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Challenge Pairing: Dean Thomas/Harry Potter


Objective: Harry meets Dean Thomas several years before going into Hogwarts and they are the best of friends. Dean’s mother has practically raised Harry, even though he was still living with the Dursleys.

 Harry still technically lived with the Dursleys, though he is always visiting Dean and his mother.

Dean and Harry have played football (American soccer) together since they met. Dean introduced Harry to the love of the game, and as pre-Hogwarts kids, they had competed in several junior soccer/football tournaments. In the game, they were both very skilled, and they absolutely loved it.

Dean is raised by his single muggle mother.  His father was a pureblood wizard, but had been killed before/right after Dean was born.

0o0 Secret relationship between Dean and Harry, going from at least 4th year to 7th year. In 7th year, their relationship and friendship is revealed to everyone. Nobody, not even their friends, knew exactly how close the two boys were. They never let on that they knew each other before their first year at Hogwarts. By this time, they have to already be in a sexual relationship with each other as well, by at least a year.

0o0 Absolutely NO Ron/Hermione until at least Harry’s 7th year or beyond. Not before, definitely and definitely nothing graphic with this pairing. They have to stay in the background.

0o0 Harry has to be bottom. He can, in no way, be dominant in the relationship with him and Dean. Though feminine and small, he is still quite athletic, which shows in his love for most muggle sports, but most of all soccer/football and Quidditch. His size makes him very fast and stealthy.

 There may be Mpreg if you would like to add it. I, personally, love mpreg but you may choose whether or not you want to write it into this story.





This is another one of my challenges. I hope someone out there will find it interesting and want to create a story out of it.



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