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Challenge: Harry/Odd pairing – Slash. No Draco, Severus, Lucius.

Objective: Harry has just come into his inheritance, and finds that he is a submissive magical creature.

Even though his inheritance just barely came, he had been privy to several of his magical powers (which some are rare but still connected to his creature-race).

OoO Seer – Harry had the True Sight/Spirit Sight/Premonitions/Visions. The rarest of the inherited magics, and only is bestowed upon the submissives, male or female. Still no true Seer has been around since Trewlawney’s ancestor, well over a hundred years ago. Harry’s been in control of this gift since he was five.

OoO Wandless Magic/Will Magic

OoO Photographic (Eidetic) Memory – Since birth, Harry has been able to learn quickly, pick up knowledge and soak it like a sponge. He remembers things through visions, inner windows playing memories, smell, touch, sound, taste and by sight. He uses all of his senses (hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell) to work his photographic memory. When they say ‘photographic’ that is mostly correct. Windows, or photos (both of with play out like a movie) pop up into his mind upon remembering something. Because of this gift, Harry is far more intelligent than Hermione, though he hides it well.


The second Harry awakes after he receives his inheritance, he has the strong need to search for his dominant mate(s). So, he packs up all of his things from the Dursleys and leaves, following the strong pull that will lead him to the location of his destined love(s). He may have up to two mates, if you wish. The pairing has to be different, and not Draco/Harry, Severus/Harry or even Lucius/Harry. I don’t mind a Blaise/Harry, Nott/Harry, or even a Neville/Harry. However, both of Harry’s mates are his dominants. He is the one and only submissive in the relationship.

I actually like reading Dean/Harry, Neville/Harry, Seamus/Harry, and Blaise/Harry, those pairings are odd or rare enough. I’ve also read one Cormac/Harry fic, and found it very different and I really liked that. It didn’t hurt that Cormac MacLaggen (or however his name is spelled) was pretty hot in HBP. A mixture of Harry and two of those would be good, but it’s only a helpful suggestion.

NO Ron/Hermione pairing – at least not until a long while after Harry has already bonded with his mates (meaning, consummated/sex), which is to happen before the school year (7th) is to start on September 1st. I don’t like R/Hr, so as little of his pairing as possible. If you can write the story without them paired together or with anyone else, then please do, though it’s not necessary. So long as their relationship doesn’t start until a long while after Harry bonds with his mate(s), I’m good with it.

Mpreg, probably would be the best, but again, not necessary. I, myself, love Mpreg and would like to see it play out in the fic, but whatever you like, I guess.

Oh, and Harry can’t be more than 5 foot 2. I like short Harry, so the shorter you can make him, the better. He can be shorted than 5 foot 2, but not taller. All the other men and most if not all of the females have to be taller than he is.


That concludes challenge nine (9). Please comment!



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