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This is the BEGINNING story outline for Surprising You.


Challenge Pairing: Dean/Harry – SLASH, Mpreg, Cross-dressing, gender-bending, Mature Content, crossover.

Objective: Harry was kidnapped at birth by a dark ritual performed by Lily and James Potter, in grief over the death of the real Potter heir, whom died just hours after his birth of SIDS. They magically adopt him, which temporarily gives him the mixed features of Lily and James – the jade green eyes and messy dark hair. They had no idea at the time that Harry was a pureblooded Dark Elf, also born with Magical Hermaphroditism. A little before Harry’s first birthday, his MH ability shows up and Lily places glamours on ‘her’ son to hide what he was from being discovered.

Nobody – none of their friends or even Dumbledore – knew that Harry Potter wasn’t the true Potter heir. Though, when the real heir died, James did arrange with the goblins to make Harry the adopted heir.

Harry’s real parents, Fiachre and Maertisa Boswyndel, both Dark Elves (Harry got his wizard magic from the Potter adoption – the only thing that he inherited, besides the Heir status, from the Potters) had died just a few months after Harry was taken; rogue werewolves who had attacked their woodland village in Snowden, Wales, murdered them and the rest of the magical village. Fiachre and Maertisa had not named Harry, as he had been kidnapped before they had the chance.

He was several hours younger than the real Harry Potter, born July 31st, at 11:59 p.m. The real Harry Potter was born mid-afternoon (12:36 a.m.) on July 31st.

Lily and James never discovered that he was a Dark Elf.

At age six, Harry’s ears start to get pointy. He uses wandless magic to glamour them. Also, safely under the glamours, Harry discovers his MH. When Lily’s glamours start to fade after his birthday, Harry uses his wandless magic (part of his elfin magic) to recast the glamours.

Elf Magic – Harry possesses ALL of these.

  • Photographic Memory/Eidetic Memory
  • Wandless Magic – This comes very easy for Harry, as it’s a natural elfin ability.
  • Elements – Harry possesses the ability to manipulate Ice and Water, which pretty much come hand-in-hand. All elves are in-tune to nature and control Earth on some level.
  • Shape-shifting – Harry can shape-shift into a beautiful black wolf with emerald green eyes.
  • Invisibility – Elves have the natural ability to become invisible (like they are cloaked with an invisibility cloak). It gives them a way to protect their lands – they use this gift mostly to watch the borders of their lands and homes, and make sure that no unwelcomed trespassers come about.
  • Light Footedness – This is a natural ability, which allows them to walk very lightly and leave not a single foot print behind, even while walking through mud or snow.
  • Sight – Visions, premonitions, etc. Only a select few have this ability. Harry is one Dark Elf with the Sight (called a Seer). Unlike Sam’s visions, Harry’s are pain-free, and they can be called upon should Harry really wish to have a ‘reading’ or ‘vision’ about someone or something. Like a psychic or any clairvoyant, anything can bring on a vision – smell, touch, sight, sound, taste, etc. The Sight is unpredictable, though again, Harry may call upon a vision or a reading of someone/something if he tries hard enough.

With his photographic/eidetic memory, Harry becomes a prodigy in school, and he excels at the arts – drawing, painting, crafting, sculpting, etc. Not all of them, but definitely the drawing and crafting. He is very creative and is always thinking of new projects to do. He did best with a needle and thread, a sewing machine or by hand.

At a young age, Harry knew that he wanted to be a fashion designer, and he was very good at it. Petunia made sure he knew how to sew and repair rips and tears in clothes, so he was very skilled in the art of sewing and seaming. He would re-seam clothes and sew them back together to fit him. One of the neighbors on Privet Drive, while babysitting (not Figg), taught him how to make his own clothes through already created patterns. She gave Harry several of them, and Harry studied the patterns and with his quick mind, figured out how to make his own patterns.

He also had a love for clothes, though he never got any that were brand new. He tried his hardest to turn Dudley’s cast-offs into something that looked a lot better. When Petunia discovered his skills and brilliance with the making of clothes and sewing, she would buy him patterns and fabric and even a sewing machine. He made Dudley clothes, and even his aunt and uncle – he was only able to use the left over fabric on himself.

So at six or seven, Harry was already fine-tuning his designing skills.

By nine or ten, Harry finished his muggle schooling. With the genius that came with remembering every little detail, and absorbing it all very quickly, Harry was able to finish his primary schooling of math, reading, science, history and writing at eight and a half. The public high school then accepted him as a student, and by the time he entered Hogwarts, he had finished the high school subjects of math, science, history, geography, and the rest of the core subjects. He accomplished this through tutors, personal study and a hell of a lot of time at the local library and school library. Petunia and Vernon couldn’t hide that their nephew was brilliant, and they would have been looked down upon by the community had they tried to hold Harry back from getting the education that needed and that his mind was obviously ready to achieve.

In Little Whinging, Harry’s intelligence became legendary for they had never had a wiz-kid associated with their town before. Even though he was well known in Little Whinging, it hardly stopped the bullying and the daily abuse from his relatives.

At Hogwarts, it was the same. With the intelligence and magical skills off the scale, Harry sailed through the Hogwarts curriculum, though he did so behind everyone’s back. He would use his ‘invisibility’ to sneak into the library at night – both the public and restricted sections – and he would read all the books be could get his hands on. His photographic/eidetic memory allowed him to read extremely fast. Then he would find time away from his friends and practice his spell work, as he knew that theory was only part of the skills.

In between the summers off of Hogwarts, Harry would take summer courses at the local college, studying harder then ever. College was not easy, even for him. At ten, a few weeks after ‘graduating’ from high school, he was accepted at London’s Fashion Design School (he was the youngest in attendance). He would commute every day with Vernon who also goes to London for his job at Grunnings.

At the end of 4th year, Harry quits Hogwarts, swearing never to return to Britain’s magical community again. He was tired of the backstabbing, media bashing, betrayal of his friends and the over all attitude and uptightness of the wizarding society. He has the Dursleys drop him off at the Leaky Cauldron at the very start of the summer holidays. In Diagon Alley, Harry goes to Gringotts where the goblins set him up with the right paper work for living on his own – ID, travel documents, emancipation docs, OWL testing and NEWTs testing, bank statements, etc.

The goblins have the people who give out examines from the ministry, come and test Harry for his OWL and NEWTS level, under a wizard’s oath of course. Harry spends two weeks testing – one week for the OWLs and one week for the NEWTS. With both tests done and passed, Harry is no longer required to continue his magical education and because of his emancipation papers, he is able to use his wand outside of school.

Once everything is settled, Harry moves to NYC, and into a penthouse that he had inherited from the Potters, which is located in Upper East of New York. He transfers from London’s Design School to The Art Institute of New York City, where he continues to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. He takes online and on-campus courses and programs. At 16, he gets his Master’s Degree, and a Degree in Cosmetics, and starts him own business – his clothing line, E.E. – Exceeding Elements.

Just a few weeks into his move to New York – just before his 15th birthday, Harry meets up with Dean Winchester, his soul mate, who is 23-years-old.


When they consummate their bond a few months later, they get the added powers that all Dark Elves and their soul mates get upon bonding.

*Telepathic Link – Unlimited distance, and they use this to communicate to each other through their minds, and therefore they have no use for phones. This is an added bonus for privacy and for hiding their relationship.

*Teleportation Link – Both are able to teleport, even Dean, wherever they wish. It too, has an unlimited distance. They are able to find/locate each other, no matter where they are (and what wards they are under) and teleport to their side. They are able to teleport through any wards, as no wards in existence can stop teleportation, just apparation.

 Dean will use this Teleportation Link to come and visit Harry while on the road and during hunts. He would pretend to have a ‘night out’ at a bar and with women, when really he was with Harry. He always left to visit Harry whenever he was sure that Sam wouldn’t notice he was leaving.

On Harry’s 17th birthday – 2006, July 31 – he and Dean get married. At the wedding, Harry is 4-months pregnant. Baby is due in December 2006.

2006, Nov. 2, Harry is 8-months pregnant when he gets a vision of either John dying or Dean dying. He teleports to the hospital Dean is in, and heals Dean and thereby saving John from making a deal with Azazel and therefore dying. Also, this inherently reveals his and Dean’s relationship.

Harry and Dean give John, Sam and Bobby books – all of which came from Harry’s Boswydel vaults – on Dark Elves, Magical Hermaphrodites and Wizard History/Magic. These books appease the men’s more suspicious and violent behavior towards Harry, but still they can’t help be anything but unsettled. Naturally, Sam is the first to warm up to Harry, and then Bobby, and eventually, John – but not until he sees him and Dean together and realizes that they really do love each other.

It also helps that they can sense the natural goodness or ‘light’ in Harry. Dark Elves are one of the lightest and purest magical beings of the magical world, and it pours from them in waves. It is not possible for a Dark Elf to be evil, for their magic would never allow them to harm anyone or anything in any way but in self-defense or in the defense of another (loved one).


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