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Challenge Pairing: Harry/Someone uncommon but cannon. I like when Harry is paired with someone that is uncommon, like Cormac McLaggen (ONE year ahead of Harry in Gryffindor), or Oliver Wood (FOUR years older than Harry in Gryffindor), or an older Slytherin like Adrian Pucey (TWO years older than Harry). For this fic, though I’m leaning more towards Cormac or Adrian, but anyone older will do, so long as they aren’t ugly and they are pureblood.

Objective: Harry Potter leaves the wizarding world, with his soul mate right beside him. Slash, Mpreg, Bottom-Harry!

Why does Harry leave the wizarding world of Britain? Because he doesn’t like the way it’s structured and ran. Plus his treatment with the wizarding world has always been less than impressive – with the press bashing at his reputation and the public and his school peers eating it all up. Not to mention his fame – which he never wanted, ever. One minute he was worshipped, the next accused of being a liar or the next dark lord, and then back to being worshipped and so on. He was tired of it, and wanted to leave.

His soul mate, whom he had been with since he was a fourth year, in secret, wants to protect his mate and after witnessing the emotional torture the whole of Britain’s magical world has put Harry through, and therefore decides to leave it all behind. He takes his younger mate and the two of them leave.

Harry is just barely seventeen when he and his soul mate leave. He does not return to Britain until sometime after his eighteenth birthday. By that point Harry MUST be legally married with his soul mate, and MUST either have a newborn child or is heavily pregnant with his and his soul mate’s first child. I prefer the first one (if so, the baby really must be tiny and preferably barely born).

oOOo It is your choice on how Harry finishes his last year of magical education – whether it being through private tutoring, or another foreign magical school.

oOOo Absolutely NO Ron/Hermione until after Harry returns.  There cannot be anything graphic when it comes to this pairing (*yuck*). Barely, if any, kissing or hugging. Sorry, but I HATE this pairing. In fact, I’m not fond of either Ron or Hermione, even when not a couple. They are just my two least favorite characters in Harry Potter. You can BASH these two characters, if you like. You can make then the last straw as to why Harry left to begin with. Your choice.


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