Harry knows another language Challenge   1 comment

Challenge Pairing: Harry/? Anyone, so long as it’s SLASH and that he’s not paired with either Snape or Malfoy. Can even be an OC, so long as he’s written well and not a Gary-stu!

Objective: Harry knows another language fruently – he had been taught the language when he was a child, growing up at the Dursleys. Nobody at Hogwarts knows about this other language, until he has to put it to use and therefore surprises everyone who knows him.

The language CANNOT be – French, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, Gaelic, Japanese or Chinese. I would prefer it to be either a rather uncommon language used outside of the native country/content (like Swahili, Hindi), or of Eastern to Southern European (Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, etc.).

NO Ron/Hermione pairings, please.

Harry has to be paired with a male, and he has to be a bottom (submissive). He CANNOT top/dominate another male.

Mpreg is not necessary, but it would be a welcomed bonus!


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  1. twinphoenix222.wordpress.com’s done it again. Amazing writing.

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