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Challenge Pairing: None, as Harry is under the appropriate age for relations. More of a Family-based fic, though it can still be rated M for language and violence.

Objective: Harry is the youngest son of John Winchester. Lily had an affair with John while on a trip to the U.S., and after returning to England and a little while after her wedding, she finds out that she is pregnant with John’s child. James, though feeling extremely betrayed by his new bride and angry, he still agrees to raise the baby as if it were his, naming it his heir. Lily also contacts John through owl or phone (John knows she was a witch after spending two weeks with her) and informs him about the pregnancy.

John is given updates on the pregnancy, and then pictures and information after the baby was born. All three agree on the name Harrison James.

Just hours after Harry’s birth, it was discovered that he was a Magical Hermaphrodite (MH), making him neither male nor female, but legally both. John is informed of this, as well.

Harry’s birthday: July 31st, 1996, 11:59p.m.

Sam is 13 years old when Harry is born, and Dean is 17 years old when Harry’s born.

Fifteen months old, on October 31st, 1997, Voldemort attacks the Potter household, and kills James and Lily. Harry survives the killing curse which backfires and kills Voldemort – FOR GOOD. However, under the impression that Voldemort is not truly gone, Dumbledore still places Harry with the Dursley household.

When Petunia finds baby Harry on her doorstep on the early morning of November 2nd, she immediately calls up John Winchester at Bobby’s (Lily gave her that number for emergencies, like this particular one) and demands he come and get the boy. John refuses to retrieve Harry from the ‘safety’ of the Dursleys, wanting his youngest to have a normal life, without being raised as a hunter. He knew he had screwed up with his two older boys, and did not want his baby boy to have that life. He didn’t like the fact that Sam and Dean to an extent resented him for bringing them up the way he did. It was painful, but he couldn’t go back and change it.

He left Harry with the Dursleys, thinking that he was safe from hardship and pain.

While he didn’t claim Harry legally, John did call Harry every month to check up on him. Sometimes, even Dean and Sam would call the Dursleys and talk to their baby brother. Every time they called, Vernon or Petunia was within earshot, listening and watching like a hawk to make sure that he did not reveal to the Winchesters what kind of treatment he received at the Dursleys.

Harry was physically, verbally and mentally abused, as well as starved, neglected, bullied and degraded in many levels. He was treated like a slave, and like he was scum or worse than scum. He was called Boy, Freak, Abomination, Worthless, etc. His psyche was definitely damaged, though not all together broken – yet.

At a very young age, 3-years-old maybe, he learns to harness and control wandless magic. He can’t do a lot of defensive magic, but he was excellent and a master at glamours, illusions, healing and the little household magics – repairing, levitating, lighting, shrinking, etc. First year – second year magic mostly, like charms and spells – no defense. So, while he uses his magic a lot, he can’t use it to defend himself against the abuse.

 I would be okay if you made him into a Seer – gave him natural (non-painful and very powerful) visions, premonitions. Like Alice Cullen, only not subjective visions (well it can be, but NOT ONLY subjective).

Just before Harry’s 10th birthday (yr. 2006), Vernon beats him bloody. Tired of the abuse and wanting to be with his father and older brothers, Harry waits until the Dursleys are out of the house for the weekend and then calls Dean on his cell phone, to see where they were – what city, state, motel and room number. Whoever he talks to (Dean or Sam), answers the questions, not thinking anything of it, or why their little brother wanted to know. Harry then takes all of the money he could find – from hiding places within the Dursleys home – and calls a cab and goes to Heathrow Airport in London. He uses his glamours to make himself look older, so that it doesn’t look odd that a small 10-year-old is traveling and buying a plane ticket by himself.

He catches a flight to Chicago, Illinois (during the episode ‘Shadows’ from season One), where he then cancels his glamours before meeting up with Sam and Dean – and probably John as well – at their motel room.

Keep in mind that Dean, Sam and John have never met Harry, only seen pictures of him and in those pictures Harry always has glamours up, hiding his MH (more feminine) features. So when Harry appears, unannounced at the motel, they are overjoyed at finally meeting their baby brother/son, but also furious because of his sudden appearance – none of them want little Harry involved in hunting. All three of the older Winchesters are very protective of him.

Dean is ten times more protective of Harry, than he is with Sam (which is saying something). Sam is about as protective of Harry as Dean is of Sam in cannon.

This fic idea is a pre-Hogwarts story, where Harry is younger than eleven. However, if you desire to write this and take it passed Harry’s eleventh birthday, he CANNOT go to Hogwarts. He has to stay with the Winchesters, whether it means getting a magical tutor from the English/American magical community or him not really getting a full magical education, thanks to his wandless magic (which he’ll still need text books to learn from anyways).


00 Voldemort MUST truly be dead.

00 No Hogwarts! Maybe WAY later on into the fic, but apart from that, no…I don’t want this story to be a Hogwarts-based fic.

00 No Horcruxes

00 No Ron/Hermione pairings.

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  1. Please tell me if someone is writing this story

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