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Harry Potter, one of the most addicting series.

The Harry Potter books, like a lot of other people, probably. I HAVE read each HP book over and over again, as it helps with writing fanfiction and all that jazz.

The one HP book that I have more than any other, is Order of the Phoenix – which is, hnds down, my favorite of the series. The fact that several of the students come together, rebelliously, to fight against Umbridge's WOL (word of law), and to learn how to defend themselves…it's just really cool. It shows that there are people who are willing to fight with and for Harry. It shows school spirit, team spirit and real coalition. It just made me happy to read.

Plus, Order of the Phoenix introduced one of my favorite characters of the series – Luna Lovegood. I love that girl! She's a real character, and the special friendship she and Harry have is something I cherish above pretty much all of the other ships in the books. Not romantically, just friendly…It's cute.

So, yeah, Harry Potter and the OOTP is the book that I can't put down (though I haven't read it for while).


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