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Challenge: Dean/Harry/Sam or just Dean/Harry SPN/HP crossover

Objective: Harry, age 14, quits Hogwarts and runs to America. There, he meets up with Sam and Dean Winchester. Though highly intelligent, Harry sucks at potions. He tries to brew a potion that would be helpful for him or the brothers (like a healing potion, or whatever you decide to use), but ends up getting the process wrong and the potion blows up in his face. Dean and Sam are there to witness the explosion and panic, but of course dont really know what to do. Before their eyes, Harry de-ages to a 3-year-old.

Yes, this is a de-aging story, only, Harry de-ages to a 3-year-old and is now in the care of a clueless but highly protective care of the Winchester boys.

Harry has to be tiny, and has to have a history of bad abuse (Vernon Dursley), and Harry has to have no memory of life outside of the Dursleys.

Dean and Sam are aware that Harry can do magic. Dean and Harry are already in a relationship, or Dean/Harry/Sam are either in a relationship (threesome) or getting very close to that point.

Harry has to stay a toddler for a while, and cant gradually age. Hes just 3-years-old and then the potion wears off and hes back to being his 15/16-year-old self.

Harry HAS to be a minor still, meaning he cant be older than 18 (preferably between 15 to 17). Sam and Dean have to be older than him – Dean by at least 9-years and Sam by at least 4-years, because Harry would be meeting the brothers during season 1, where Sam was 22-years-old and Dean was 26-years-old.

John Winchester DOES NOT die!

Mpreg eventually, if youre comfortable writing it.

Harry has to have taken his OWLS and NEWTS tests before leaving for America, so that would mean that Harry has to be very intelligent and knowledgeable in magic and possibly even muggle subjects. Easiest way for this to happen is to give him a photographic (eidetic) memory.

Harry has the use of wandless magic.

Oh, and Harry cant be taller than 5 foot 2. Yes, I love short Harry, and feminine, so make him as feminine as possible without taking away from his masculinity. This fic does not require Harry to be a Magical Hermaphrodite, but if you wish to make him as such, please do. His hair cant be any color but jet-black and has to at least be shoulder-length, if not longer, and his eyes have to stay emerald green.

NO Ron/Hermione pairing.


That concludes Challenge seven (7).



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