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What if, knowing that she didn’t have much time left, Lily cursed her sister – with the Imperio curse or something, and used a Polyjuice potion or any other kind of potion or glamour charm that switches identities – to switch bodies with Petunia.

The night that Voldemort attacked the Potters, Lily was playing her role as Petunia while controlling her sister, who is in the form of Lily back at Godric’s Hollow. It’s not Lily that dies, but Petunia.

As an unsuspecting witch, Lily keeps the image of her now dead sister through renewal of the potion or charm that she is using.

I’ve never seen this idea done before, so it could be interesting. Nobody suspects her as being Lily, so she, in Petunia’s body, could take Harry from the Dursleys once Harry in left in the Dursley’s care, and run off with her son. This would ultimately fool the manipulative bastard Dumbledore, for he would think that Harry was still safe, being with his blood-related aunt.

How would this idea work, as Lily is not dark? Wouldn’t any mother do ANYTHING for the life of their child, and to be able to stay with said child? What is a little dark curse, on a sister that you hated, if it meant that you were able to keep your baby safe? Especially if you were able to raise him yourself?

Lily would know that, should she die, then Harry would be placed with the Dursleys, and she also knew that the Dursleys hated anything and everything to do with magic and that meant that Harry would be treated horribly if placed in their care.

Knowing that her child would be abused or worse, she WOULD, I think, risk everything to make sure that didn’t happen. She definitely would place her own sister’s life at risk (again, especially as she and Petunia hated each other anyways), and then take her image as her own, so that when the time is right, she could escape with her child, without it looking too suspicious to any magic-user who might be keeping watch (i.e., Dumbledore).

This idea could work, couldn’t it?

I challenge someone to make this into a story!


The story must have Harry at Hogwarts at SOME POINT, but that doesn’t mean that he has to start his magical education there.

The story can have a few chapters with Harry and Lily and their life away from the wizarding world (or on the run), and still have Harry as a young child.

MUST be Harry-centric, and he can’t be younger than 15 when the story really picks up (meaning, I’d actually prefer if Harry started at Hogwarts between his 5th year and his 7th year).

I don’t care if the fic is slash or het. SLASH Harry must be the submissive/bottom partner. HET Harry cannot be paired with Hermione or Ginny.

NO Ron/Hermione pairing! No Ron/Hermione, Hermione/Anyone or Ron/Anyone. No romance for either one! I don’t like Ron or Hermione, at all! If you really, really have to have these two paired together, then do NOT pair them together until Harry himself is in a relationship already (a relationship that is final, and not just temporary).




Lily and James replace both Petunia and Vernon, and they take in Dudley as their own, along with raising Harry.

If Lily had a feeling that she didn’t have much time left, I’d think that she would have warned her husband, as well, so that he too could get on the plan of their survival.

REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS – All of the above requirements PLUS:

Dudley still has to be overweight (either with muscle or just because…it’s not uncommon to be overweight as a teen, after all). Stay true to Dudley’s image on the weight – though he does NOT have to weigh over 300lbs, as that is too much. Just the average overweight kid – some pudge is good enough, not three stomachs worth of fat and several extra chins.

Petunia and Vernon HAVE to be dead.

Dudley either doesn’t ever find out that Lily and James killed his parents, or he knows but isn’t too bothered by it (giving whatever reason you have for that).

Lily and James can’t have any other children, just Dudley and Harry.

Harry is younger than Dudley – whether it’s by the canon’s one to two months, or by a few years, it doesn’t matter to me. So long as Harry is the youngest.

Dudley is still non-magical. He can’t be a wizard, just because he’s being raised by Lily and James. He has to stay a muggle.



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