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Challenge: Neville/Harry

Harry and Neville are secret friends, from the beginning of their first year. Secret friends, meaning nobody not Ron, Hermione or even Dumbledore know about said friendship. They find time to sneak off and spend time together, finding all kinds of hidden and secret places where they can be together away from everyone else.

Both have facades (masks) that only the other knows of. Since first year, because Neville has become best friends with Harry, his confidence has gone from a way low to very high. He hides said confidence behind his mask of a timid, scared little boy. Only Harry sees through Nevilles mask.

Harry, likewise, puts on his performance. While everyone sees the scrawny, four-eyed, messy-haired boy who likes to risk his life for others, only and Neville know who he truly is. Harrys known since he was very little that he was a Magical Hermaphrodite (or at least just very, very femininely gay), who has perfected wandless magic, which he uses to hide his femininity through glamours.

Neville Dominant, and actually quite handsome (Harry has placed glamours on him to hide his real appearance from public eye).

Harry Submissive, and very pretty and petite with long BLACK hair and EMERALD eyes.

– Harry cant be taller than 5 foot 5.

– Neville has to be at least 6 foot even no shorter, but you can make him taller than that, and maybe with some muscle as well.

Third year, at some point, they begin dating.

Fifth year, they leave Hogwarts and find magical tutoring elsewhere. Neville opens his own chain of greenhouses (magical and/ muggle) and Harry opens either a dancing studio, clothing boutique or something a little more successful and glamorous than Nevilles greenhouses. Both, however, make LOTS of money.

You can have Harry be either into fashion or dance or something that is just as fashionable perhaps something to do with the performing arts or fashion industry singing, acting, modeling, Broadway even, etc. Your choice, but it has to be good!

If you do dancing, Id like to see a little (at least) Hindi dancing. Ive gotten into Bollywood entertainment on youtube and am obsessed with it at the moment. So Hindi would be a BIG plus…but *sigh* you dont have to if it doesnt fit into your idea of this story…If you decide that you will use this idea, but dont really know what it includes, Id advice you to go to youtube and watch a few music videos done by Hindi artists Kajol, Shahkruhk Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan, just to name a few. Look up You Are My Soniya and listen to it…it might help you get into the whole Bollywood spirit (hopefully).

Where they move to, is up to you, so long that it is far from Britain, so…Nowhere in England, preferably. Up to you as to WHY they left to begin with.

Also, you can choose whether Voldemort and his Death Eaters are still alive and out there.

NO Ron/Hermione, please! At least, not until after Harry and Neville rejoin the wizarding world in England. If you cant write a fic where they arent paired, meaning, you HAVE to have Ron/Hermione, then they cant be a couple until they are at least seventeen (their 7th year). No severe bashing on either character, but maybe you can give them a little bit of a hard time…

Harry and Neville have to be married by the time they rejoin the wizarding world or the wizarding world tracks them down. Whichever you decide…And there MUST be Mpreg, and not at the end of the story, either. Harry has to be the one to give birth. He can be pregnant upon the rejoining of the WW or already have a kid/baby when they do rejoin. Again, its up to you.

Only request to when it comes to the Mpreg…either make it twins (if you want a boy), or it has to be a girl. There HAS to be a girl somewhere and if twins, the girl is to be the youngest.


Okay, so…that is challenge number two (2). Anyone want it?



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