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Challenge: Okay, so I have already read a Riley/Harry fic…now I want to see a Harry/Bree fic, because I liked Bree Tanner.

The idea I had in mind for this challenge, goes something like 17-year-old Harry (also newly bitten by a vampire but not by Victoria) comes across his soul mate, Bree, who had just been turned by Victoria.

They seek out the Cullens for help, and for protection (on Bree’s part). In exchange they would help the Cullens and the La Push pack get rid of Victoria and the newborns, and to protect 16-year-old Bree from the Volturi.

I honestly HATE Bella, and I wish that you could work this whole thing out without bringing her into the mix…However, given that it is during Eclipse, and the whole reason Victoria and the Vulturi appear in the 3rd book is to go after Bella (Victoria)and the newborn clan (Volturi).

If you CAN come up with a reason for Victoria and the Volturi without adding Bella, then please do so. If you can’t, then you have my permission to KILL HER OFF!

Harry and Bree have to be soul mates, and they have to know the moment they meet. Harry is protective of her, and she of him. She is distraught with the thought of killing another being (human), and Harry is too, so they decide together that they would go for animals instead of humans…

They must learn to hunt animals on their own, and must already be somewhat committed to staying with that diet.


** Harry’s eyes must stay green and he must still have his magic. Though, his vampiric ability is up to you to decide – but he MUST have one.

** Does Bree have a power? If she doesn’t, give her one. She too, MUST have an ability.

** NO Ron/Hermione! I HATE this pairing, and therefore there mustn’t be a R/Hr pairing. Nobody else can be paired together either (in the HP world) until Harry/Bree have actually started their soul bond and have mated (that means be intimate/consummated the bond/have sex).


I haven’t read any of the Twilight books (first-person POVs kill me and plus being stuck in Bella’s head was annoying), so I don’t know the books…I don’t know the time duration of the events in Eclipse – how long the whole battle with Victoria and the newborns lasted. Was it weeks? Months? I just don’t know, so I’ll leave that to you…

However, I want Harry and Bree to have consummated their soul mate bond before the final battle and possibly before they go to the Cullens. They ARE vampires as well as hormonal TEENAGERS (keep that in mind), and therefore they would get heavy fast, within days of meeting quite possibly.

With the way teens are, nowadays, when it comes to sex and dating, it usually only takes a few hours to a week anymore before the two are sleeping with each other…Add their vampire instincts and the need to mate/claim one other, and it could possibly happen even sooner, so yeah, give them just a few days or so of knowing each other before they consummate the bond…

Unlike all of the Edward/Harry fics out there, where it takes MANY chapters before you even see a glimpse of a lemon (sex scene), because Edward is so old fashioned and because Harry is often so ‘timid’ and ‘abused’…In this, Harry is 17-year-old hormonal teen, and Bree is equally a hormonal 16-year-old. It may seem fast-paced but it’s realistic teenage hormonal drive.


It would be cool if you could fit in a miracle vampire pregnancy in there somewhere, where Bree, even though she’s a vampire, gets pregnant. Maybe make it so that with Harry’s magic (and their wishful thoughts), it happened – just like in a lot of Mpreg fics I read. The pregnancy HAS to be natural and has to come as a surprise – it can’t be planned!

And the baby HAS to grow like a normal human baby. It can’t be fast-growing like the human-vampire children where it only takes seven years before they’re fully grown. That concept was just stupid, in my opinion (even though it would only have benefited Jacob, the poor guy), so yeah, no seven years and then the kid’s an adult. It MUST grow like a normal human child, even though it’s the first ever born-vampire.

No pregnant-Rosalie, though. I love her, but I just want Bree pregnant (Harry is the only wizard turned vampire there, anyways).


Um, I guess that’s it for now. I add more later if I think of it.




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