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Challenge Pairing: Hary/OCs, Charlie/Harry or Bill/Harry. SUBMISSIVE-Harry! Mature Content wanted! SLASH and Mpreg!

Objective: After the death of Sirius, Harry slowly starts to break down. Over the summer, Harry becomes a little too promiscious – he experiences in drugs and alcohol, but he becomes very addicted to sex. He uses sex as his release, and finds friends in the more wilder teenagers hanging around Little Whinging. Harry sleeps around with them and whoever is willings to give him sex – he loves to feeling of loosing control and letting loose, and LOVES being the submissive partner.

When the Order brings Harry back to Number Twelve for the summer sometime in mid-August, they begin to see just how close Hary is to a major mental and emotional breakdown. Charlie or Bill is secretly determined to help Harry, who they (whomever you choose) have secretly fallen in love with since returning from Egypt/Romania to help out the Order.


O0O Their relationship can’t be just about sex, and it has to be SECRET until Voldemort is defeated.

O0O Harry MUST become pregnant (MPREG is a must) sometime either late into 6th year or the summer before 7th year. Even then, Harry hides the pregnancy with glamours, only telling Charlie/Bill. They are hiding their relationship and their unborn child because of the threat of Voldemort. It is very dangerous for Harry to be in a relationship with that madman out for his blood and the blood of those he cherrishes.

O0O Submissive-Harry, ONLY. In slash, he has to be the bottom/submissive. Even f he has sex with a female, he’s still submissive (meaning he gives all the control over to the girl, and even strap-ons used on him is preferable).

O0O NO Ron/Hermione, until way after Harry gets into a real serious relationship with either Bill or Charlie Weasley (or both, lol).

Character bashing on Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Dumbledore are acceptable (especially Hermione and Ron). It’s not necessary, but if you wish to bash these four characters, and even Molly Weasley, then go right ahead.




This is another one of my genius story ideas. I would love for it to be written by someone! ANYONE!!!


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