a son (who was nameless), who died of SIDS during the first night, also born July 31st, though a few hours before Harry. In grief, either James or Lily, through a dark ritual, summon a baby, which happens to be Severus and Lucius newborn son, Harrison Angelio. Harrison is renamed Harris James Potter, because the ritual tells the Potters the babys real birth name. Either way, Harrys nickname is still Harry. No major name change.

The Potters use an assortment of potions and charms to hide Harrys true heritage and appearance, though the affects are only permanent.

However, during his time at the Dursleys, some of Harrys elfin magic helped hide his rapid changes as the potions and charms began to wear off. Elfin glamours were the strongest glamours in the world, and only those who are under said glamours or those that have cast the glamours, can see through them. Harry, being the one under and the one who cast them, was able to see his true self when looking through a mirror. Also, he could key anyone he wanted into the glamours. Eventually, Charlie (during 4th year) is keyed into the glamours, so that he could see Harrys real appearance.

The Potters had no idea that Harry was a Magical Hermaphrodite, for the MH features didnt start to take affect until the body of the MH started to mature and develop (between eight-years-old to eleven-years-old). Or, you can say that the Potters and everyone else just overlooked that minor detail. Once Harrys MH began to develop, his glamours hid those changes as well for only he to see.

In Harrys 6th year, around the start of January, Harry gets pregnant. Under his elfin glamour, he hides the pregnancy from everyone but Charlie. They get married/eloped on Harrys seventeenth birthday, July 31st.

During the August before Harrys 7th year, and heavily pregnant (7 months), Harry is taken to Grimmauld Place Number Twelve from where he was at the Dursleys. The occupants of Number Twelve are Severus, Lucius, Draco and the live-in, Remus Lupin. There, Harry is told that he is the youngest son Sev and Lucius and little brother of Draco.

A few weeks later (a week or so when Harry and Draco return to Hogwarts), Severus and Lucius walk in on a heavily pregnant Harry (still under glamour) and Charlie having sex up in Harrys room. It is there that Harry and Charlies secret relationship in found out, along with the pregnancy and their new marriage status.

All three men Sev, Lucius and Draco are protective of Harry, and hate Charlie for sever weeks afterwards. Like overprotective parents and big brother…

The Weasleys also find out the same night as Harrys family, for Sev or Lucius or even Remus (who is equally as protective over Harry, being his honorary second godfather) fire calls Molly and Arthur and the other redheads. Eventually, the word spreads to the Order of the Phoenix, and before September comes around, Grimmauld Place is swamped with people.

Again, NO Ron/Hermione, unless its way into the story and not very graphic or in detail. I hate R/Hr, so make this pairing as background as possible, if you must have it.


That concludes challenge five (5).


A Natural Disaster Idea   Leave a comment

Challenge: Harry/OC or Harry/Whoever, just no Draco, Severus, Hermione, Ginny or Lucius. Anyone else, be it het or slash, is fine. Though, if you want Harry to be the hero, which is a MUST, Id go for het…but, its not a requirement.

Objective: Natural Disaster hurricane, volcano eruption, tsunami, tornado (multiple), meteor (space), earthquake, avalanche, etc. Whatever works for you…So long as its hugely destructive and threatens the entire globe (world), not just Harrys world (wherever you decide to relocate him).

– Harry leaves Hogwarts in between fifth and seventh year, to live in the muggle world.

– Meets an OC, or someone (who hes with/dating at the time) comes with him.

– They go away from England, preferably somewhere in the U.S. and in a big city on the East, West, North or South coast.

– A natural disaster strikes, and Harry and his spouse/partner are separated and are in a frantic hurry to find each other.

– Follows mostly Harry on his search for his loved one, but can have sections where his loved one is a focus as well.

– Harry and his partner, or just Harry (preferably but not necessary), end up getting involved with the government to help stop or help protect the world/globe from getting destroyed.

If you have ever seem a Natural Disaster movie, a movie like, 10.5, 10.5 Apocalypse, Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Volcano, Twister, Dantes Peek, Armageddon, Night of the Twisters or even 2012, then you know what Im talking about or at least getting at.

NO Ron/Hermione, if you can help it.

If slash, then Harry is the submissive/bottom partner, but still the most powerful.

If its a hetero pairing, then make Harry as strong and good looking and possible, not to mention more powerful and maybe even really smart. Just dont go too overboard with the power and intelligence.


Thats it for challenge four (4).


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Challenge: Harry/Luna or OMC/Harry/Luna

First het-pairing challenge of the collection. It wont be the last, up definitely a rarity. Though, granted, its not totally het, so maybe it doesnt count.

Must have/include: sexual situations (graphic and non-graphic between H/L), bi-sexual situations (bottom!Harry with another male, not Luna with another female), submissive-Harry (even to Luna), kinky-sex but not overly kinky (no handcuffs, bondage or pain just Luna w/ strap-on), threesome (OMC/Harry/Luna in that order).

Harry must be submissive to both Luna and the OMC (or another HP male character). The other male and Luna are NOT to be together, they are to share Harry, but he doesnt share either of them with the other…if that makes sense. ONLY Harry bottoms or is submissive. Harry may top Luna, but she is still ALWAYS in control.

This submissive side of Harry is only for Luna and the other male to witness, but of course, as the story goes on, you may have everyone witness the more submissive personality that is Harry.

NO Ron/Hermione, unless it is after Harry and Luna get together (a long time after they get together). I dont like R/Hr, so no graphic romance with this pairing, AT ALL.

You may have Mpreg and Preg (Harry and Luna), if you like. If you like to mess with impossible feats when it comes to magic, then it would be could if you could somehow make it where it is possible for Harry to become pregnant with Lunas child. If you cant or if you dont like that idea, then just have Harry become pregnant with his male lovers child, and Luna with Harrys child. Though, Harrys pregnant, should you choose to use a pregnancy in this fic, has to come before Lunas.

HP/LL and whoever else you decide to add into this fic (the other male, I mean) may have a secret relationship. I love secret relationships! They could have started a relationship during 5th year, when they actually got acquainted with one another, or several months before they come public in Harrys 7th year.

Yes, this is a 7th year fic. You can write an overview of the other years, but the main part of the story will happen during Harrys 7th year.

If you want Harry to be feminine, like almost girly, then thats perfect. He does have to be a at least ONE (1) inch shorter than Luna, so 5 foot 4 5 foot 6, and I would like him to have at least shoulder-length hair, if possible.

If you dont like a feminine Harry, you can do have Harry where hes in between feminine and masculine not too girly but definitely not to masculine enough, as he IS submissive. Keep that in mind!

Just make sure that this fic is centric-Harry, oh, and in 3rd person. Anyone who writes in 1st person, sorry but I dont think Ill let you adopt one of my fics. Its not you, jus the style…Im not fond of first-person POVs they bug the hell out of me.


That concludes challenge number three (3).


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Challenge: Neville/Harry

Harry and Neville are secret friends, from the beginning of their first year. Secret friends, meaning nobody not Ron, Hermione or even Dumbledore know about said friendship. They find time to sneak off and spend time together, finding all kinds of hidden and secret places where they can be together away from everyone else.

Both have facades (masks) that only the other knows of. Since first year, because Neville has become best friends with Harry, his confidence has gone from a way low to very high. He hides said confidence behind his mask of a timid, scared little boy. Only Harry sees through Nevilles mask.

Harry, likewise, puts on his performance. While everyone sees the scrawny, four-eyed, messy-haired boy who likes to risk his life for others, only and Neville know who he truly is. Harrys known since he was very little that he was a Magical Hermaphrodite (or at least just very, very femininely gay), who has perfected wandless magic, which he uses to hide his femininity through glamours.

Neville Dominant, and actually quite handsome (Harry has placed glamours on him to hide his real appearance from public eye).

Harry Submissive, and very pretty and petite with long BLACK hair and EMERALD eyes.

– Harry cant be taller than 5 foot 5.

– Neville has to be at least 6 foot even no shorter, but you can make him taller than that, and maybe with some muscle as well.

Third year, at some point, they begin dating.

Fifth year, they leave Hogwarts and find magical tutoring elsewhere. Neville opens his own chain of greenhouses (magical and/ muggle) and Harry opens either a dancing studio, clothing boutique or something a little more successful and glamorous than Nevilles greenhouses. Both, however, make LOTS of money.

You can have Harry be either into fashion or dance or something that is just as fashionable perhaps something to do with the performing arts or fashion industry singing, acting, modeling, Broadway even, etc. Your choice, but it has to be good!

If you do dancing, Id like to see a little (at least) Hindi dancing. Ive gotten into Bollywood entertainment on youtube and am obsessed with it at the moment. So Hindi would be a BIG plus…but *sigh* you dont have to if it doesnt fit into your idea of this story…If you decide that you will use this idea, but dont really know what it includes, Id advice you to go to youtube and watch a few music videos done by Hindi artists Kajol, Shahkruhk Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan, just to name a few. Look up You Are My Soniya and listen to it…it might help you get into the whole Bollywood spirit (hopefully).

Where they move to, is up to you, so long that it is far from Britain, so…Nowhere in England, preferably. Up to you as to WHY they left to begin with.

Also, you can choose whether Voldemort and his Death Eaters are still alive and out there.

NO Ron/Hermione, please! At least, not until after Harry and Neville rejoin the wizarding world in England. If you cant write a fic where they arent paired, meaning, you HAVE to have Ron/Hermione, then they cant be a couple until they are at least seventeen (their 7th year). No severe bashing on either character, but maybe you can give them a little bit of a hard time…

Harry and Neville have to be married by the time they rejoin the wizarding world or the wizarding world tracks them down. Whichever you decide…And there MUST be Mpreg, and not at the end of the story, either. Harry has to be the one to give birth. He can be pregnant upon the rejoining of the WW or already have a kid/baby when they do rejoin. Again, its up to you.

Only request to when it comes to the Mpreg…either make it twins (if you want a boy), or it has to be a girl. There HAS to be a girl somewhere and if twins, the girl is to be the youngest.


Okay, so…that is challenge number two (2). Anyone want it?