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Supernatural/Harry Potter Crossover


This is not a story, just a story idea of mine that I am putting up on for adoption.

Lately, I have been reading a lot of Supernatural/Harry Potter crossovers and I have also been watching reruns and new Supernatural episodes. It is safe to say that, yes, I have lately become a Supernatural junkie I gladly admit that! I am a total Dean Winchester fangirl. I am addicted to that sexy beast, and only slightly less addicted to Sam Winchesters guns (muscles).

This fic comes from several long months of reading amazingly written SPN/HP crossovers just a few to name are:


Motel 59 Dean/Harry/Sam

Thunderstruck Sam/Harry

Moriartys Minion

You Leave The World Behind – Dean/Harry

She Who Cannot Be Turned

To Whom The Bell Tolls Sam/Harry

Asmodeus Dean/Harry

These are some of my favorite SPN/HP, and after reading them and several others, and after watching the show for a while I became inspired

The problem is that, I cant write the stories I have stuck in my head. First, because I am familiar with the first and fifth seasons of Supernatural, and plus, Im just crap with the whole characterization. Every time I try to write a crossover, I end up writing them way too OOC, which is something I wont have. So, I am hoping that there are some people out there who are willing to take my own ideas and turn them into a fully functional working chaptered fic.

Requirements I am looking for in an author:

– Either has a reliable BETA-reader, or is a naturally talented writer who can write a story with little to no mistakes.

– Reliable background when it comes to completing stories. They can start and finish a long chaptered story (even if it takes a year+ to finish). Regular updating is a must.

– That will stick to most in not all of my original ideas.

– Someone who has no problem with writing slash and MPREG.

– Someone who has no problem with writing sex scenes.

– Someone who loves Dean/Harry as much as I do.

– Someone who is familiar with both the Supernatural show on CW and Harry Potter.

– Someone who loves a feminine-Harry and doesnt mind and/or enjoys writing him very effeminately.

If you are all of these, then you may definitely adopt this. Be warned, though, for one or more people will might also decide to adopt these ideas.

Okay, now onto the outline of my SPN/HP fic idea


This is a Dean/Harry pairing.

You can, with my permission, add Sam into the mix if you wish, so long as it works within the story and it is after Dean and Harrys already existing pregnancy. Maybe, for those who wish it to be a Dean/Harry/Sam, that after Harry and Deans baby is born, that later on, he can have Sams. Its just a thought…

Harrys age: Either almost 17-years-old, or barely 17-years-old. I prefer almost being 17, because I want a near 10-year age gap between him and Dean. Making him born in either 1990-1991, not 1980.

Sams age: Same as in cannon (2005), which is 22-years-old.

Deans age: Also same as cannon (2005), which makes him 26-years-old.

While Harry is born in 1990-1991 instead of 1980 like in cannon, all the events in cannon have occurred. Voldemort did attack and kill James and Lily when he was 15-months-old, and he was then sent to the Dursleys, where he stayed for ten years. At age 11yrs, in 2000-2001, he goes to Hogwarts for his first-year. Everything from first-year to fifth-year at Hogwarts also happened. AU after fifth. No horcruxes, no HBP or Deathly Hallows.

Before Voldemorts attack

A few days after his birth, Lily and James discover that Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite (explained down below), and that he had inherited the elfin genes from his fathers bloodline which had lain dormant for several generations before Harrys birth. Also, he had inherited a pinch of Veela from his mothers own pureblood line.

– Lily was actually adopted when she was an infant. Her real parents were Gwendolyn and Hammond Boswyndel, a Welsh family. Her family had died while her mother Gwendolyn was still pregnant. After birth of Lily, Gwendolyn passed on from complications, leaving Lily to be adopted at a muggle orphanage. Nobody knew about Lily being adopted, except for James, and they didnt know that she was a half-Veela, as she hid it well from everyone. Only James knew, because he and Lily were soul mates, him being Lilys mate.

– James elfin blood while it runs through his genes, is not dormant in him. The fact that elfin blood had even been in the family was not known, as it hadnt shown up in the descendants of the Potter line for generations, until Harrys birth.

Harry wouldnt inherit most of the Veela/Elf magic until his sixteenth birthday, but he still had the features and some magic. His elfin features consisting of pointy hears, jewel-like eyes and porcelain skin were noticeable within a few days after his birth. Lily, using her talents in Charms and Potions, hid Harrys prominent creature features through glamours and concealment charms and potions. Also a few mild suppressant potions, to help with hide them as well.

None of the Order members, which include Dumbledore, Remus, Sirius or even Moody, could see through the glamours and potions, so remained oblivious to Harrys creature inheritance and even his Magical Hermaphroditism, which Lily and James also suppressed with a potion and helped hide through glamours and concealments.

At the Dursleys

Although his mothers charms and potions worked, they werent meant to last forever, within the first two and a half years; they all began to wear off. However, Harry had the use of two of his elfin abilities at his disposal which was his wandless magic and his will magic. These two abilities went hand in hand, for Harry didnt need to use of his wand (which at the time, he didnt even know he needed one normally) to do what he wanted, and at his will. There was a limit to his will magic, but he only ever really used it when he truly needed to.

He used these two abilities to hide his elfin features, and his Magical Hermaphrodite features, by maintaining elfin glamours, the strongest type of glamours in the world. He knew at he looked different than every other boy, more feminine and smaller, and of course, he had his pointy ears and bright jewel-like eyes that werent normal. While everyone saw what he wanted them to see a perfectly normal looking little boy with unruly black hair and deep green eyes Harry saw his actual form whenever he looked in the mirror. So, the elfin glamours hid his true appearance from everyone, except from himself, and eventually, those he would tell. That of course, wasnt for a long time.

While living with the Dursleys, and years before Hogwarts came into play, Harrys talents and passions for certain arts and craft came into light. He was amazing with a thread and needle, patching up rips and tears in pretty much any texture of fabric, and he was amazing with drawing and sketching he would use this talent to draw out his own sketches for clothing designs and then making them from pieces of fabric. The Dursleys, though knowing Harry loved designing clothing, actually reinforced this talent and skill, for their own benefits. Harry would to the patching of Dudley, Vernon and Petunias clothes, and he would even on occasion make Petunia a lovely dress that, while looked like a thousand dollars, was just made from store-bought fabric and from Harrys hand. They also bought him a sewing machine and all the supplies he would need to use for designing and crafting.

In return, Harry was allowed to take all of Dudleys hand-me-downs, and do with as he wished. He would tear them apart by the seams, and reuse the fabrics and make clothes for himself. All the scraps of fabric that was left over from the Dursleys outfits, he was also allowed to use. So, while his clothes were still pretty much hand-me-downs, they were of new and improved and they eventually actually fit him.

The last two talents of his were dancing and vocal. Petunia had put Dudley in dance lessons somewhere between 6-7yrs, and decided to put Harry in the classes to, thinking that he would hate it. While Dudley hated dancing, Harry loved it, though he hid the fact that he loved it from the Dursleys. Eventually, Petunia and Vernon pulled Dudley from the classes but left Harry in them, thinking that he hated them. Harrys dance instructor, a young woman, favoring Harry above all her dance students, for he was the best in her class and the most passionate, would lie to the Dursleys as a favor for Harry. She kind of had a feeling, after a long time of observing the Dursleys, how they treated Harry, so she didnt brag to them about his talents, instead tried to play it down for Harrys benefit. (Does that make sense?)

As for his singingHarry just kind of discovered his amazing vocals in his own/spare time.

During Hogwarts

All of his talents and skills and passions were hidden from Harrys friends when he entered Hogwarts as a first year, still under his own glamours. While he was already quite feminine (as feminine as a kid his age could be, given his Magical Hermaphroditism (MH) and therefore also an adolescent girl and well as boy), Harry makes sure to hide his femininity from everyone. He doesnt want his MH discovered by anybody, nor his magical creature heritage.

All events from first through fifth year happened. Philosophers Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Sirius escape from Azkaban prison, Triwizard Tournament, Voldemorts return, Dolores Umbridges invasion at Hogwarts and the whole Department of Mysteries and Sirius death.

It is as his fifth year ends, that Harry realizes that he is fed up. He is tired up the secrets from Dumbledore, the backstabbing of his school peers and the badmouthing from the press (i.e., Skeeter), and even Rons jealousy and betrayal which had hurt a lot more than Harry let on, and Hermiones constant nagging and bossing around like she was his mother and he her child. Plus, Ron and Hermione always followed him everywhere and questioned him on his whereabouts whenever he went off somewhere for a little time alone without them. They didnt give him much time to himself, hovering over him constantly and keeping their eyes on him.

They were not spying on him, or working for Dumbledore behind their backs. They were just clingy friends Ron, because of Harrys fame and name, and Hermione, because of his fame and name and because she had not many other friends. They were just basically using Harry. They were using him, but they still cared for him. Harry cared for them as well, but not as much as he used to.

So, tired of being controlled by Dumbledore, and tired of his friendship with Ron and Hermione, and the whole wizarding world in general at that moment, Harry decides to leave for a while.

As soon as Harry gets in the car with the Dursleys at platform 9 , instead of going with them back to Number Four, Harry talks to his Uncle and gets him to take Harry to the Leaky Cauldron. From there, Harry goes to Diagon Alley, and Gringotts Bank. There, he checks on his finances (which hell come into on his 16th birthday), and to get travel documents and other required legal documents passport, school records in muggle form, etc. He is also given American citizenship through a brief meeting with the American Minister of Magic that the goblins set up for him by Floo. (whatever else you can think of he might need from the goblins, you can add).

Once finished with the goblins, and with a new Gringotts debit and magical wallet (for cash), Harry takes a cab/taxi to Heathrow Airport, and from there he heads to New York City.

In NYC, Harry settles into a decent apartment it wasnt cheap, but he didnt go all out extravagant either. A few weeks later, on his 16th birthday, Harry comes into his full magical creature inheritance of half-Elf, half-Veela. (What all he looks like, can/will be left up to you so long as he doesnt stand more than 52, and his hair isnt anything but jet-black and no shorter than his mid-back. Also, no changing his emerald jewel-like eyes). You can give him wings for his Veela inheritance if you like, or whatever else you wish.

He will stand from between 50 even to only 52. I love a tiny, delicate (though not weak) Harry, so that has to stand. No changing hair color or giving him red streaks like some people like to do.

A few of Harrys magical abilities:

– A natural Seer unlike Sam, whose visions are unnatural and therefore hurt him. Harrys dont give him migraines, but leave him dazed a bit afterwards, as he processes them. They can happen while awake or asleep.

– Teleportation that links him to his mate. His mate will also be able to teleport, magical background or not. It is magic between soul mates.

– Telepathy link also between Harry and his mate, no mater if his mate is magical nor muggle.

– Maybe Aura Sight. You can choose on this. Either this or he can see spirits that others cant, or he can sense evil/good in persons/objects.

– You may give Harry whatever other abilities/gifts you wish.

Just two days after his magical inheritance, Harry feels his soul mate (Dean) close by. He uses his instinct magic (you may choose how this is done) or pull to locate his mate.

Dean Winchester, age 26, happens to be in the city on a solo case. He had just split from his father John who is off on his own trying to track down the YED/Azazel. (You can choose the hunt type, I dont care if its a ghost, demon, werewolf, etc. Its up to you). Anyways, he is just starting the investigation when he and Harry meet.

Although Dean has no magical heritage at all, he is still Harrys soul mate, and therefore can also feel the magical pull/link between them. Harry, after a few days of them meeting, confess to Dean his magical history and his MH and that Dean is his mate. Harry is helping Dean with the hunt/case.

I intend for the two to have only a brief if any fight over Harrys magical background. Dean, being a hunter is obviously optimistic, however, he is also a pretty good judge of character and he can feel the undeniable pull and attraction for Harry.

Dean finishes up this hunt/case, and spends time with Harry, to get to know him and to make sure Harrys claims are true. Harry even produces several books on Magical Hermaphroditism, the magical world of true witches and wizards, Elves and Veela. He spends at least 3 months with Harry, and in that time they have consummated their bond which by magic terms, means they are married.

After the three months, Dean returns to his hunting, though using their telepathic link (which works over unlimited distance) and whenever he has the chance, the teleportation link, to go and visit Harry (teleportation also works over unlimited distance).

While Dean is off on his hunting, Harry is working through his GED and his plans to start up in own clothing/fashion designing company. He has the building he wants to use bought and paid for, and is already on his way to getting it up and running. In whatever spare time he has, Harry even likes and enjoys creating new t-shirts and jeans for Dean, suiting his mates style in clothes.

The fashion designing is a MUST. If you can do this as realistically as possible, that would be awesome, but if you have no idea about fashion, then just go by imagination and fiction, okay? I have notes on how to start up and what is involved with fashion designing. If you want them, I can type them out for you and send them to you. It isnt much but it might help!

You can also do whatever you like with the singing and dancing even if it only for Deans pleasure *wink, wink*.

A few months after Dean and Harrys relationship starts, and after several and frequent (magical) visits between Harry and Dean, John Winchester goes missing in California. Dean heads over to Palo Alto to pick up 22yr-old Sam from Stanford University.

While on the road with Sam, Dean still finds time to sneak off and teleport to Harry for some one-on-one time. Sam has no idea that Dean is actually in a serious relationship with someone, and just thinks that Dean is off drinking at a bar when Dean is actually all the way in NYC with his mate and for better word, husband/wife (I actually think you should call Harry wife instead of husband as it would be different, and comical. Harry would think it an endearment, not an insult. His magical creature instincts would be pleased, as he is the submissive partner and therefore wife. His MH also doesnt help that hes as much a female as he is a male).

Nearly daily, Harry is getting some kind of visions involving Dean and Sam, when they are in danger. Usually, the danger isnt life threatening, so he leaves them to it.

Harry gets pregnant in mid-January, which is during the episode Skins according to my timeline of the Supernatural episodes. That means that Harry is nine months pregnant late or early November, which lands his due-date at the very end of Season 1, between Dead Mans Blood, Salvation and Devils Trap.

Harry is to come into the play when hes six to eight months pregnant, which is between Hell House, Something Wicked and Provenance (which take place in late August, late September and early October), after he panics from all of the visions he has been having involving Meg and Azazel and the danger that the Winchester boys are mixed up in. He actually appears, unannounced at the motel that Dean and Sam are staying in.

You must NOT kill John Winchester off! In this story, John is to live!

You can follow some episodes, but I would like new cases (made up by you or someone else). Reading the same adventures all the time just gets old, you know? I you cant, that is fine, Ill deal with it, but could you try at least?

I have sources (websites) if you need timelines/guidelines for the episodes from Season 1-4, and some 5 as well I think. Ill see if I can put the websites on my profile or Ill PM them/email them to you if youd like.

So, this is just the basic outline. You dont have to follow it to the exact T, but close enough as you can. I know what I want for this story, and I would LOVE to write it myself, but it isnt going to happen I cant! My characterization is awful and Id just butcher Dean, Sam and the rest of the Supernatural characters. Nobody would want to read it. And plus, I have a horrible time writing chaptered stories and/or finishing them.

I know that Im not supposed to really post these kinds of things on , but I couldnt really think of anywhere else I could get my idea out there, and see if anyone would like to take this on. Call this a bit of a challenge, yeah?

Magical Hermaphrodite (MH for short if you like) definition:

Magical Hermaphrodite The ability to switch between male and female at will, so Harry would be neither just a boy nor just a girl, for he would be classified as both, and not one single gender. Whenever he chooses, he can become a fully functional girl, or a fully functional boy though his male form is still quite feminine, and he can become pregnant in this form. In his female form, he has breasts, a vagina and other working plumbing. A MH is the rarest of all beings for that is what they were, a being. In the muggle world, its a syndrome, but in the magical world, a MH is an actual being, though still classified as a syndrome (muggle terms). Not only are MHs rare, they are also a treasure amongst the magical folk, for most wizards are bisexual, but usually end up marrying women in order to produce an heir. Even in the wizarding world, men cannot get pregnant except if they were a MH. Plus, marrying or mating with a Magical Hermaphrodite is like getting the best of both worlds as far as wizards are concerned as again, most are bisexual and MHs have a male form and a female form.

Does that make sense?

If it doesnt, and you need more clarification, PM me or leave me a review, and Ill see about trying to explain it better.

Like I said, Harry MUST be a Magical Hermaphrodite in this story. Its the whole point of creating this story.

I didnt mention this at all above anywhere but, as soon as Harry lands in NYC from London, and gets his apartments, he takes off all of the glamours he is using to hide his MH features (again, even as a male, hes quite feminine and delicate looking). His favorite form in female, because nobody from his old life i.e., the wizarding world would recognize him with it and it is the perfect way of being incognito and yet being himself. Plus, as much as he is into fashion, he cares about his clothes, and loves dressing up his female side more so than his male side. Also, it is just easier being feminine and female instead of feminine and male less judgment being laid on him. However, in either form he is undeniably beautiful what with his half-Elf and half-Veela inheritance.

Im not very good with dates and years and ages all adding up correctly, but I hope Ive made them clear enough to understand here. If you have any questions, just ask me!

Oh, and no Ron/Hermione pairing anywhere in this fic, PLEASE! That is a definite requirement.

You may bring the wizarding world back into Harrys life, so long at it is Hogwarts coming to Harry/Dean/Sam and not Harry/Dean/Sam coming to Hogwarts again, unless you can make it work and coordinate properly.

I dont know what else to say…I hope I got everything clear and to a level of understanding (I have a problem with rambling when I get into the whole typing thing and sometimes it doesnt make sense). PMs, reviews or emails (if you ask for my email, that is) are welcome ask questions!!!


Esprit du Coeur (that would be me) hopes that she can find someone to write this. Even more than one, that would be cool! Also, if there is anyone out there who just wants to use these ideas, and not necessarily this entire outline is also welcome so long as she gets one offer to adopt this fic, okay? Deal? Awesome!



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