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Summary: Harry isn’t who everyone thinks he is. He’s not a Potter, or even a Half-blood. He is the child of very important and wealthy purebloods, the D’Abries.

Pairing: Blaise Zabini/Harry Potter – though since it is not set in stone, you may change who Harry is paired with.

Warnings: Mpreg, Slash, Will have Explicit-Sex in later chapters.

This fic is up for adoption, to anyone who wants to continue this fic. I doubt I will.



The sonorus-charmed call echoed through the large manor, reaching the ears of the person being summoned. The sixteen, nearly seventeen-year-old paused in his daily morning construction of his face, to let out a loud sigh of impatience and irritation, before returning to his make-up. Carefully, he coated his long top eyelashes with black mascara, then expertly his shorter but no less thicker bottom lashes, careful not to smear the ink on his lids or under his eyes. Once finished, he pulled back from the vanity mirror that sat in his large private bathroom and blinked a few times to make sure his lashes didn’t clump. Satisfied, he placed the tube back into his vanity chest, and pulled out some black eyeliner, and applied it quickly.


To bring out his intense deep emerald green eyes, Harry then proceeded to create the ‘smokey eye’ look with expert ease, using a touch of black shadow and some dark green to give it a little color. The eye make-up wasn’t too heavy or too dark, and it definitely brought out his eyes in a very attractive way. Finished, he then reached for the shiny rosy-red gloss…

"Harrienne Jasmeetta D’Abrie! You get your hiny down here this instant!"

"Merde!" Harry cursed aloud to himself, "I’ll be right there!" he called out as he uncapped the lipgloss and applied it quickly but carefully. When he was done, he put it back, and got up, pushing his chair into the vanity counter as he did, and hurried out of the bathroom, and into his large bedroom, where he grabbed his satin white, floor-length night robe and tied it loosely around his small waist to cover up his rather small (and revealing) pale green cami and white shorts, before heading down to where he guessed to the call came from.

He made his way through the 4-floored manor and to the beautful and elegantly decored parlor. When he entered, he caught sight immediately of two poshly dressed figures lounging on two of the prestine, white-cushioned cherry-wood chairs that surounded the large silver-framed glass table. Svana D’Abrie, a woman of her early forties, sat, sipping tea out of one of the family’s china sets, her soft blonde hair gathered up on her head in a classical tight bun, and she wore simple but elegant lavender robes that brought out her lovely pale complexion and her torqouise eyes. Beside her sat her husband of eighteen years, Alrek D’Abrie, who was dressed in fine black robes that were trimmed in crimson red. He had jet-black hair and jade green eyes, close to Harry’s own features.

They were his biological parents. He had been born to these two fine and beautiful people, but had been kidnapped only a few hours after his birth, through a dark arts ritual performed by James and Lily Potter, who’s birth son had died. Harrison James Potter had been born just a few hours before Harienne had, on the same day of July 31st, of the magical form of SIDS. Out of grief, the Potters resorted to kidnapping and dark magic, to ‘bring back’ or rather ‘replace’ their dead son. The ritual, called the Similis Exortus ritual, was made to summon someone that looked very close to yourself and was close in age. When the real Harrison James Potter died at birth, the Potters summoned little Harrienne D’Abrie, who was very similar in appearances to Harrison Potter – Harrienne had jet-black hair, green eyes and was born on the 31st of July. Also, their names were very similar.

The only thing the Potters didn’t count on, when performing the ritual, was that the child they ‘kidnapped’ happened to be a Magical Hermaphrodite – someone who had the ‘ability’ you could say, to change their gender from male to female and from female to male, at will, whenever they wished it. This, therefore, classified them as neither one specific gender – they couldn’t be called a boy nor a female, as they were basically both, though their female side was more dominant all together, giving them a feminine physique and features even while in their male form. The only thing that basically changed was their genitals and bust (breasts), while everything else pretty much stayed the same. They were able to reproduce in either form – which meant that Harrienne could impregnate females just like a male, in his male form, but he could also become easily pregnant in his female as well as his male form. He was actually ten times more fertile then the average female.

When the Potters discovered that their new ‘son’ was a Magical Hermaphrodite, they made sure to hide his MH features by using heavy glamours that made him appear like the perfect little boy. They also hid his natural biological D’Abrie features, covering them with Potter and Evan features so that he looked more like James and Lily, then some other child. They made his hair glamoured to always appear short (even as he grew and never cut it) and unruly, and his eyesight to become less than perfect. Also, they changed his emerald green eyes to bottle green, to match Lily’s.

At 15-months-old, little Harrienne was placed in the Dursleys household, where he was abused for the next 4 years of his life. On his 5th birthday, however, he was found by his real parents, Alrek and Svana, and taken from the Dursleys and brought back to his father’s native country, France. There, he met his older brother, Marko, who was five years older and at the time, ten-years-old. For the next six years, Harrienne learned the ways of magic and the pureblood society, attending pureblood functions as the Heiress of D’Abrie, the wealthiest wizarding family in Europe. Their family was looked upon like royalty in the wizarding world and considered one of the highest families of society in the muggle world, as they did business for both sides. They were the Hilton, Gates, Winsdor and the mafia put together, for the D’Abrie House was a full empire of business spread all over the globe, and they dealt with and into illegality and criminal dealings (underground and all hush hush, of course), and they were held high on a pedestal of the elite society.

By the time Harrienne turned eleven, it was decided that he would most definitely have to take on the Boy-Who-Lived role and attend Hogwarts, instead of Beauxbaton Academy with Marko. So, with glamours that his father put together to hide his MH features and to redo the ones that Lily and James had originally placed upon him, and with an accent manipulation potion that hid his slight French accent and turned it into a full English accent, Harrienne entered the magical world of Britain as Harry Potter.

Since then, Harry had made some good friends at Hogwarts, even though they all thought that he was someone else – only three people actually knew who he was and they were all sworn to secrecy through a wizard’s oath. He really was the Boy-Who-Lived, sure, but he was not Harrison Potter. He became friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, though unlike what other people thought, they weren’t his best friends. Ron and Hermione might think they were his best friends, but Harry knew better – they were nice enough but way too selfish and clingy. No, his best friends were Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and believe it or not, Cho Chang. Though, he hadn’t become friends with Luna until his second year, when they bumped into each other in the Charms corridor and Cho his third, when Cho joined her house’s Quidditch team. Neville and him had been best friends from the very beginning.

The three knew of his birth name and his MH, having told Neville, Luna and Cho at the same time in his fourth year. He had hated lying to them, and being his best friends, they had deserved to know the truth about him – his parents had gave him permission to tell them, but they had insisted that they take the wizard’s oath of silence, which the three were happy to do.

However, while Neville, Luna and Cho were his best friends, they were so only in private. Publicly, Ron and Hermione were his only best friends, while everyone else seemed to be only acquaintances, which wasn’t that true. He talked to more people then everyone realized, though yeah, it did look like he, Ron and Hermione were a tight-knit trio. This, Harry knew, was Dumbledore’s manipulations. Being as smart as he was, Harry had figured out early on in his first year that Ron was only using him from his fame and name, as well as his mother, Molly Weasley. To not know where the magical barrier to Platform Nine and Three Quarters was, when she had obviously been on that same trip to the Hogwarts Express during Bill, Charlie, Percy and the twins, Fred and George’s first years and the years after. It was simply a bullshit claim to not know or to having forgotten where the barrier was. It was no coincidence that Ron found his compartment on the train first, and ‘tried’ to scare him away from all things Slytherin.

Harry put those pieces, as well as the Weasley’s easy and automatic welcoming, like they already knew they were ‘destined’ to be friends with Harry Potter, together. He didn’t figure out that it was Dumbledore that had set the whole thing up until Ron mentioned that his parents were in close contact with the old man and then, when he awoke in the hospital bed end the end of May, after the fiasco with Quirrell and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Harry had just known that he had been played, or rather, manipulated into the whole ordeal.

While Harry knew that Hermione was an actual friend, without manipulation from anyone, he still only barely tolerated her. She and her Know-It-All attitude irritated beyond belief, and mostly because he wasn’t stupid and could have probably outdone her in nearly every single class, but he instead downplayed his smarts to average level, to fit in better and to hide his actual potential, something his father had taught both himself and Marko to do. Being underestimated was your number one advantage, after all.

From first year to his fifth year, Harry went through Dumbledore’s manipulations, as if he were unaware that he was, in fact, being manipulated. Second year, he was led into solving the Chamber of Secrets, by Hermione. However, Harry knew that Dumbledore had known exactly where the Chamber of Secrets was, and he could have, at any time, gotten into it and relieved the castle of the giant basilisk. Instead, he had waited until Harry had already figured it out, to send help, and even then, he had only sent Fawks, the phoenix along with the sorting hat that carried Gryffindor’s sword. Harry had been only lucky that he was able to wield it well enough to slay the beast. By then, he had grown used to the Headmaster’s manipulations, and while he hated it, knew that he had to play the innocent, muggle-raised, ignorant and oblivious Boy-Who-Lived, least he make it through Hogwarts in one piece (he wasn’t sure what Dumbledore was capible of, should he be called out on his deeds and had no desire to find out, especially without the backup of his magical maturity and his family).

Third year, well, Harry still wasn’t sure how much of that chaos was due to Dumbledore’s medling and puppeteering. He figured the man couldn’t be held responisble for Sirius’ escape from Azkaban, nor his coming onto Hogwarts grounds to get Harry to prove his innocense. However, giving a fourteen-year-old a Time Turner was just asking for trouble, if you really think about it. Only someone with alterior motives would do such a stupid and irresponsible thing as that, risking the balance of time like that. What Harry came to realize, as Sirius took Buckbeak and escaped once more the hold of the Ministry, thanks to the previously mentioned Time Turner, was that Dumbledore was Chief Warlock and Head of the Wizengamot of Britain’s wizarding community, and he has held that title for the past 45 years, then that meant that he was present at Sirius Black’s sentencing, and therefore one of the main members to have authorized a sentence without trial, coincidentally putting Sirius Black in Azkaban, where he was out of sight and mind, and unable to become Harrison Potter’s legal guardian. So, yeah, Dumbledore’s manipulations led to all that happened that year.

As well as Harry’s fourth year. The wizarding tournament, and the whole school year really, was one big farce as far the D’Arbie family was concerned. Like Dumbledore didn’t realize that his supposed best friend was really an imposter from the very start of school. Harry actually witnessed Dumbledore eying ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody with suspicion all year, but the Headmaster didn’t actually do anything about it or go about trying to prove that Alistor Moody was the real deal. No, instead, he just watched, as Harry’s name was placed in the goblet and as his name came out of said goblet. Harry went through the tasks, learning everything he could, even though most of his friends, with the exception of Luna, Cho and Neville, of course, all turned their backs on him and called him horrible names and harassed him. Thankfully, Harry’s parents came to each and every task, to see him perform, though they made it look as though they were there to support the French champion, Fleur Delacour as well as just to enjoy the entertainment.

The worst thing about that year for Harry, by far, was having to console the unconsolable Cho after her boyfriend of just four months was killed. He blamed himself for that, and like Cho, had to be consoled in turn for being the cause of his best friend’s grief. Cho, of course, did not blame him for Cedric’s death, but Voldemort and Pettigrew’s instead.

Then there was fifth year…That year was nothing but manipulation from Dumbledore as well as the Ministry and Voldemort. Being brought to Grimmauld Place during his monthly stay at the Dursleys (Harry only stayed at the Dursleys from July 20th to September 1st, only because the Weasleys usually came and got him between those four weeks), Detentions with Umbridge, Occlumency with Snape (something that his mother had taught him to do at the age of eight), and of course the visions sent by the Dark Lord – which eventually led him to the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry to try and save his godfather, who in the end had to come and save him and ended up dying. The only good thing about that whole year was Harry starting up the DA, which allowed Neville, Luna, Cho and Harry to spend more time together in public then they ever had before, and have it not look suspicious. Hell, Harry and Cho even pretended to go on a date during a Hogsmeade trip, just to chat and have a good time…until Hermione had to interupt, of course (though it was for a rather good cause on her part, to tell the truth). Though, that led to Harry spending a few hours with Luna, even if it was with Hermione and Rita Skeeter as well.

Sixth year, Dumbledore decided to continue Harry’s Occlumency lessons with Snape, as well as start his training in dueling, which he was taught by Tonks, Remus, the real Alistor Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Dumbledore even snuck the three Aurors and Remus into the school during term, and they continued his ‘private lessons’ in the anti-chamber under the school, where miraculously, the Sorcerer’s Stone was kept his first year. All year, the dueling lessons continued, along with it physical education to train his body and his mind. He got a free pass to the Restricted Section of the school library, and unknown to them, abused that privelage relentlessly by sneaking in after curfew to surf through old tombes and take them back to his room for midnight reading. At the end of the year, in May, Voldemort sieged the castle with his army of Death Eaters, Dementors and werewolves, with just a few giants as well.

The Light side had it’s own army, though, and it was just as impressive, if not more so. On their side, they had Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry, Death Eater spies (the Malfoys, Zabinis, Greengrasses, Parkinsons, Goyles and Notts being just a few innercircle DE spies), the Veela communities of France, Slovenia and Latvia, Merpeople (they protected the lake boarders), the Centaur clan that lived in the Forbidden Forest, the House-elves within the castle and those of the familes fighting, international wizards from all over Europe and the Sidhe clans from Romania and Russia. Harry honestly had no idea where everyone came from at the time, or how they got there so fast, but their numbers had definitely given them the advantage over Voldemort.

While everyone was fighting and battling their enemies, Harry and Voldemort had been dueling. The battle had lasted for a good three hours, before Harry shot Voldemort with a rather dark spell, that seperated his soul from his body. Once the two were seperated, Harry then set his body on fire and locked his soul away in a rune-carved chest that was spelled never to open, never to break or damage. The next day, Harry was escorted to the Department of Mysteries by Shacklebolt and a few other Ministry officials, where Harry threw the forever sealed chest into the Veil of Death, banishing it for eternity, hopefully in hell.

A few weeks after the battle, and after being awarded a Merlin, First Class, Harry returned to Marseille with his family, who had also joined the battle.


"Oui, Mere (Yes, mother)?" asked Harry as he took a seat at the glass table, before his parents. "What is it?"

Svana and Alrek exchanged a glance with one another, before she took a sip of her tea and sat it down with the small saucer onto the table. She sat up a bit straighter and cleared her throat before speaking.

"Mon enfant," she began in a serious tone, which instantly had Harry on edge, for it was rather unlike his mother to be this severe out of public eye, and especially when it came to her children and husband. Usually she was very soft spoken and gentle. "As you know, you will of age this coming week."

"Oui," he acknowledged with a polite nod.

"And, as you know, it is expected of us to celebrate such an important event, for the Heiress of D’Abrie’s seventeenth birthday is no small deal to simply let it pass with just a nice dinner and a few gifts." Svana continued, her native-Slovene accent coming through, as she smoothed the skirt of her robes and raised an elegantly shaped blond eyebrow at her child, waiting for another nod of acknowledgement. Harry inwardly sighed and visibly winced at the thought of another formal affair, earning him an exagerated glare. "Your father and I – "

"Not ‘your father and I’, amour," Alrek spoke up for the first time to his wife, his own French accent tilting the words slightly, while smirking at his youngest child. "Je n’avais rien à faire avec ce (I had nothing to do with this)! It was all your mere’s planning and scheming."

Svana scoffed and swatted her husband on the arm, "Hush! You did not disagree to this, so you cannot play innocent either."

Harry’s bad feeling was getting worse as the conversation went. Whatever his mother was planning, he knew that he was not going to like it, not one bit. "Mother, what is it that you have planned for next Friday?" he said with a desperate groan, as he narrowed his eyes at the woman before him. "Please tell me it’s not going to be the same thing that you did for Marko’s seventeenth birthday…"

Svana turned back to her ‘self-proclaimed son’ (self-proclaimed, meaning, that Harry told people to just refer to him as a male, even though he actually looked female, just to stave off confusion as to what to address him as. He called himself a male because, well, he knew himself as only a boy until his 5th birthday, when his parents brought him back to France and told him he was a Magical Hermaphrodite. The wizarding world knew that the ‘Heiress of D’Abrie was a Magical Hermaphrodite, and they did call him a male when addressing him in gender terms, but over all he was looked upon and treated mostly as a female would be treated) and nodded her head, smiling slightly.

"I can’t tell you that, draga (darling)," she said, and Harry’s face lost some color at those words. "We’re going to have a Coming of Age ball on Friday, and I’ve invited all of the Elite, all of who have responded back in confirmation of their invite."

"Mère, vous n’avez pas! (Mother, you didn’t)" Harry cried in disbelief, before he furiously jumped to his feet. "What were you thinking? Did you not even think to ask me about this ridiculous plan, at all? Je ne peux pas vous croire (I can’t believe you)!"

Alrek smirked and shook his head, "I told you, he wouldn’t be happy about this, Svana."

His wife shot him a glare, telling him to shut up before she grabbed her tea up and took another sip, sat it once again back down on the table before turning to Harry, who was pacing the parlor floors in front of his parents, swearing colorfully in French and Slovenian alike. "Pazi, da usta tvoja (You watch that mouth of yours)!" she snapped at the teen. "Sit down," Svana demanded, pointing her manicured nails at the vacated chair.

Harry paused in his pacing, to glare at his mother, as he defiantly stayed standing.


Growling, the Magical Hermaphrodite dropped back down in his seat. "I am not going to be stuck, on my seventeenth birthday no less, at some fancy, shmany social gathering! Mere, it is my birthday! I want to spend it with my friends, not a bunch of stuck up, arrogant rich purebloods!" His eyes welled up with tears as he continued, "I had plans too, and they involved Neville, Luna, Cho and I, spending the day in our lakehouse, and a dinner at Le Chat Noir in Vallee de Sorciere. We already have reservations booked for Friday night – you even said that it was okay! Pere, dites quelque chose! (Father, say something)" he begged.

Alrek sighed and shook his head, looking apologetically at his son. "I am sorry, bebe (baby), but your mere is set on this." He looked accusingly at his wife, who rolled her eyes at his gentleness when it came to his youngest child. He couldn’t stand seeing his le plus jeune enfante (youngest child) in tears…

Svana also sighed, "I did give my permission for your plans," she admitted guiltily, "but then Hesponia Beullo mentioned, at our afternoon tea just two days before, that everyone was expection this ball. I couldn’t simply deny them, love, and so I conceded that it had to happen. Plus, I want to decorate the ball room!"

"Urgh…You don’t always have to give in to the snobby vaches (cows), mere!" said Harry as he once again stood up from his chair. "I could care less what the ‘great people’ want. I want to spend my birthday with my friends, not with a bunch of hypocritical slags who think that they are better then everyone else around them." With a traditional teenage stomp of his foot, Harry turned his back on his parents and left the parlor.


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