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~*~Teddy Lupin Rant~*~

This is going to be a short rant, but it’s a topic that is leaving me wanting to pull my hair out whenever I read these stories and I just have to get it off my chest.

I understand that Teddy Lupin is Harry’s godson, and therefore he is Harry’s responsibility since Remus and Tonks are dead, but I’m not too fond of the Remus/Tonks relationship (it was random and came out of nowhere – one minute there is no real sign of them being together, and the next Tonks is pregnant and then they are married?), and because of that, I don’t like Teddy’s character. I know, you’re all probably wondering WHY and HOW I can have a problem with a baby, right?

Well, it’s not the fact that he’s a baby. I love babies, and I love when Harry has a baby/child. However, what I have a problem with is the fact that Teddy is not Harry’s biological child. I don’t like reading fics where Harry is taking care of a child that is not his own. I want every child Harry has to be HIS OWN child, not somebody else’s.

I go in to a fic, especially when the summary says something about Harry and an infant/small child, fully expecting the kid to be Harry’s own biological child, but instead it’s Teddy! It’s disappointing, and overly done. I can’t stand stories where he’s raising Teddy! I just don’t, not unless Harry has a kid of his own as well, which I’ve NEVER seen before.

I read a story like Nightmares In Dakota by scarletsptember, or whatever – it doesn’t really matter what fic – and while I love the story, the fact that the author chose Teddy to be Harry’s child, instead of making it so that the child was actually Harry’s. It would have made the stories ten-times more better and interesting than it was, with Teddy. I mean, in Nightmares in Dakota, Teddy doesn’t even call Harry dad, but by his name instead. If Harry is written by an author to become a dad, they could have the kid call him DAD, not Harry. I mean, really! I would hate to be called by my name, to a child I raised. It’s disrespectful, and while I understand  that Harry isn’t Teddy’s real father, and Harry wants the kid to know that Remus and Tonks are his parents and that the kid should respect his real parents, Harry should be called Dad. It’s just how it is. He adopted Teddy, so he IS his father, so he should be Dad, not Harry.

I love daddy-Harry, especially Mpreg fics (preg-Harry of course), and I would just love to read a story that has Harry as the actual biological parent to the kid he’s raising, you know? Like it was BEFORE  Deathly Hallows was published! I used to come across daddy-Harry fics on numerous occasions, but now it’s all Teddy, and that really, really sucks and is very frustrating and really pisses me off. I feel that reading stories, in which Harry has his own child, he feels more bonded with his own blood child, then he ever does with Teddy, in the stories I’ve read. He might love Teddy and think of him as his own, but I always see more of an emotional attachment to Harry and the child when they are his own, and not Teddy. Always!

I don’t even really know why J.K. Rowling thought it was necessary to have Teddy be born anyway, when she was just going to kill off both his parents in the end. I mean, sure, he is all Andromeda has left, but it was still very cruel of her to do so, and I hate her for it. I actually hate Rowling for pairing Remus and Tonks together in the first place, but whatever…I just thought that killing the two off while leaving baby Teddy orphaned was a complete over-kill and unnecessary. If Rowling was just going to kill his parents, then she shouldn’t even have written him into the book, in my opinion. Was it just to garner sympathy from Harry, and to feel bad for Teddy because he too, knew what it was like to loose his parents? Lame excuse!

After the Deathly Hallows came out, I totally lost most of my respect for Rowling. I hated, absolutely HATED Deathly Hallows, and Half-Blood Prince was so, so boring, that I couldn’t get into it as deeply as the previous five books. The fact that she killed off Fred in Deathly Hallows, and not to mention the random coupling of Remus/Tonks and Bill/Fleur. There was only a passing mention of Fleur working with Gringotts, to improve her English, but I don’t remember any of the Weasleys mentioning that Fleur and Bill were dating, until HBP, where they were so out of the blue engaged, and then quickly married in DH. Then Remus and Tonks, who I don’t remember reading anything in the books where it mentioned that they were seeing each other, and then suddenly there she is in DH, pregnant and she and Remus are married. I was completely dumbfounded and I really did ask myself, “Where the hell did that pairing come from?” It was so out of the blue that it shocked the hell out of me. Then they were killed off, leaving their infant son. It was so stupid of them to even get pregnant in the middle of a damn war in the first place. What, the wizarding war doesn’t have condoms?

Ahem…well, I think I’ll stop otherwise I’ll just keep repeating myself or I’ll confuse myself even more.


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