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Challenge Pairing: Harry/OFC…Original female OC – het, not slash this time! Either OC or Daphne Greengrass, but I’d prefer it to be an OC. 

Objective: At age six, Harry wandered into Diagon Alley while out in London on a shopping trip with Petunia and Dudley. There in the Alley, he meets a girl named Cwen Chvatal who is his age. Upon the first touch, they create a soul mate bond, which allows them to telepathically and empathically communicate with each other, and both develop an uncanny ease for wandless magic. 

When Cwen’s parents, Andon and Zeta Chvatal, realize that their daughter and the little boy with them are soul bonded and that he was the Harry Potter, they decided that they would leave their family home in London and move closer to Harry to make it convenient for the two children to stay in contact. They move into a house in Little Whinging just blocks from the Dursleys. Eventually, Andon and Zeta get Petunia and Vernon to sign custody documents that transfers custody of Harry over to the Chvatals – legal both magically and non-magically. 

They are now Harry’s legal guardians, but to keep up appearances Harry must still stay the nights at the Dursleys. Every other time of day, Harry is with the pureblood family and his soul mate. 

From age six onward, Harry knows about magic. He is taught magic in both theory and practical, but the subjects range from school subjects, even Ancient Runes and Arithmancy, to politics, laws and advanced subjects like Dueling, Spell Crafting, Combat, etc. When he gets to Hogwarts, Harry hides his knowledge from everyone but Cwen. 

At Hogwarts, nobody knows about his and Cwen’s relationship – Harry is of course forced to play the Boy-Who-Lived and Golden Boy, while Cwen is forced to pretend to hate him, being the pureblood Slytherin and Ice Queen that she was. Though her family is Light (they were in the first Order of the Phoenix with Lily and James), Cwen still has to play the Slytherin Queen bitch, as it was not known by anyone but Dumbledore and a select few that her parents were really for the Light side of the war and not Voldemort. She built a facade and reputation that she was very proud of, though she did hate to play it. The only time she was herself was when she got the spend time with Harry (in secret, obviously). 

Harry, too, is playing a facade of Gryffindor Golden Boy. He would have gone into Slytherin first year, definitely, had he not begged the sorting hat to place him in Gryffindor. Andon and Zeta had drilled into both him and Cwen that their rolls were necessary, especially Harry’s. Nobody could know that Harry was smarter and more powerful than he was letting on, as it would give the Light the upperhand – the enemy would underestimate Harry easily. So, Harry made sure he didn’t get the best of grades, though he knew the material even better than Hermione did. He pretended to be a little above average in magical power, when really he was FAR beyond the average in power. 

Cwen became friends with Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis of Slytherin, and Harry became friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger of Gryffindor, though they were each other’s best friend. They didn’t feel half as much loyalty to their friends as they did to each other. They’d choose the other, over any one else on earth. 

They start dating in Third-year. A must!! I had my first real boyfriend at thirteen, so really its not too young to start dating – ESPECIALLY FOR SOUL MATES! Zeta, Cwen’s mother, has been planning their future wedding ever since she and Andon realized that they were soul mates, so again, it’s not too young.There was no contest at Hogwarts, as to who the two best looking people were. For the female alpha, Cwen Chvatal wins hands down. She had the physique of a model – tall and perfect curves and dips, with natural long white-blond hair and blue eyes, and creamy alabastar skin. The only thing that kept her from getting ambushed by males left and right was her reputation as the Ice Queen as well as her persona which screamed ‘OFF LIMITS’. All the girls desired and could only dream to look like her, while the guys desired and dreamed to be with her. Cwen was beyond beautiful. 

As for the male alpha of the school, it was without a doubt Harry Potter. He had the most impressive resume, being the Boy-Who-Lived, Leader of the DA, Quidditch Captain, Defender of Hogwarts (the students started calling him that after the fiasco of the Chamber of Secrets), Savior of the Wizarding World, most powerful, skillfull and not to mention the hottest guy on the planet. With his athletic build, his mesmerizing emerald green eyes and wild, sexy black hair, he was breathtakingly gorgeous. He too, screamed ‘OFF LIMITS’, and that made the females wary of approaching him. Only Cho Chang and Ginny Weasley were daring enough. Draco tried asserting himself on Cwen, but continues to be aggressively shot down. 

Both were totally aware of their popularity, but both completely ignored it and focused on the facades of the Ice Queen and the Golden Boy. Secretly, the two watch each other’s back and reputation as well. Cwen hates Draco and all of Harry’s enemies and bullies, just as Harry hates all of Cwen’s, and uses his Marauder genes to prank them behind the scenes. When someone picks a fight with either mate, the other will get revenge, again, behind the scenes, through sneaky pranks. Harry is a Slytherin at heart, though he is in no way dark. He’s just sneaky, cunning and ambitious. 

Because of their TELEPATHIC CONNECTION, they can communicate whenever and wherever they wish. There is no limit of distance. This allows them to be nearly unstoppable while fighting together, and seem like they are on the same page with everything that they do. Including dancing. 

Growing up, they had many activities that they enjoyed doing together, but dancing was their absolute favorite. As kids they competed in many dancing competitions, and because of their telepathic connection, they were always amazingly nsync with on another. Their fighting – dueling, combat, etc. – was also the same, they danced even while fighting. The loved all kinds of dance – hip hop, ball room, jazz, etc. It didn’t really matter, whatever they wanted to learn they tried, even Hindi at one point (just for fun, lol). 

Again, their relationship is SECRET to everyone but Cwen’s parents. 

The story is to really start in Seventh Year, though if you’d like you can do a chapter or two on the other years or even their childhood, but no more than that. The main story is when they are seventeen. 

NO Ron/Hermione, or at least no graphic R/Hr. I hate this pairing, so if you put them into this fic, please don’t write even a kiss between them. Oh, and they can’t start dating until Harry and Cwen’s relationship comes out in the open (start of seventh year or at the very end of summer). 




CWEN – Celtic, meaning “queen”. Harry calls her ‘his queen’, and it’s one of the reasons for her nickname Ice Queen. I think I have this name on my Name List Page. Please don’t change either her first or last name – Cwen Chvátal (there is supposed to be an accented ‘a’ in her last name – it’s Czech). Her birthday: August 29th, just a few days before the cut-off time for attending Hogwarts. Meaning, if she were born just three days later, she would have gone into Ginny and Luna’s year, instead of Harry’s, making her the youngest of Harry’s year, just like Hermione is the one of the eldest, being that her birthday was September 19th

She is not supposed to be a mary-sue OC. Please don’t make her as one! 




My Cwen (Alek Alexeyeva – model)

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