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Challenge Pairing: Harry/Many – Slash/Het, M/M, F/F, M/F

Objective: Since first year, Harry has been secret best friends and secret lovers of 7 Hogwarts students – 3 boys, 4 girls – since his first year at Hogwarts. Actually, they all are lovers, with each other, but with Harry as the focal point in the relationship. He is the foundation of their group of eight. A group-sex fic, if you wish to call it that.


 Harry has to be the youngest of the eight (though not necessarily the only one from his age group). He is the BABY of the group, and this makes them all, even the girls, protective and more affectionate with him.


For the slash aspect of the relationship, I want only Harry to be a bottom. He bottoms for the other three males, but ONLY bottoms. Harry DOES NOT top/dominate another male.


Harry does not mind being dominated by the girls (meaning, they could use a strap-on dildo when fucking him). Nothing too kinky, and no dominatrix-acts.


The group of eight (four boys, four girls), actually love one another. It’s not just sex, and never has been. There is deep emotions for everyone within the group.


 Starts off in Harry’s first year with meeting the seven other people, then maybe a chapter or two of an overview of each year. But, the main story HAS to be during Harry’s seventh-year. It can begin during the summer before 7th year, but Harry has to be either 17, or nearly 17 when the story picks up.


Who I thought would be good for the group:

Oliver Wood – A Gryffindor, who is four years older than Harry. That would make him 21-years-old when Harry is 17-years-old.

Katie Bell – A Gryffindor, who is one year older than Harry. That would make her 18-years-olds when Harry is 17-years-old.

Adrian Pucey – A Slytherin. I put him down as three years older than Harry, which would make him 20-years-old when Harry’s 17, but truthfully, I have no idea what year Adrian’s really in.

Cho Chang – A Ravenclaw, that is a year older than Harry, making her 18-years-old when Harry is 17-years-old.

Daphne Greengrass – A Slytherin, that is in Harry’s year at Hogwarts, however, she is the eldest of their year-mates. I have her birthday being on September 2nd, just after the cut-off date for going into the year ahead (if you get what I mean with this).

** There has to be two Hufflepuff and another Ravenclaw. Your choice on the Hufflepuffs and the male Ravenclaw. I want two Slytherins, two Ravenclaws and two Hufflepuffs in the group. Inevidably, there is going to be three Gryffindors…unless you can find someone you wish to replace Oliver with somone that is from Slytherin who is around Oliver’s age. If you want, you can replace Katie with another, older Gryffindor female, EXCEPT Hermione! Oh, and no Cedric, unless you’re going to make it so where he lives…

OC’s are acceptable, if done well.

All must be older that Harry by at least five months!

NO Ron/Hermione until a little after Harry’s relationship with the seven above comes to light and everyone (at least the Order/Weasleys anyways) knows about it.


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