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Challenge: OMC/Harry

Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite (MH). He has been since birth, but James and Lily put glamours on him just a few hours after he was born (when they discovered that his was a MH).

Since the night Voldemort attacked the Potters, Harry has been able to do wandless magic. Because wandless magic was rare and therefore untraceable, nobody at the ministry or Dumbledore realized that he was performing magic – and advanced magic at that.

Because of the Dursleys abuse, Harry is very small. By the time he’s 17yrs old, he only stands at 5’2’’

As he grows up, Harry notices at he has the ability to change his gender, yet nobody notices when he does. He can see through the glamour that his parents put on him at birth, but nobody else can. Eventually, once he gets to Hogwarts, he learns how what he is (MH) and replaces his parents’ glamours with his own wandless glamours – which allows him to key people to (those who he keys into the glamours is able to see through them).

Harry doesn’t tell anyone at Hogwarts about his MH or wandless magic.

Between second and third year, during Harry’s long stay in Diagon Alley, he meets his soul-mate, a 19-year-old Italian, Thaddeo ‘Deo’ DeLeo. Pronounced (THA-day-oh) or (DAY-oh). Deo is a an American-raised but Italian born wizard. He and his mother and two sisters moved to Los Angeles when Deo was just two-years-old, leaving behind their father, and three other siblings. At seventeen, Deo returned to Florence, as did his sisters Giuliana and Bianca. Maybe their mother, as well.

Deo’s Five Siblings:

Sergio DeLeo – 35yrs-old, wife – Flora (3 kids)

Sereno DeLeo – 34yrs-old, wife – Ita (4 kids)

Gianna DeLeo-Ventigio – 32yrs-old, husband – Carlo (2 kids)

Giuliana DeLeo – 25yrs-old, boyfriend, Adrian who is 26yrs-old.

Bianca DeLeo – 22-yrs-old

You may decide in which order they come and their ages. However, Bianca is the youngest (at least 1-year younger than Deo). I have them oldest to youngest in that order, with Deo between Giuliana and Bianca. I have them all married and with kids but you can change that if you like – it isn’t necessary for the story to have the all married with children.

When Harry and Deo meet, Harry is 13 and Deo is 19 (six years age difference). By the time Harry meets up with the Weasleys at the end of summer at the Leaky Cauldron, the two of them have consummated their bond.

— You may choose why they are soul mates. Whether it be a creature-fic or a magical thing, it’s your choice. They do HAVE to be soul mates and they HAVE to consummate it by the end of summer.

When bonded they share two powers:

– a Telepathic link – which works between any distance (so they can communicate without it being noticed like owls and such).

– a Teleportation link – which works between any distance, and through any wards. This means that they can teleport in and out of Hogwarts or any other heavily warded area and therefore, they can visit each other whenever they like.

Deo teleports to Harry at night, where they spend time behind Harry’s locked and silenced curtains in the boys’ dorm. Sometimes, Harry teleports to Deo, but only when he’s sure it’s safe and when nobody will notice.

Their relationship is a secret to everyone but Deo’s family and they are under wizard’s oath. Not even Ron and Hermione know of their relationship, nor do they suspect anything.

NO Ron/Hermione, until at least 7th year, and there can’t be anything graphic about it.



Someone who can write graphic or explicit sex scenes between Harry and Deo.

Whenever Harry goes back to the Dursleys, he is actually teleporting over regularly to his and Deo’s shared home. Because of their soul mate status, they are legally married, so they share pretty much everything. Harry ‘unofficially’ lives with Deo during the summers. He makes sure to be seen around Privet Drive when he and Deo realize that the Order of the Phoenix is tailing him.

–         Harry gets pregnant around March of his 6th year. He hides the pregnancy with glamours and concealments.

Harry’s 5 months pregnant in mid-August, when a few members of the Order come and get him to take him to Grimmauld Place. While at Grimmauld Place, Deo sneaks into Harry’s now private room (Sirius’ master bedroom). At the end of August, just a few days or a week before going back to Hogwarts for 7th year, Harry and Deo are caught having hard core sex up in the room, by people of your choice, though by at least 3 people (adults).

Because nobody knows who Deo is, and before Harry had his glamours hiding his MH features and his pregnancy down, the who ‘being caught in the act’ becomes a huge deal and when Harry and Deo come clean about their history together. Everyone is shocked.

My vision of Deo DeLeo is:


Shaved head with short black stubs for hair and some stubble on chin (3 0’clock shadow)

Bulging muscles – biceps, eight-pack abs, thick/broad shoulders

Deep, baritone voice that rumbles through his chest.

Maybe a small Italian accent but not necessary.

Basically, when I thought this, I was thinking a build like Vin Diesel; tall, dark, shaven-head, with a deep rumbling voice with lots and lots of muscle. Deo is supposed to be very sexy.

My vision of Harry:


Mid-back length jet-black hair

Emerald green eyes

Petite figure, with slender waist and long legs

Harry is supposed to be much smaller than Deo, in both height, weight and muscle. He’s to be petite and slender, and very beautiful, especially with his Magical Hermaphroditism.


That concludes Challenge six (6).



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