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Movie Events (as they happen) – My side-notes…Dialogue between mostly Trudy, Grace, Norm and Jake…Only goes until Trudy’s death (I stop watching the movie after she dies, lol).



Six years in cryo-sleep feels like you’re waking up with a hang over. You’re weak and nauseas and very hungry…

Jake and Norm arrive together (I think, but I’m not sure…) on the same shuttle. Jake is taking the place of his deceased identical twin brother, Tom Sully (former Scientist).


#1 – The Marines who had just arrived meet up with Colonel M. Quaritch, who briefs them (orientation/seminar) on the way Pandora is – how dangerous the moon/planet is and whatnot.

* Norm catches up with Jake and they head to the Bio-Lab, and to the Link Room – the room where the Avatar-operators link to their Avatars. They meet Dr. Max Patel there,  and Jake sees his Avatar for the first time.


#2 – They meet Grace Augustine, who is just coming out of her Link Chamber.


#3 – Grace goes to Parker Selfridge, enraged that she was given a Marine to operate an Avatar, and not another Scientist. Selfridge shows her why they were actually on Pandora in the first place (the RDA anyways)…He shows her the small clip of Unobtanium.


#4 – Jake links to his Avatar for the first time, and runs amuck in the lab and compound, making his way outside where he meets up with Grace in her Avatar.

GRACE: Hey, Marine!


#5 – Jake meets Trudy Chacon for the first time, in the hangar. She tells him that he’s her new new doorman (gunman). She guides him to Quaritch’s office and then takes off.

* Quaritch talks Jake into giving him info on the Na’vi. For him to gain their trust and get inside intel and to report back to him [Quaritch] while still pretending to play friendly with the scientists. Quaritch uses Jake’s immobility against him, promising the ex-Marine new legs.


#6 – Jake, Norm and Grace Link to their Avatars. They get Trudy to pilot them, in their Avatars, into the forest to collect samples [nature samples]. Lyle Wainfleet is also along with them, as a gunman.

* Jake nearly shoots a Prolemuris.

* Jake gets lost in the forest – on the run from an enraged Thanator.

TRUDY: I’m gonna have to call it, guys. We’re not allowed to run night ops. Colonel’s orders. I’m sorry, Doc, he’s just gonna have to hang on till morning.

GRACE: He’s not gonna last till morning.


#7 – Jake meets Neytiri – she saves him from a pack of viperwolves.

* Neytiri takes Jake back to the Omaticaya clan, where he meets her parents, Mo’at and Eytukan.


#8 – Jake wakes from the Link, back in the Link Room with Grace, Norm and Max hovering over him. He tells them where he is…

* In the dining hall, they talk about Jake and his trip out into the forest/jungle, and his time with the Na’vi (joking and laughing about it).

* Norm gets a little jealous of Jake, for making it and getting accepted into the clan so easily, when he [Norm] has worked for years.

* Jake, Quaritch and Selfridge, in the RDA, talk about Unobtanium and Hometree and how to take the Unobtanium. They give Jake 3 months to gather intel on the Na’vi.

* Grace and Norm try and teach Jake the names of the important Omaticaya clan leaders – Mo’at, Eytukan, Neytiri and Tsu’tey.


#9 – Back with the Na’vi, training starts between Jake and Neytiri. She tries to teach him how to ride a Direhorse and about the bond a Na’vi makes with their queue.

* Jake tells Quaritch and Selfridge what he has gathered about Hometree.

* Max Patel oversees/hears Jake conferencing with Quaritch and Selfridge and goes to Grace (though you never see this on screen), who decides to move their operation away from the base and Quaritch’s hands. They head for the Hallelujah Mountains – The Floating Mountains of Pandora.


#10 – Trudy flies them up into the Hallelujah Mountains, to Site 26 where Mobile Link Chambers are stationed, in her Samson 1-6. The Avatars are buckled into the back seats of the chopper. Norm’s in the front with Trudy, and Grace and Jake back behind them, all in the cockpit.

GRACE: We’re getting close.

TRUDY: Yeah, look at my instruments.

GRACE: Yep. We’re in the Flux Vortex.

TRUDY: We’re VFR from here on.

NORM: What’s VFR?

TRUDY: Mean’s you gotta see where you’re going.

NORM: You can’t see anything.

TRUDY: (Chuckles while chewing gum) Exactly. Ain’t that a bitch.

* They fly through the fog cover (mist, probably, from the waterfalls).

NORM: Oh, my God.

TRUDY: (Laughs) You should see your faces. Lands the chopper near the Link Chambers. (Chuckles) Thank you for flying Air Pandora.

* They all exit the Samson and head into the main Link Chamber.

GRACE: Welcome to camp.

* Trudy hangs up her exo-pack and heads to the fridge.

TRUDY: (At the fridge) This is nasty.

* Jake sees the pictures of Grace, taken a few years back at the Na’vi school that she opened. Na’vi children surrounded her. He knew that Grace knew that he was talking to Quaritch.

GRACE: Norm, go under.

NORM: All right.

GRACE: Trudy, you’ll take the top one (bunks). All right, Jake, hang a left. You’ll be in the link at the end…Unit one, Beulah. She’s the least glitchy.


#11 – Back in Avatar form, Jake is still in training with Neytiri. She introduces him to her Ikran, Seze.


#12 – Jake’s 12th video log, back in the Link Chamber.

JAKE: Okay. This is video log 12. Time’s 2132. (Sighs) Do I have to do this now? I really need to get some rack.

GRACE: (Looking at samples through microscope, behind Jake and in sight of screen) No, now. When it’s fresh.

* Trudy is getting off of her bunk (in the background) and walking around. Norm is also in the background.

JAKE: Okay, location, shack and the days are starting to blur together…

Trudy passes by Jake as he speaks.

* Jake is learning to speak Na’vi, but isn’t getting it, so he goes to Norm for help.


#13 – Norm teaches Jake how to speak Na’vi.

NORM: This is a very important part of it.

JAKE: I see you. I See you.

NORM: But it’s not just “I’m seeing you in front of me,” it’s “I see into you. I See you”. So you gotta get this, okay?

* Jake is still learning/in training with Neytiri.


#14 – Back in the Link Chamber…

GRACE: (Talking to Jake, while still looking at samples through her microscope)It isn’t just about eye-hand coordination out there, you know. You need to listen to what she says. Try to see the forest through her eyes.

Behind them, Trudy is sitting up on her bunk and she’s talking with Norm, who is standing beside her bunk. They are flirting “behind the scenes”.

JAKE: Excuse me. This is my video log here.

* He learns how to fall from great heights, using trees to break his landing. Learn fast or die, he says is Neytiri’s way of teaching.


#15 – Grace is welcomed into the Omaticaya village. First time, since her school was closed down.

GRACE: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, you don’t. Come back here.” (She pulls Jake’s chair back to the table and taps his plate.) Bon appétit.

Trudy and Norm are in the background, watching the exchange with amusement.


#16 – Grace catches Jake asleep.

GRACE: Come on Marine. (Gently, she helps the conked out Jake into his bunk. Trudy and Norm are already asleep).

* Jake is starting to REALLY fall for Neytiri.

* His first clean kill, and Neytiri decides that he’s ready to catch his Ikran/Banshee. They go up to the Hallelujah Mountains to Oo-rah, where the Ikran reside.


#17 – Back at the Link Chamber…Jake has a scraggly beard, now, which indicates that it’s been weeks since their arrival into the Hallelujah Mountains. Right after Jake learns of the Tree of Souls/Voices – can’t remember which.

GRACE: It’s their most sacred place. See the Flux Vortex in these false color images?

TRUDY: Yeah. (Chuckles), that’s what messes up my instruments.

GRACE: There is something really interesting going on in there, biologically. I would die to get samples. Outsiders are strictly forbidden. (Sniffs in sarcastic amusement at Jake) You lucky swine.


#18 – Jake thinks himself a stone-cold aerial hunter – death from above – now that he has his Ikran.


#19 – 3 MONTHS INTO JAKE’S MISSION. At night when everyone’s asleep, Jake makes another video log.

* Jake shaves his beard/mustache, and meets with Quaritch, to get more time with the Na’vi. He tells the Colonel about the Ceremony – the final stage of becoming a man. If he’s one of the Omaticaya, then they would trust him. He wants to negotiate the terms of the Na’vi’s relocation.

* Jake becomes one of the Omaticaya. Grace attends the ceremony.

* Jake and Neytiri bond – they become mates for life.


#20 – RDA machines destroy the Tree of Voices, the morning after Jake/Neytiri bond. Jake is out of his Avatar, scarfing food back at the Link Chamber with Grace and Norm. Neytiri drags his Avatar body to safety.

* Upon going back to his Avatar, he tries to get Selfridge to stop. Failing, he and Neytiri run back to the village.

* Quaritch discovers Jake was trying to stop the destruction of the Tree of Voices.

* Tsu’tey wants to go to war, but Jake tries to talk him out of it.

* The villagers and Grace discover that Jake and Neytiri have mated before Eywa.

* Quaritch, enraged, is flown out by a team of soldiers, to the Link Chambers that the three Avatar-controllers are using. He storms in, passed Norm and wakes both Jake and Grace forcefully from their link and drags them back to Hell’s Gate. Morning/Mid-morning…


#21 – They come out of the link.

JAKE: (To Selfridge) Are you out of your goddamn mind?

QUARITCH: You crossed the line. (Punches Jake) Wheel this meat out of here.

Jake is handcuffed…

GRACE: Jake! What the hell is going on here?

* Quaritch and Selfridge agree to hit Hometree.


#22 – Trudy gets called in by the Colonel with the rest of the troops to get briefed on the Hometree mission. (It doesn’t show this, but that is what I think happens.) Hearing what is going to happen, she runs to the Bio-Lab where Grace, Jake, Norm and Max are, talking.

TRUDY: (With her helmet under her arm and glasses on her face) Quaritch is rolling the gunships. He’s gonna hit Hometree.

GRACE: My God.

* Grace, along with Jake, makes her way quickly and angrily to the RDA section of Hell’s Gate, to Selfridge – she tries to talk him out of this mission. Selfridge grants them one hour to convince the Na’vi to evacuate.

* While they go and speak to the Na’vi, Trudy is in her Samson 1-6 with the rest of the pilots, circling Hometree.

* The Na’vi tie Jake and Grace up, upon realizing that Jake had betrayed them.

* Quaritch and the other Marines/pilots open fire on Hometree.

* Mo’at cuts Jake and Grace down, asking for them to help save them.

QUARITCH: All call signs, switch missiles. Give me HE’s at the base of the west columns.

* Trudy turns on her missile release and places her finger on the FIRE trigger.

OFFICER ON RADIO: Rider section, switch missiles.

PILOT 1: One’s good.

PILOT 2: Two’s rocks up.

PILOT 3: Three’s up.

WAINFLEET: Yeah, baby, get some!

OFFICER ON RADIO: Charlie Oscar, Gunrunner stand by.

QUARITCH: Bring it down.


* Trudy still has her finger on the trigger, hesitating, while looking out at the wreckage before her in disgust. Finally, she can’t handle it anymore.

TRUDY: Screw this.

She covers the FIRE button and cancels the missile launch, before turning her Samson around.

WAINFLEET: (Yells from the door) Hey! What the hell are you doing?

TRUDY: I didn’t sign up for this shit!

* She flies back to Hell’s Gate.

* Eytukan is killed. Tsu’tey is made leader.

* Hometree falls.


#23 – Jake and Grace are forced awake by RDA and they and Norm are arrested.

* Trudy comes in, wheeling a tray of food.

TRUDY: What’s going on, brother? Long time no see.


TRUDY: Personally, I don’t feel these tree-hugging traitors deserve steak.

SECURITY MAN: They get steak? That’s bullshit. Let me see that.

He goes to check, but Trudy pulls her gun and holds it to his head.

TRUDY: Yeah. You know what that is. Down.

NORM: Trudy!

TRUDY: All the way down.

She whacks the security man on the back of the head with the butt of the gun, rendering him unconscious.


* Max Patel comes running in and unlocks the jail doors with a keycard and codes.

* The five run out of the compound, toward the hangar. Trudy in the lead with her gun at the ready. Norm pushing Jake.

JAKE: Trudy, fire up the ship! Go!

TRUDY: Here. She hands Norm a gun, and the two run ahead just a little. Clear. Come on.

NORM: Here you go. He passes her an exo-pack.

* Trudy and Norm head to the Samson 1-6.

* Jake stops Max.

JAKE: Max, stay here. I need someone on the inside I can trust.

MAX: Okay. Go.

At the Samson…

NORM: (Softly) Clear.

* Trudy starts up the Samson’s engine.

TRUDY: (Quietly speaking to her chopper) Come on, baby.

NORM: (When Jake is pulled into the chopper) Three.

TRUDY: (Yells) Come on!

* Quaritch comes out and starts shooting at the Samson.

TRUDY: I’m taking fire! Let’s go!

* Grace is hit by a bullet as she climbs into the Samson.

NORM: Grab my hand! Come on, we’re in. Let’s go! Come on, let’s go!

* Trudy gets the chopper off the ground and out of the hangar.

JAKE: Yeah! Yeah!

NORM: All right! Yes! They both scream in excitement – they did just escape from jail.

GRACE: Crap.

TRUDY: Everybody all right back there?

JAKE: Oh yeah, baby! Norm, you good?

NORM: Yeah.

GRACE: (Holding stomach) This is gonna ruin my whole day.

JAKE: Grace is hit!

TRUDY: (Yells from the cockpit) What?

JAKE: Get the trauma kit!

NORM: Trauma kit!

JAKE: Keep the pressure on, Grace.

TRUDY: Trauma kit’s forward on the bulkhead.

JAKE: Hang on, Grace.

GRACE: Doesn’t matter, it’s fine.


#24 – Trudy picks up the mobile Link Chamber and carries it to the Tree of Souls.

JAKE ON THE RADIO (from the Link Chamber): You’re good to go.

NORM (on the top of the Link Chamber outside): (Yells to Trudy) Take it up!

TRUDY (in the cockpit – piloting): Hold on, I’m pulling pitch.

NORM (still on the Chamber): You’re clear!

JAKE (still with Grace in the Chamber): (Through the radio) Just keep going north. Get us deep into the mountains.

TRUDY: Copy that…Well, at least they can’t track us up here. Not this far into the Vortex.

JAKE: (Still on radio in Chamber) It’s the strongest at the Tree of Souls, right? [the Vortex]


JAKE: Good. ‘Cause that’s where we’re going.

* Trudy lands the Samson and the Link Chamber. Jake goes under link with his Avatar. He takes his Ikran and goes after a Toruk, which he bonds with and then flies to the Tree of Souls.

* Norm brings Grace from the Samson, to the Tree of Souls, where Mo’at has agreed to try and save her.

* Grace dies.

* Jake prepares the Na’vi for battle.


#25 – In the Link chamber with Jake, Trudy and Norm. Trudy and Norm have a gun each in their arms – whether they are loading them or cleaning them, I could only guess.

MAX ON COMPUTER: Jake, it’s crazy here. It’s full mobilization. They’re rigging the shuttles as a bomber. They’ve got these huge pallets of mine explosives. It’s for some kind of shock-and-awe campaign.

TRUDY: (scoffing) Fricking daisy cutters.

MAX: Quaritch has taken over. He’s rolling and there’re no stopping him.

JAKE: When?

MAX: 0600 tomorrow…I gotta go…

NORM: We’re screwed!

TRUDY: (Laughing in disbelief). And I was hoping for some sort of tactical plan that didn’t involve martyrdom. We’re going up against gunships with bows and arrows…

JAKE: I have 15 clans out there. That’s over 2,000 warriors. Now, we know these mountains. We fly them. You [points to Trudy] fly them. They don’t. Their instruments won’t work up here. Missile tracking won’t work. They’ll have to fire a line of sight. If they bring the fight to us, then we’ll have the home-field advantage.

TRUDY: You know he’s gonna commit that bomber straight into the Tree of Souls.

JAKE: Yeah, I know.

NORM: If they get to the Tree of Souls, it’s over. That’s their direct line to Eywa, their ancestors. It’ll destroy them.

JAKE: Then I guess we’d better stop him. [Quaritch]

* Jake, in Avatar, goes to the Tree of Souls and asks for help in the battle.


#26 – The soldiers set off. Quaritch in his Dragon Gunship. The Na’vi and their Ikrans immediately start attacking the ships from the air. On the ground, Na’vi and their Direhorses attack the soldiers (even though in Ampsuits).

* Quaritch is shooting Jake on his Toruk, when Trudy, in her Na’vi-colored painted Samson 1-6, flies in and takes fire on the Dragon ship, covering Jake. Her eyes are also painted in Na’vi colors – blue and white.

TRUDY: (Smirking) Oops. [upon hitting Quaritch’s Dragon ship.]

QUARITCH: Light her up!

Trudy dodges bullets in her Samson, but then gets clipped in the wings.

QUARITCH: Right there!

TRUDY: You’re not the only one with a gun, bitch!

Quaritch shoots more bullets at her, hammering the Samson – the wind shield and the roof, all taking severe damage. She is still dodging and shooting her own fire. Loosing air, the Samson starts to spin uncontrollably.

* Neytiri crashes to the ground. Seze dies.

* Tsu’tey gets shot and falls to his death, mid-attack.

TRUDY: Rogue One is hit. I’m going down. Sorry Jake.


A missile is fired from the Dragon Gunship, and it hits Trudy’s Samson. Her chopper explodes, killing her.

* Jake calls Trudy, Norm and Tsu’tey on the com but none answer. Norm had been shot in his Avatar, and was therefore taken out of the fight.





































































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