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Okay, first of all…if there are any Admins on this sight – admins or even part of the FA team – I have to tell you that your site absolutely sucks. It blows! I get that you guys have all those rules for a reason – it keeps the site clean and friendly – however, I think that you guys are anal about the slightest of things.
I mean, the only thing I do on FA is use your ‘Help! I’m Looking For…‘ threads and just the rules on there alone are enough to drive me insane. All of the threads have to be perfect, and posted a certain way:


Truly – it might be easier for people to read the posts using the FA approved format, but it’s not necessary to search and hunt down each and every post/thread that gets posted and tell them to correct their mistake. It’s completely against the rules to simply give the same of the author, the URL and then maybe a small description of the fic you’re reccing all in one paragraph or sentence – it’s simple and it’s easy. However, FA expects everyone to remember their perfect little format. You forget it and post the easy way, and they stamp a warning on your post in bold letters telling you that you did wrong and that you MUST remember.
You post too many times in a day, and they’ll drop your post count to one.

Whatever that means, honestly. I don’t even know how many times I was allowed to post to begin with – I posted three times, and they dropped my count to ONE. Sure, I might have known that had I actually read the site rules but honestly, does ANYONE read site rules? Hmm? Maybe, but I just try to learn as I go instead of sit and read through them all.

The stamps they leave on your post is visible to everyone to read. I don’t know about everyone else, but I hate having EVERYONE know when I do something wrong. It should be between you and the admins/FA team, not you, the admins and the entire site members. Only you should be able to read that bold message at the end of your post that reads:

Per the forum rules, you can only create one thread per 16 hours in this forum. As such, I have merged the threads together, and will be dropping your post count by one for the infraction.
Please make sure all posts and threads adhere to our posting policies.
for FictionAlley

This shows at the end of the posts/threads that the admins stamp (or they post their own message inside your thread, and you get the message, thinking it’s an actual post – someone that is reccing or bumping your own thread). They took two of my previously posted threads Need some Harry Potter Crossovers and Neville/Harry and combined them into ONE thread, titled Need some Harry Potter Crossovers and Neville/Harry.

Now, I would have been happy to deleted one of them (copied and pasted) so that I could re-post one of the threads after a 16hr period. All they had to do was ask me to do it, and I gladly would have. But no – it turns out that after so many hours, the thread becomes closed and you have to ask permission to edit your own damn post from the FA team or admins or someone (I don’t really know who, just someone that runs the site).

They didn’t ask me to go and edit my thread, or to delete it and re-post it later. No, they just took it upon themselves to go and combine the two. If I had wanted to have the two topics/requests in one thread, I certainly would have done so – they were, after all, posted only a few minutes apart from each other. They’re rude, even if they and others don’t see it as being rude.

They’re anal – no if’s, ands or BUTS about it. You have to have perfect grammar and spelling (and lets face it, even with a spell-check, that can come as a challenge to some people), though I understand that one well enough – I have a problem with reading poorly typed out posts myself. You have to make sure the post is perfectly formatted. You can’t have direct links to M-rated or NC-17-rated fics. You can’t really express yourself too much there, at all. Hell, I’m afraid to even get to descriptive about the kinds of fics that I’m looking for, for fear that I’ll get kicked off the damn site, as I don’t know exactly how strict they are with heavily descriptive (sexual stuff) posts. I mean, if you can’t have a direct link to M and NC-17 fics then surely you can’t get too explicit.

Basically, every time I go to the forum, I fell like I’m treading on egg shells. I feel like my every word is being monitored and I simply hate that. They’re so picky and strict.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problems with having a few rules and guidelines – proper grammar and spelling being one of the rules I’m pretty cool with (who likes to read a sloppy post?). It’s a lot of the other ones – the ones that they’re really, really REALLY anal about, that gets me.

If it weren’t for their Help! I’m looking For… thread, then I would never go back to the FA site. However, I often find myself having to look through the Help forum or having to post a thread on it, in search for specific fic requests. I can’t say much for their other forums and site features – I don’t publish my stories there. Tried it, but again, it frustrated me to the point where I said ‘Fuck It!’. Your stories have to be Submitted then Approved by the site’s team/admins before it actually goes through. It takes a while, and it’s just easier posting on your blogs, Fanfiction.Net and wherever else you can find to post. Sometimes one chapter will be approved and one won’t be, so you’ll have to delete it or whatever, make the corrections they tell you then re-submit the chapters. It’s just tedious and pointless, in my opinion.

Okay, sorry for this rant. I know, people are probably reading this and screaming that FA isn’t really all that bad and I’m really the anal one, getting worked up over a stupid site. Perhaps you’re right, XD. Either way, I’m pissed off and I needed to get this rant off my chest.

I’m finished, now, I think.

XD, Esprit du Coeur XD


Posted September 6, 2010 by esprit du coeur in Rants

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