Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover – Het or Slash   Leave a comment

Challenge Fandom: Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover

Challenge Pairing: Your pick between SLASH and HET, with one of these pairings – Emmett/Harry, Paul/Harry, Harry/Rosalie, Harry/Alice. Absolutely NO Edward/Harry, Jasper/Harry, Carlisle/Harry, Jacob/Harry, Harry/Esme or Harry/Bella…Sex must be part of the fic, and MPREG, if you choose slash.

Objective: I don’t really have much of a plot line I’d like for this fic, except that Harry leaves (runs away from) the wizarding world after 5th year or 6th year. If you make it SLASH, then Harry has to be 16 when he moves to Forks, Washington and becomes involved with either Emmett or Paul. If HET, then Harry has to be 17 or older and already a vampire (looks 17-21 years old, but is actually mentally older than his appearing age, thanks to his vampirism) when going to Forks.

Nobody in the wizarding world can know that Harry is a vampire if that is the route you wish to go. Can’t be more than FIVE years, and he has to have been bitten when he’s 17 years to 21 years. He can’t look older then Emmett who’s 20 to 21 in appearance in cannon, or too much younger, if at all, than Rosalie, who’s 19 to 20 in appearance in cannon (I think). This option is only for the HET pairing, meaning, paired with either Rosalie or Alice.

If you go with the Emmett/Harry, I want him to be completely human and feminine. Fragile, small and beautiful, compared to Emmett’s large, thick 6 foot 4 and all muscled build. He has to be 16, meaning he had to be younger than Edward and Alice. Harry has to be between 4 foot 10 (my height) to 5 foot 3, but no taller than that. I love feminine-Harry, so that is how he has to look. If you can’t or don’t like reading/writing feminine Harry, then don’t take this challenge on! There has to be MPREG!!!

If you go with the Paul/Harry option, I want the same Harry as when he’s paired with Emmett – small, fragile and beautiful, as well as MPREG, and also 16 (Jacob’s age at least). Even though you pair Paul and Harry, I want Harry to be well acquainted with the Cullens before meeting Paul. He has to be friends with the vampire family, and preferably BEST friends with Alice.

Nobody from the wizarding world can come and befriend the Cullens or the Pack. Meaning, no Remus, Draco, Luna, Sirius, Hermione, Ron, etc. coming and interrupting Harry’s life with his new family/friends. Maybe Severus Snape, but that’s the only exception to this rule, and that is only if you can work him in to fit accordingly. Good-Snape only! Snarky, yes of course, but not evil, Snape!

NO Ron/Hermione pairing, whether they are together or not. They can’t be paired with each other or anyone else. Bashing these characters is always a plus, as they are my two LEAST favorite characters! MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE IDIOTS and BAD, HORRIBLE PEOPLE! Dumbledore bashing, and even a little Weasley bashing (though no Charlie, Bill, Fred and George bashing, please) is welcome!


**Hell, maybe even an Emmett/Harry/Rosalie threesome fic, or a Rosalie/Harry/Alice threesome fic! That would be cool!



Personally, I’d like to see this become either an Emmett/Harry pairing, or a Harry/Rosalie, Harry/Alice pairing. There just aren’t very many Emmett/Harry fics out there and Emmett is hands down my favorite Cullen male. Also, there is hardly any, if at all, het crossovers between Twilight/HP, and I love Rosalie and Alice, and they’d both be excellent paired with Harry.


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