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Challenge Pairing: Elliot/Harry

Challenge Fandoms: Harry Potter, Leverage

Objective: Basically, Elliot and Harry (a Magical Hermaphrodite), have been married or dating ever since Harry is seventeen. Harry can’t be older than 20-years-old, and Elliot, well, I don’t know how old he’s supposed to be in the show, so make him around 25-28-years-old.

Their relationship is secret, so Nate, Sophie, Parker and Hardison don’t know about Harry. That is, until they need help with a job. Elliot tells his team/family that he knows a person that can help. He calls Harry (who’s already pregnant, heavily so 5-8 months along), and asks him if he is willing to help the team with the special job – they need a little ‘extra’ help, and Harry’s magic was the key.

It can be any type of job, but I prefer that it is a muggle job. Why would they need use of Harry’s magic if it’s a muggle job? Be creative! You can think of a reason, I’m sure. Hell, maybe the muggle ‘bad guy’ is working with a magical ‘bad guy’. I don’t know, I’ll let you decide…

I want Harry to have left Hogwarts after 5th year. He went to America, to get away from the press, the memory of Sirius and the friends that betrayed him/blamed him for the disaster of the Ministry of Magic. While in America, he continues his magical education in the form of self teaching, visiting the magical communities across the states to get reading materials and other such learning tools.

He may or not not be a criminal of some kind – thief, con, etc. At 17, he and Elliot meet. Whether it be while on a job, or just by happenstance, you decide. The circumstances under how they meet is your choice.

I don’t want Harry to be a virgin when they meet, though. That doesn’t mean that I want him to be a slut or anything, just not a virgin.

NO Ron/Hermione.

Sex is required when it comes to Elliot/Harry, but it doesn’t have to be graphic if you are that uncomfortable with writing graphic sex scenes.

Mpreg is a must. Baby must be a girl.


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