Floating Reflections – Teaser Chapter   Leave a comment

Summary: The Order comes to the Dursleys to pick up Harry, but are shocked with what they find. Harry is a MH.

Pairing: Harry/? – you can decide who he gets paired with.

Warnings: Mpreg, Slash, Magical Hermaphrodite, Will have explicit sex in later chapters.

This fic is up for adoption, to anyone who wants to continue this fic. I doubt I will.


For a mid-afternoon Saturday, the house of Number Four, Privet Drive seemed rather quiet, observed Remus Lupin as he led himself and three other Order members through the back door of the Dursley household. Severus, Alastor and Kingsley trailed close behind him, wands out and ready should there be an ambush of any kind. The four of them had been sent by Albus Dumbledore, the head of the Order of the Phoenix, to retrieve Harry Potter from his summer residence, and then they were bring him back to Grimmauld Place.

It was the third week of August, the 24th to be exact, and in just a week’s time, Harry and his friends would be heading off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for their seventh and last year. Albus wanted Harry at Order headquarters for the last week of the summer, to spend a little time with his friends before returning to school. Remus personally thought that Harry should have been brought to Grimmauld Place at the very start of summer, instead of the tail end of it. Harry only had a week to goof around with his friends before going back to classes. If not the very beginning of the summer then at least sometime around his seventeenth birthday, then they would have got a sufficient amount of time to hang out and relax.

Remus and the other three searched the first floor of the Dursleys, and found it empty.

“Where are those blasted muggles?” sneered Severus, as he came back from looking in the kitchen. “They are supposed to be here, are they not, wolf?”

Remus glared at the darkly dressed man, and instead of answering, turned and headed up the stairs.

“Quiet Snape,” growled Alastor as he and Kingsley followed the tawny-haired man. “We don’t want to put up with your surliness this early in the day.”

Glaring at the back of Alastor’s head, Severus grudgingly followed them up the stairs.

The four split to check the rooms, and unsurprisingly found them all empty. Remus then came to the last door, which had several padlocks lining it and a small cat-flap at the bottom and realized that this was Harry’s room. Staring disgustedly at the locks and cat-flap, he reached for the knob and opened the door. What he saw within the room shocked him…

First of all, the room was most definitely magically expanded, as it was a lot bigger than was logically possible for the space and square-feet of the muggle home. Then the décor of the room caught him by surprise – it was done in dark blues, light blues and slivers. The floor was covered completely in a dark blue carpet, while the walls were painted light blue and trimmed with silver. There was a large queen-sized bed covered in silver and dark blue bedding and it was framed in an ebony wood four-poster with a light blue sheer canopy curtains. All the wood in the room was done in ebony.

There was a door that Remus instinctively knew was the bathroom, also magically build.

However, it wasn’t the room itself that caused most of Remus’ shock.

There, sitting in a finely crafted ebony rocking chair, sat Harry Potter, his surrogate godson and pseudo-nephew. The seventeen-year-old looked very different than Remus remembered, but through all the changes, he could tell that it was still Harry. He had long jet-black hair, that looked to fall to about his waist, and curled slightly at the ends. Harry’s skin was alabaster, smooth and flawless with the only exception being the accursed scar on his forehead. His lips were a beautiful blood red and were full and luscious – they were, admittedly, very kissable. Remus cringed at the thought. This was his nephew!

Harry’s frame was petite, though it always had been. He stood no more than 5 foot at the most, and now it was feminine, curves and all. Remus’ eyes immediately went to the breasts the small frame now possessed, one of which was hanging out of Harry’s open blouse and being suckled on by a small infant. Another thing that shocked the hell out of Remus.

Looking upon the female form of his nephew, Remus realized with another wave of surprise, exactly what Harry Potter was.

He stared at the beautiful (breathtaking, he corrected himself) picture his godson made, as the dark, now long-haired and brilliant green-eyed teen sat, rocking back and forth in the rocking chair as he cradled the hungry newborn babe to his chest, oblivious to being watched. Harry’s face was flushed with happiness and love, and several other emotions that just made him look like he was glowing.

After a few seconds of taking all of this in, Remus shook out of his shock and it was the clearing of his throat that made the teen aware of another’s presence. At this exact moment, they were joined by Severus, Alastor and Kingsley who paused in equal bewilderment at the sight before him.

Harry’s head snapped up, from where he was staring at the babe with a adoring smile, and was startled with a gasp. “Oh!” Careful as to not disconnect his daughter from his breast, Harry hurriedly reached beside him on the stand and grabbed a yellow receiving blanket and quickly through it over his right shoulder and thereby successfully covering up his nudity and the face of the child.


Blushing and wide-eyed in embarrassment for being caught with his shirt down, Harry stood up while cradling his daughter, gently padding her diapered bottom.

“R-Remus,” he said shakily with a small smile. “What are you doing here?”


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