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Challenge Pairing: Harry/Trudy

Objective: Okay, so we all saw Trudy’s plane go down…but who is to say that Trudy herself was still inside it?

Basically, I want a long, chaptered story, where Harry [magically or not, but you may decide how exactly he gets there] appears on Pandora, and in the middle of the battle he sees Trudy’s plane get shot. He Apparates into the plane, grabs Trudy and Apparates back out, just in time.

—— Option One: Harry could have magically appeared on Pandora, right in the middle of the battle. He observes the two sides and quickly realizes who the bad guys and who the good guys are. He witnesses Trudy turn and shoot Colonel Quaritch’s plane and then he sees her plane be shot down. He rescues her by Apparating without really thinking about it and saves her by Apparating her out of her plane.

—— Option Two: Harry left Earth with the others (Jake or whoever – either way, he was legally meant to be there on the planet – whatever you decide – he doesn’t have to be from those two – I’m sure there were more then just Science and Military departments on Pandora) I would say a Soldier, though, seeing as that is what Harry would most likely be out of every other station on Pandora.

He is part of the gang – Jake, Norman, Trudy and Grace, working together trying to save the Na’vi and preserve Pandora. Over the coarse of the time that Jake and Neytiri are ‘getting to know one another’, Harry and Trudy are also very deeply involved in the ‘background’ or ‘behind the scenes’, hell even BEFORE Jake and Neytiri, for they had been together on Pandora longer then Jake himself has. With them stationed within the same department it was quite easy to get to know one another.

I loved Trudy Chacon and it really, really pissed me off when she was killed. I mean, I can only watch the movie up until her plane explodes and then I have to turn it off. I love the movie, don’t get me wrong, but I loved Trudy MUCH MORE and she (rather, Michelle Rodriguez) was the number one reason why I enjoy watching it. I just LOVE her!

I saw her plane go down and I cried! Literally cried! I was so upset…So that is why I wanted to make a Avatar/HP crossover – I wanted to keep Trudy alive. Every time I watch that part, I always pretend that we didn’t see her plane explode, and that she DID survive – miraculously. Ridiculous, I know, but I didn’t want to believe she was really dead.

Harry saves her!

—— NO Ron/Hermione – whether it’s previously or after Harry’s time in the wizarding world. Absolutely none! In fact, it would be good if you could have it so that they both died during the battle with Voldemort.

—— Harry is between ages 25-28-years-old in this fic. No older than 28-years-old.

—— Trudy also can’t be over 25-28-years-old. She can be younger than Harry, the same age as Harry, or just ONE year older than him. No older than one year, though. I know that, truly, Trudy’s probably supposed to be in her early thirties, but I want Trudy a little younger, because I don’t any Harry older than 28, and therefore I didn’t want her to be older than Harry by more than one year. I do prefer her being younger than him, though it’s not necessarily a requirement…

—— Harry left the wizarding world after age 17, when the final battle took place. The wizarding world turned on him and he was sent through the veil, in the Department of Mysteries. He lands in the future, where he joins the American military and becomes a pilot/solider, who is training for the Pandora program.

*~*~*DON’T girly Trudy up too much, but don’t make her too masculine. I want her to be as canon as possible, without her being OOC or Mary-suish. She’s an awesome character (not a bitch) and I want her written correctly. Please do her justice. *~*~*



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