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Challenge Pairing: Harry/Whoever you wish…so long as it is SLASH, and Harry’s the submissive/bottom.


Objective: What if Harry did have a group of friends while growing up in Little Whinging with the Dursleys. His group of friends were just like him, and they taught him all about the world of magic, before he came Hogwarts. Dudley and his gang were too scared of them to bully them into leaving Harry’s company.

There were at least 5 within this group and they were ALL wizards/witches, with them ranging from his age to a few years older.

Some names I came up with:

    Delmar Jones

    Charmain Evislown

    Vivian Witrin

    Eric Taggar

    Kim Yamagoto

    Nicholas Schmidt

    Julliette Anderson

    Benjamin ‘Ben’ Larrs

    Saul Andress

You may use some of these names, none of these names or all of these names. They are just names I thought of for the ideal characters…again, they don’t have to be used.

I’m not looking for another story that has Harry with ‘punk, homeless, rebellious, magical’ friends. I want these kids to be like any other child their age, only with the knowledge of the wizarding world. They MAY be special, power wise, but none can be more powerful than Harry.

How they meet Harry is up to you, and you can explain why so many magical children know Harry so young however you like. Freedom with the plot is all yours. Except, NO Ron/Hermione until Harry’s been into a serious, steady relationship for a good while.

So long as you include the secret friendship of his friends and secret knowledge of the wizarding world, then you can do anything else as you wish.

Nobody knows about Harry’s friendship with the magical kids – who do NOT go to Hogwarts, and they don’t know about his knowledge of magic pre-Hogwarts, either.





Here is another challenge…I hope someone wants to write this one.



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