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Challenge: Harry/OC or Harry/Whoever, just no Draco, Severus, Hermione, Ginny or Lucius. Anyone else, be it het or slash, is fine. Though, if you want Harry to be the hero, which is a MUST, Id go for het…but, its not a requirement.

Objective: Natural Disaster hurricane, volcano eruption, tsunami, tornado (multiple), meteor (space), earthquake, avalanche, etc. Whatever works for you…So long as its hugely destructive and threatens the entire globe (world), not just Harrys world (wherever you decide to relocate him).

– Harry leaves Hogwarts in between fifth and seventh year, to live in the muggle world.

– Meets an OC, or someone (who hes with/dating at the time) comes with him.

– They go away from England, preferably somewhere in the U.S. and in a big city on the East, West, North or South coast.

– A natural disaster strikes, and Harry and his spouse/partner are separated and are in a frantic hurry to find each other.

– Follows mostly Harry on his search for his loved one, but can have sections where his loved one is a focus as well.

– Harry and his partner, or just Harry (preferably but not necessary), end up getting involved with the government to help stop or help protect the world/globe from getting destroyed.

If you have ever seem a Natural Disaster movie, a movie like, 10.5, 10.5 Apocalypse, Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Volcano, Twister, Dantes Peek, Armageddon, Night of the Twisters or even 2012, then you know what Im talking about or at least getting at.

NO Ron/Hermione, if you can help it.

If slash, then Harry is the submissive/bottom partner, but still the most powerful.

If its a hetero pairing, then make Harry as strong and good looking and possible, not to mention more powerful and maybe even really smart. Just dont go too overboard with the power and intelligence.


Thats it for challenge four (4).



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