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This is a Part Story/Part Outline that I typed up.  A guideline that tells, in detail, where I want to go with this for the first half of the fic.



Harry is the son of Severus and Lucius, and the younger (by nearly eleven months) brother of Draco.

— Dumbledore kidnaps baby Calix Kinsey Malfoy-Snape just a few hours after his birth, and after modifying the memories of Severus and Lucius (who gave birth to Calix), Dumbledore brings the newborn baby to the Potter’s home. There, Calix is forced to take the place of the real Harry Potter, who had died just hour befor, of SID. Harry James Potter was born 4:50 p.m. of July 31. Calix Kinsey Malfoy-Snape was born 11:59 p.m. of July 31.

— Narcissa is the mother of Draco, so he and Calix are half-brothers.


During the first week of Harry’s (Calix) 5th year, he begins seeing Cormac McLaggen in secret. Their relationship is so secret that not even Hermione or Ron know about it. Cormac knows all of Harry’s secrets – that Harry’s a Magical Hermaphrodite (MH) and that he can do wandless magic effortlessly. Although Harry trusts Cormac with his life, Cormac still willingly volunteers to swear a wizard’s oath of silence, to assure Harry that his secrets were safe.

A few months into their relationship, Harry and Cormac begin to notice the fact that Ron, Hermione and Ginny seem to be following Harry everywhere he goes. The only way he is able to get them off his tail, is by sneaking around in his invisiblity cloak and by using his wandless magic to hide him in plain sight, undetected. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that his friends were spying on him and reporting his actions to Dumbledore.

Harry uses his magic and his Slytherin mind, to mess with his ‘spies’. He confunds them, modifies their memory on many occasions and many other things, to make sure that they don’t report his disappearances to Dumbledore.

Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Dumbledore never catch Harry and Cormac together.

There are two Room of Requirements within Hogwarts – the one on the 7th floor that the DA use, and then the one hidden within the dungeons. The one in the dungeons has NEVER been used, as it is well hidden in the maze that is the dungeons. Only those who know where that one is, can access it. Thankfully, the house elves know there it is, and Dobby gladly shows Harry and Cormac the location. There are two entrances to the dungeon ROR – the actual door to the room, and then a passageway on the 2nd floor. Dobby tells the two lovers the password.

— Harry and Cormac ARE sexually active – they have been since a few month after they started dating in 5th year.

On his 17th birthday, Harry wakes up and finds that he looks nothing like James and Lily any longer. Though, he still has black hair, it’s straighter, and his eyes, while still green, are emerald green not bottle green like Lily’s. His complexion is now more of an alabaster, while before it was just pale from lack of sun.

                    — Fuller lips
                    — Smaller and cuter nose
                    — High cheekbones
                    — Effeminate, in his male MH form.
                    — Alabaster skin/complexion
                    — Aristocratic, pureblood features.

Freaked out, Harry writes Cormac in their two-way journal, asking him to meet him at Gringotts. Using his wandless magic, Harry sneaks out of the Dursleys and legally (being 17 now) Apparates to Diagon Alley. Harry disguise himself by switching into his female MH form.

After meeting up with 18-year-old Cormac in Gringotts, the two talk to a goblin about Harry’s accounts and finances. They find out that Dumbledore, the Weasleys (Molly, Ginny, Ron), Hermione and several other Order members have been stealing from Harry’s vaults.

The goblins also have Harry go through the usual inheritance test – given to everyone upon their 17th birthday. The test allows the goblins to make sure that the person is who they say they are, and to update the family trees or to start one, depending on if you were a pureblood, half-blood or muggleborn.

The test (which requires Harry’s blood and a potion), reveals that Harry was actually Calix Kinsey Malfoy-Snape, biological son of Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, with one half-brother, Draco. It tells him that he was illegally blood adopted by James and Lily Potter. Illegal blood adoptions always fail upon the child’s 17th birthday.

After Harry finds James Potter’s journal in the Potter vaults (which were still his, as James DID legally name him heir to the Potter family, just like Sirius Black did as well) and reading the truth of how Harry (Calix) actually ended up with the Potters – Dumbledore kidnapping him at birth and giving him to the Potters – Harry immediately sends Hedwig off with a letter to his real parents…

Once Hedwig leaves with the letter to Severus and Lucius, Harry (still in his female form) and Cormac go shopping to cheer Harry up.

Harry buys lots of clothes – for BOTH of his MH forms – and a new multi-compartment trunk. They then go into Knockturn Alley and to the Menagerie, where Harry instantly falls in love with two white tiger sister cubs, and therefore purchases them both and names them Maja and Mahala.

They get a room at the Leaky Cauldron, and settle in. Harry dumps out the contents of his old trunk and his bags of new purchase and is in the process of repacking everything into his new multi-compartment trunk, while Cormac sits on the bed beside him, idly chatting and playing with the cubs, when Severus, Lucius and Draco portkey over to the Leaky Cauldron to greet Harry.

The Malfoy-Snape men were not expecting Harry to have a boyfriend, and a serious one at that. The three enter the inn room, after Harry (now in his male form since they were in private) had greeted them at the door and welcomed them in, and upon seeing Harry and Cormac, the relationship was so obvious between the two teens that neither Severus, Lucius nor Draco felt there was need to ask if Harry was in fact dating Cormac. Again the relationship between them was quite obvious, just the way they interacted around each other. Even at only a first quick glance you could pick up on the chemistry and dynamics between them.

This – Harry having a boyfriend – does not please any of them in the least. However, they don’t say anything about it, seeing as they really had no right – after all, they didn’t know Calix well enough to try and start parenting him just yet. Their family relationship was still, at this point, non- existant with Calix, and they knew nothing of Calix, just Harry Potter.

The five, including Cormac and Maja and Mahala, portkey or Floo to Malfoy Manor. Giving into their ‘over-protectiveness’, Severus and Lucius give Cormac his own room FAR away from Calix’s room.

Cormac, himself, still lives with his own parents, as he’s just barely graduated from Hogwarts and has just recently signed up for Unspeakable training or been on a Professional Quidditch team. He visits the manor a lot to see Calix, but only actually stays over on the weekends – much to Calix’s fathers and brother’s displeasure.

They make their displeasure and over-protectiveness and/or overbearingness of Harry dating known through glares at Cormac and other such actions, but they don’t actually come out and say it.

Harry adjusts very quickly to being the son of Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape and the younger half-brother of Draco Malfoy. He had always wanted family, so it was a dream come true for him. It helped that his fathers and brother did not treat him as ‘Harry Potter’ but as their long lost precious family member and of course, the baby of the family. They quickly become the family they always should have been. Harry (Calix) calls them Father (Severus) and Papa (Lucius), and Narcissa he calls Aunt Cissa.

Narcissa lives at Malfoy Manor, too, and is Harry’s (Calix) godmother. She acts as Harry’s aunt, and is still Draco’s mother, even if Draco sees Severus as his step-father.

On September 1st, Harry and Draco leave for their last year at Hogwarts, while Cormac continues to train to become an Unspeakable for the Ministry of Magic. Harry goes as Calix Malfoy-Snape, not as Harry Potter, and everyone knows that they are one and the same.

Severe Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Dumbledore bashing once Hogwarts resumes. Calix and Draco, with permission from the Board of Gov., is allowed to stay with Severus in his personal quarters in the dungeons. Though he is still a Gryffindor – he DOES NOT change houses.

Cormac comes to visit Harry on Hogsmeade weekends and every weekend, as he’s allowed to floo through Severus’ fireplace.

Three weeks into the new school year, on a late Friday night, Calix is in his room sleeping (around 12:30 or so) when he awakens to horrible pain in his back and lower abdomen. Unable to move without a lot of pain, he stays in bed for a good two hours, trying to see if it would go away. When it doesn’t, Calix screams for his father.

Severus, who had just been going to bed after staying up grading papers, rushes into his youngest son’s room, panicking at the pain he had heard in his son’s voice. The scream wakes Draco too, who’s room was right next to Calix’s.

Calix is in tears and is practically screaming, because he’s in so much pain. Severus floo calls Madam Pomfrey, who comes through. After a full hour of diagnostic spells, it is a shock to everyone, least of all Calix, when she announces that he was…in labor. Calix was shocked stupid, as he hadn’t even realized that he was pregnant in the first place. No weight gain, no weird cravings, no back pain, or morning sickness…nothing gave his pregnancy away.

Severus and Draco were also very shocked – they could tell from his reaction that Calix had had no idea about the pregnancy, which was as much astonishing as it was baffling. Realizing that they couldn’t flip out then, which meant (for Calix’s sake ONLY) that they couldn’t kill McLaggen right yet.

Calix panicks and demands that Cormac be flooed. Severus floos both him and Lucius and brings them back to his private quarters.

The surprise labor is quick, but full of panick on Calix and Cormac’s behalfs, and worry, concern and anger on Severus, Lucius and Draco’s parts. They were very close to killing McLaggen (they had no idea that he and Calix were sexually active, as they had never been caught while at the manor in any compromising positions, except for cuddling and kissing). They were also concerned because all of the preparation that usually goes into having a child – stocking up on supplies being the major one, along with the mental preparation – was non-existant here, and plus Calix had no prenatal care. Anything could be wrong with the baby and Calix.

Going into labor at 12:30 that night (or morning, depending on how you look at it), Calix gives birth several hours later, to a baby girl…

NO Ron/Hermione!!!


CALIX – “most beautiful”

KINSEY – “victorious prince”



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Is it just me, or does there seem to be a shit load of Twilight/Harry Potter crossovers out there…with the same plot – Harry, Luna and Draco go to Forks, or Harry and Draco go to Forks, or even just Harry and Luna, and it’s a full on repetitive Edward/Harry, and Jacob/Draco or Jacob/Luna…?

Doesn’t that seem to be the most occuring theme with the Twilight/HP Crossovers? Damn if it isn’t getting old and annoying!

For one, I find that Jacob/Draco is really bad pairing. Actually, it’s a really annoying pairing, and rather disgusting, kind of like Ron/Hermione for me and I hate that pairng (R/Hr) with a passion. Jacob Black and Draco Malfoy have only one thing in common with each other – and that is that they both come from a family of Blacks! Completely different families, obviously, but named Black nonetheless. Authors seem to really enjoy pairing these two up for some insane reason, and it pisses me off completely.

I hate bottom-Draco, and with a Jacob/Draco pairing, he is most definitely the bottom, as there isn’t anyone, besides perhaps Emmett and the rest of the Quileute pack, that can beat Jacob’s large, massive build. Bottom-Draco’s are simply very annoying for me to read! The only person I like to read as a bottom (submissive partner) is Harry!

I don’t know why anyone would think that this pairing is okay…IT DOESN’T WORK! They’re so completely different from each other  – their lifestyle, background, and just simply the way they think. They would NEVER be able to work, in real life (never mind that it’s FANFICTION here, and that it’s not supposed to be looked at as a real life “thing”). Draco is rich, spoiled, angry, CLEAN, stuck-up and snobby, and a complete arsehole. Jacob is loud, dirty, wild, boisterous, all grins and care-free, and a  low-class MUGGLE shapeshifter. No matter how much people will argue that because the pack can turn into wolves, that means they are part of the wizarding world, it’s NOT TRUE!! They live in the muggle world, go to a muggle school and hang out with muggles and live like a muggle…THEY ARE MUGGLES!!

Draco would never tolerate Jacob and his personality and lifestyle, and Jacob in turn would be more likely to punch the blonde bastard in the nose then imprint on his ass. No…just, no. Maybe it is all of these things that make authors be like, “Yeah, they’re so opposites that they would make the best couple”, but to be, it’s not something I can comprehend. Jacob/Draco would never work, it’s an awful pairing that That is That!

As for the Jacob/Luna…

I love Luna to death, I’ll admit that. I also really love Jacob too (or maybe it’s Taylor Lautner I like, :P). However, I can’t really see Luna in a relationship with, well, anyone. Not because she’s so weird that I think nobody would want to be with her. It’s just that Luna has more of that best friend or sister material vibe, and not that girlfriend vibe.

That’s not to say that I haven’t read any Harry/Luna fics, because I have and I have enjoyed them. But, when it comes to fics where Luna is in the background, as a side character (such as Twilight/HP crossovers), she’s the sister or best friend…I can’t read her as someone’s girlfriend, at all. That probably doesn’t even make sense, lol, but that’s what I feel.

Why don’t I like Jacob/Luna? Well for one, like Jacob/Draco, it’s reaccuring theme/pairing in the Twilight/HP crossovers. Not ALL of course, but quite a few of them nonetheless. And two, because again, the vibe…I can see Luna getting close with the Quileute pack, as a new and ‘weird’ friend or even a sister-like relationship that she often has with Harry, but to have her date one of them – it’s just not very logical or likeable.

And three…well, it’s all very cliche, really. Harry, Luna and Draco move to Forks to get away from the Wizarding World, and one by one they each get ‘mates’. First it’s usually Edward and Harry…and then they meet the La Push pack and upon sight, Jacob imprints on Draco/Luna (depending on the story, but usually it’s Draco). It’s all been done before A HUNDRED TIMES!! I said, it’s all very cliche!

It’s simply annoying, when you start reading a Twi/HP fic, hoping for an original storyline, and then end up getting the same thing. It’s like reading the same fic, just with different senarios and different authors, but with the same plot just bent slight so that the authors made it their own and can’t claim theft!

Also, it’s annoying, getting into the story, and though it’s bordering on cliche and overused, it’s still okay and acceptable. For Example: Harry and his friends/pseudo family, show up in Forks, and after looking around their new house, they go to Forks High for their first day of school. There, they meet the Cullens, and soon it becomes clear that they they are vampires and that Edward has sniffed Harry out as his mate, yadda yadda yadda…But then the story goes straight downhill and right back to horribly cliche, when…They are introduced to the La Push pack, and one by one Harry’s friends (again, usually Draco or Luna), is imprinted upon…

First Harry, then Draco, then Luna or however it goes. It’s annoying because, miraculously, they ALL find mates, in the same place – Forks/La Push! I accept Harry, of course – he’s the whole reason I’m reading any of these fics – but to then go and pair the others up, that’s where it spoils badly.

I don’t even know of this little rant of mine is making any sense at all – I know what I’m trying to say, but getting it down to where it is comprensable is a little hard…

You might or might not agree with all this, but I don’t care. This is my opinion…I HATE Jacob/Draco, Cliche Twi/HP crossovers and girlfriend-Luna (unless with Harry, or maybe Neville as a really BACKGROUND pairing). She’s much better being the little sister/best friend.

Threesome Rant   4 comments

Threesome Rant – Male/Female/Male.

Warning: Crude Language!

Now, I know that this topic of rant is not true about ALL of the threesome fics out there. This rant is for all of the fics out there that are like – and trust me, there are MANY, for I have read a hell of a lot of them.

First of all, I have to let you guys know that I am a person that reads only Harry-centric fics, and I am a loyal, dedicated SLASH fan, though I enjoy reading a good het fic as well. I feel I have to mention this, otherwise those who read this and don’t like SLASH, will question why this rant is such a big deal, or why I find is a big deal. Oh, and I love threesome fics, so long as Harry is the focal point of the threesome and the middle, as I like to call it.

It is that reason (middle-Harry) that I feel I must rant about this topic…


Okay, here we go. Threesomes…Example: Ron, Harry, Hermione threesomes.

When reading threesome fics, I like SLASH to be the focal pairing or at least more so then the HET, and definitely Harry has to be the focal point of the threesome. I like reading het, too, but slash will always come first in the threesomes that I read. I want a LOT of slash action, with het being a sub-focus.

There are a lot of Golden Trio threesomes out there, and I enjoy reading those, along with other Harry-threesomes. When I do read them, I always go into the fic praying that Ron and Harry will fuck or at the very least, suck each other off. I always want Harry to bottom (in all slash fics, not just threesomes), as I have a real obsession with submissive-Harry – he can’t do anything BUT bottom, when it comes to slash. I can’t read top-Harry, it’s just wrong to me.

My perfect Trio threesome would be Ron fucking Harry, while Harry fucks Hermione – Ron/Harry/Hermione, with Harry in the very middle, receiving the most pleasure, obviously. It’s just the hottest thing to read and to picture. Ron, all 6 foot 4 and muscular, fucking Harry (5 foot 10 at the most), while Harry is being rocked, forcefully from Ron’s thrusts, into Hermione pussy. It’s just hotter then fuck.

However, what I usually end up getting in MOST of the threesome fics is Ron and Harry focusing their attention on Hermione – a Ron/Hermione/Harry, where Ron has her front and Harry her back, most likely. This does not turn me on in the LEAST.  Again, I’m a Slash-addict, and this just doesn’t do anything for me. Plus, I really hate Hermione, most of the time in fanfiction, so to have her be the focal point of both boys, when there is hardly any slash action between Ron and Harry, just really pisses me off.

It’s not just Hermione, though – even if R/Hr/H does make me the most angry, because of the fact that I hate her, and Ron/Hermione – it’s all threesomes, where the chick ends up being the focal point of the two males, one of which obviously is always Harry.

Seriously, though, I can’t be the only person that HATES IT when you get into a fic, looking and hoping for some BoyxBoyxGirl action and then realize that instead, you’re getting BoyxGirlxBoy! I can’t be the only slash-addict out there, or the only Hermione-hater or Ron/Hermione hater for that matter.

It is kind of ironic, really. I love reading Ron/Harry/Hermione threesomes, and while I love Harry above all other characters and it’s understandable here, I hate Ron AND Hermione, and especially Ron/Hermione. I simply loath the R/Hr pairing, it’s the only pairing that I will stop reading a fic over. Seriously, I will. I’ll be reading a really amazing story (Harry-centric of course), and the first sign of R/Hr, and especially before Harry is even in a relationship or even has his eyes on someone, romantically, I’ll exit the fic very fast, and be very angry about it. That pairing, R/Hr, ruins a good fic faster than anything else EVER could. REMEMBER THAT, PEOPLE!

The only time I’ll read the trio threesomes is if Harry is the focal and middle of the three. It’s the only way I can get through them. If it is a focal-Harry, bottom-Harry and middle-Harry fic, between Ron/Harry/Hermione, I’ll cry because I’d be very, very happy. However, they are very rare, I noticed, and therefore I do not read very many threesome fics.

If you know any good ones, please recommend them to me! Can be on any website – Fanfiction.Net,, Restricted, etc. Whatever, I’ll be very thankful and I’ll definitely read them. They do not have to be Ron/Harry/Hermione – they can be any threesome, so long as they are Harry-centric, and of course, he has to be the main bottom of the threesome, the middle and the focus of the threesome. It doesn’t also have to involve a female, is can be Harry and three other males as well. NO Harry and two females, though, please!


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Challenge Fandom: Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover

Challenge Pairing: Your pick between SLASH and HET, with one of these pairings – Emmett/Harry, Paul/Harry, Harry/Rosalie, Harry/Alice. Absolutely NO Edward/Harry, Jasper/Harry, Carlisle/Harry, Jacob/Harry, Harry/Esme or Harry/Bella…Sex must be part of the fic, and MPREG, if you choose slash.

Objective: I don’t really have much of a plot line I’d like for this fic, except that Harry leaves (runs away from) the wizarding world after 5th year or 6th year. If you make it SLASH, then Harry has to be 16 when he moves to Forks, Washington and becomes involved with either Emmett or Paul. If HET, then Harry has to be 17 or older and already a vampire (looks 17-21 years old, but is actually mentally older than his appearing age, thanks to his vampirism) when going to Forks.

Nobody in the wizarding world can know that Harry is a vampire if that is the route you wish to go. Can’t be more than FIVE years, and he has to have been bitten when he’s 17 years to 21 years. He can’t look older then Emmett who’s 20 to 21 in appearance in cannon, or too much younger, if at all, than Rosalie, who’s 19 to 20 in appearance in cannon (I think). This option is only for the HET pairing, meaning, paired with either Rosalie or Alice.

If you go with the Emmett/Harry, I want him to be completely human and feminine. Fragile, small and beautiful, compared to Emmett’s large, thick 6 foot 4 and all muscled build. He has to be 16, meaning he had to be younger than Edward and Alice. Harry has to be between 4 foot 10 (my height) to 5 foot 3, but no taller than that. I love feminine-Harry, so that is how he has to look. If you can’t or don’t like reading/writing feminine Harry, then don’t take this challenge on! There has to be MPREG!!!

If you go with the Paul/Harry option, I want the same Harry as when he’s paired with Emmett – small, fragile and beautiful, as well as MPREG, and also 16 (Jacob’s age at least). Even though you pair Paul and Harry, I want Harry to be well acquainted with the Cullens before meeting Paul. He has to be friends with the vampire family, and preferably BEST friends with Alice.

Nobody from the wizarding world can come and befriend the Cullens or the Pack. Meaning, no Remus, Draco, Luna, Sirius, Hermione, Ron, etc. coming and interrupting Harry’s life with his new family/friends. Maybe Severus Snape, but that’s the only exception to this rule, and that is only if you can work him in to fit accordingly. Good-Snape only! Snarky, yes of course, but not evil, Snape!

NO Ron/Hermione pairing, whether they are together or not. They can’t be paired with each other or anyone else. Bashing these characters is always a plus, as they are my two LEAST favorite characters! MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE IDIOTS and BAD, HORRIBLE PEOPLE! Dumbledore bashing, and even a little Weasley bashing (though no Charlie, Bill, Fred and George bashing, please) is welcome!


**Hell, maybe even an Emmett/Harry/Rosalie threesome fic, or a Rosalie/Harry/Alice threesome fic! That would be cool!



Personally, I’d like to see this become either an Emmett/Harry pairing, or a Harry/Rosalie, Harry/Alice pairing. There just aren’t very many Emmett/Harry fics out there and Emmett is hands down my favorite Cullen male. Also, there is hardly any, if at all, het crossovers between Twilight/HP, and I love Rosalie and Alice, and they’d both be excellent paired with Harry.


Harry/Original Female Character   Leave a comment

Challenge Pairing: Harry/OFC…Original female OC – het, not slash this time! Either OC or Daphne Greengrass, but I’d prefer it to be an OC. 

Objective: At age six, Harry wandered into Diagon Alley while out in London on a shopping trip with Petunia and Dudley. There in the Alley, he meets a girl named Cwen Chvatal who is his age. Upon the first touch, they create a soul mate bond, which allows them to telepathically and empathically communicate with each other, and both develop an uncanny ease for wandless magic. 

When Cwen’s parents, Andon and Zeta Chvatal, realize that their daughter and the little boy with them are soul bonded and that he was the Harry Potter, they decided that they would leave their family home in London and move closer to Harry to make it convenient for the two children to stay in contact. They move into a house in Little Whinging just blocks from the Dursleys. Eventually, Andon and Zeta get Petunia and Vernon to sign custody documents that transfers custody of Harry over to the Chvatals – legal both magically and non-magically. 

They are now Harry’s legal guardians, but to keep up appearances Harry must still stay the nights at the Dursleys. Every other time of day, Harry is with the pureblood family and his soul mate. 

From age six onward, Harry knows about magic. He is taught magic in both theory and practical, but the subjects range from school subjects, even Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, to politics, laws and advanced subjects like Dueling, Spell Crafting, Combat, etc. When he gets to Hogwarts, Harry hides his knowledge from everyone but Cwen. 

At Hogwarts, nobody knows about his and Cwen’s relationship – Harry is of course forced to play the Boy-Who-Lived and Golden Boy, while Cwen is forced to pretend to hate him, being the pureblood Slytherin and Ice Queen that she was. Though her family is Light (they were in the first Order of the Phoenix with Lily and James), Cwen still has to play the Slytherin Queen bitch, as it was not known by anyone but Dumbledore and a select few that her parents were really for the Light side of the war and not Voldemort. She built a facade and reputation that she was very proud of, though she did hate to play it. The only time she was herself was when she got the spend time with Harry (in secret, obviously). 

Harry, too, is playing a facade of Gryffindor Golden Boy. He would have gone into Slytherin first year, definitely, had he not begged the sorting hat to place him in Gryffindor. Andon and Zeta had drilled into both him and Cwen that their rolls were necessary, especially Harry’s. Nobody could know that Harry was smarter and more powerful than he was letting on, as it would give the Light the upperhand – the enemy would underestimate Harry easily. So, Harry made sure he didn’t get the best of grades, though he knew the material even better than Hermione did. He pretended to be a little above average in magical power, when really he was FAR beyond the average in power. 

Cwen became friends with Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis of Slytherin, and Harry became friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger of Gryffindor, though they were each other’s best friend. They didn’t feel half as much loyalty to their friends as they did to each other. They’d choose the other, over any one else on earth. 

They start dating in Third-year. A must!! I had my first real boyfriend at thirteen, so really its not too young to start dating – ESPECIALLY FOR SOUL MATES! Zeta, Cwen’s mother, has been planning their future wedding ever since she and Andon realized that they were soul mates, so again, it’s not too young.There was no contest at Hogwarts, as to who the two best looking people were. For the female alpha, Cwen Chvatal wins hands down. She had the physique of a model – tall and perfect curves and dips, with natural long white-blond hair and blue eyes, and creamy alabastar skin. The only thing that kept her from getting ambushed by males left and right was her reputation as the Ice Queen as well as her persona which screamed ‘OFF LIMITS’. All the girls desired and could only dream to look like her, while the guys desired and dreamed to be with her. Cwen was beyond beautiful. 

As for the male alpha of the school, it was without a doubt Harry Potter. He had the most impressive resume, being the Boy-Who-Lived, Leader of the DA, Quidditch Captain, Defender of Hogwarts (the students started calling him that after the fiasco of the Chamber of Secrets), Savior of the Wizarding World, most powerful, skillfull and not to mention the hottest guy on the planet. With his athletic build, his mesmerizing emerald green eyes and wild, sexy black hair, he was breathtakingly gorgeous. He too, screamed ‘OFF LIMITS’, and that made the females wary of approaching him. Only Cho Chang and Ginny Weasley were daring enough. Draco tried asserting himself on Cwen, but continues to be aggressively shot down. 

Both were totally aware of their popularity, but both completely ignored it and focused on the facades of the Ice Queen and the Golden Boy. Secretly, the two watch each other’s back and reputation as well. Cwen hates Draco and all of Harry’s enemies and bullies, just as Harry hates all of Cwen’s, and uses his Marauder genes to prank them behind the scenes. When someone picks a fight with either mate, the other will get revenge, again, behind the scenes, through sneaky pranks. Harry is a Slytherin at heart, though he is in no way dark. He’s just sneaky, cunning and ambitious. 

Because of their TELEPATHIC CONNECTION, they can communicate whenever and wherever they wish. There is no limit of distance. This allows them to be nearly unstoppable while fighting together, and seem like they are on the same page with everything that they do. Including dancing. 

Growing up, they had many activities that they enjoyed doing together, but dancing was their absolute favorite. As kids they competed in many dancing competitions, and because of their telepathic connection, they were always amazingly nsync with on another. Their fighting – dueling, combat, etc. – was also the same, they danced even while fighting. The loved all kinds of dance – hip hop, ball room, jazz, etc. It didn’t really matter, whatever they wanted to learn they tried, even Hindi at one point (just for fun, lol). 

Again, their relationship is SECRET to everyone but Cwen’s parents. 

The story is to really start in Seventh Year, though if you’d like you can do a chapter or two on the other years or even their childhood, but no more than that. The main story is when they are seventeen. 

NO Ron/Hermione, or at least no graphic R/Hr. I hate this pairing, so if you put them into this fic, please don’t write even a kiss between them. Oh, and they can’t start dating until Harry and Cwen’s relationship comes out in the open (start of seventh year or at the very end of summer). 




CWEN – Celtic, meaning “queen”. Harry calls her ‘his queen’, and it’s one of the reasons for her nickname Ice Queen. I think I have this name on my Name List Page. Please don’t change either her first or last name – Cwen Chvátal (there is supposed to be an accented ‘a’ in her last name – it’s Czech). Her birthday: August 29th, just a few days before the cut-off time for attending Hogwarts. Meaning, if she were born just three days later, she would have gone into Ginny and Luna’s year, instead of Harry’s, making her the youngest of Harry’s year, just like Hermione is the one of the eldest, being that her birthday was September 19th

She is not supposed to be a mary-sue OC. Please don’t make her as one! 




My Cwen (Alek Alexeyeva – model)