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Challenge Pairing: Fenrir Greyback/Harry Potter

Objective: Harry, at the start of his seventh year, gets detention from Snape and is sent out into the Forbidden Forest alone, to fetch some potions ingredients for Professor Snape. He runs into the dangerous and fearsome werewolf, Fenrir Greyback, who has caught the scent of his mate (submissive) at the start of term, when the students had gotten off of Hogwarts Express.

Fenrir might be on a mission from Voldemort to scout the grounds of Hogwarts and to try to catch hints of the going-ons at the school. So he is camping out in the forest. He is there when the train rolls into the Hogsmeade station, and he smells his submissive’s scent from the station and knows immediately that his mate is there at the school.

When Harry gets detention and wanders into the forest, a few days from the full moon, Fenrir again, instantly catches his scent and follows the trail, leading him to corner Harry.

Being so close to the full moon, Fenrir is more feral, more agressive and dominant. Especially when faced to face with his young sub-mate.

Harry is small and delicate and ultimately very beautiful. 5 foot 5, with at least shoulder-length black hair, his bright emerald green eyes and fragile, petite frame. He is a Magical Hermaphrodite or a Bearer (a male who can bear children).

  • Mpreg
  • Dominant/Submissive
  • Creature-fic
  • Slash

NO Ron/Hermione, or at least, not until Harry and Fenrir have started the ‘romantic‘ aspect of their bond, or Harry is already pregnant.

Fenrir forces the bond on Harry, and then takes his submissive-mate to the cave the werewolf was conveniently using for his stay in the forest, which is warded against intruders.

Harry DOES NOT return to Hogwarts for quite some time. Fenrir keeps Harry in the cave until after the full moon, then he takes Harry to meet up with his pack.

With Harry as his life-mate, Fenrir has no choice but to cut off his aliance with Voldemort.


Apart from that, have at it. These are just IDEAS, meaning you don’t have to use every single one of them; add your own, do with it as you wish.


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