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Harry Potter/OMC (male) Story Idea   3 comments

Pairing: Original-Male-Character/Harry

Objective: Hagrid takes Harry to Kings Cross station, then leaves him there to find his own way onto the Hogwarts Express. Eleven-year-old Harry then runs into the Weasley family (though he doesn’t know their name, only that they are a bunch of redheads). He starts to go up to Molly Weasley, when he is intercepted by a wizard named Dominick Romandericci – who was a 20-year-old Italian-born, American-raised, half-Incubus wizard.

Vin Diesel3 Vin Diesel2

Dominick or rather, Dom for short (just to remind myself that I’m using Vin Diesel as his image and that was what his name was in F&F), has been looking, since his 17th birthday, for his soul mate. On Harry’s 11th birthday, Dom gets the instinctual urge to follow the trail to England and so he does, eventually tracking Harry down in Diagon Alley, where he was with Hagrid, shopping for his school supplies. Instead of approaching Harry then, he simply follows him around in the shadows, through Diagon Alley and then back to the Dursleys at Number Four, Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey. Using his Incubus powers, Dom moves through the shadows of the house, to keep an eye on Harry.

Dom stops Harry from asking Molly Weasley for help, instead he talks Harry into coming back to America with him, where Dom will teach him magic one-on-one. He convinces Harry, by pointing out that with as many children as Molly seemed to have, she should have known where Platform 9 3/4 was. Also, he brings up that it was Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, who had left Harry on the Dursley’s doorstep. As soon as Harry agrees, Dom brings Harry to Heathrow Airport. They take the airplane from Heathrow in London, to Burlington International Airport in Vermont.

Harry immediately falls in love with the scenery and beauty of Vermont and New England in general.

Dom, having inherited the Romandericci-D’Aubigne Estates, owns a remote, and magically warded 120-acres of Vermont land, located in a beautiful small valley, just an hour drive from Fairfax. Nobody knows the place exists but the Romandericci family – not even other wizards know it exists. It has been owned by his family for two centuries by his mother’s family – the French side, D’Aubigne, who had moved to the USA in the 1600s.

The two soul mates share a beautiful two-story, three-bedroom home. Though they live together, and sleep in the same bed, they do not become sexually active until Harry is 13, which would make Dom 22-years-old. Upon their consummation of their soul mate bond, they are legally married in the wizarding/magical world. As soon as Harry is 16, they get legally married in the muggle world as well. At 13 (after the consummation of the bond) Harry gets in contact with Gringotts – be it USA or England branch, I don’t care – and is signed as an Emancipated Minor, as well as head of the Potter estates, which are even greater than Dom’s. Dom is worth close to $70 Million, while Harry is worth $40 Billion. Together, they were limitless when it comes to finances. One, if not the, richest couple in the world.

Harry, while being taught magic home school, by Dom himself, he is also in muggle Jr. High School, which he hates because he’s treated badly by his peers. The girls hate him because he’s more beautiful then any one of them put together, and the boys hate him because he won’t give them the time of day. At 14-years-old, he goes into high school. By the time the story picks up, he’s 17-years-old and a Senior. Dom is 26-years-old.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite and has been since he was an infant. His parents hid his MH under glamours, but they wore off just hours of being placed in the care of the Dursleys. Petunia refused to have Harry around in his male form, so he was always in his female form. He became Harrienna Potter, the niece of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. After so many years of being in his female form, he no longer had the ability to change into his male form. Therefore he was now, permanently a girl.


Harrienne “Harry” Potter-Romandericci at 17-years-old.

Female Harry Montage Female Harry1

Though Harry was a loner at school, he was unaffected. With their bond, Harry and Dom have the ability to communicate telepathically through any distance, and so they were always having conversations while apart from one another – while Harry was at school and Dom was at work (he was an Unspeakable for the American Ministry of Magic) – so Harry was never lonely during the day.

At school, the ‘popular girls’ picked on Harry – the girls who thought very highly of themselves, and the guys would hit on him (or rather, her), and harass him – harass as in, call him cruel, dirty names tauntingly, and touch him inappropriately. Dom is always infuriated when Harry tells him about the bullying, but they agree that they wouldn’t do anything unless it gets very serious. Which it doesn’t.

For the Senior Class field trip, Harry signs up to go to Canada’s Niagara Falls on buss. Unfortunately, nearly everyone he (she) couldn’t stand have also signed up for Niagara Falls, instead of going on a small cruise just off Rhode Island.

However, just an hour into the drive (they are in Fairfax, originally), the bus breaks down on an old country road, leaving the students and chaperones stranded.

 Tennessee Country Dirt Road

The road that the bus breaks down at, nobody can get a signal on their cell phones to call for help. Also, there aren’t any homes around – just trees, grass and old wood fence posts. However, Harry and Dom’s home is only a mile or so away from where the bus stops, and so he (she) uses their telepathy to tell Dom. Since it was a Sunday, and the garages weren’t open, Dom agrees to go and fetch some supplies (tents, food, blankets, etc.) from a friend of theirs, who owns a sporting good store.

Harry claims that he (she) was able to get through once on his (her) cell phone to get ahold of Dom, to ward off suspicion from the other students. He says that Dom can’t call in a tow or a garage to get the bus, but he was bringing some camping supplies.

Two hours after the ‘call’, Dom shows up, bringing eight, 6-person tents with him, along with blankets/sleeping bags, pillows and some food and Harry and Dom’s own personal barbeque. Everyone is shocked when they see Dom – a guy who is 6 foot 1 and nothing but muscles. He definitely was an impressive sight to behold. Not only was he tall and muscled, he was also extremely good-looking with a voice that was deep and rumbly (hearing it nearly causes orgasms).

Vin Diesel1 Vin Diesel

Truthfully, Harry was also extremely beautiful. Long, dark jet black hair, deep emerald green eyes, light skin-tone, flawless complexion. He stood at about 5 foot 3, with curvy hips and a slender waist, and though he was quite short, his legs gave off the illusion of being very long.

Dark haired woman9 Dark haired woman1 Dark haired woman7

Dark haired woman10 Selena Gomez5 Selena Gomez1


Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover Idea-Challenge   1 comment

Pairing: Edward/Harry, Emmett/Harry or Jasper/Harry. I actually prefer Emmett to Edward and Jasper, but, I know a lot of people favor Edward (though I don’t see why, Robert Pattinson’ portrayal of Edward Cullen sucks) so I won’t put up a fight. Just, if you can, please try for Emmett, PLEASE! Or even Jasper!

Warnings that are required: Underage sex, abuse, non-con, graphic sexual content, enslavement, D/s (Dominate-Submissive), Magical Hermaphrodite!Harry or female-Harry, creature-fic.

Objective: Hagrid leaves Harry to find his way onto the platform of 9 3/4. Before Harry has a chance to talk to the Weasleys and therefore find his way to the Hogwarts Express, the 11-year-old is abducted from Kings Cross Station by a dark wizard. Could be an OC of your own or a Death Eater, who is still seething over Voldemort’s demise.

The dark wizard takes Harry to his manor, where he forces a magic suppressant collar around Harry’s neck, and wards his manor so that no matter how hard Harry tried, he was unable to leave and anyone trying to track him down was unable to find him.

What is up with Harry? Harry is a Magical Hermaphrodite, able to switch genders at will. When the dark wizard realizes this, he places a dark curse on Harry – the curse is one that is normally used on animagi-shifters to lock them permanently in their current form – either to curse them so that they could never transform into their animagus form or so where they were trapped forever in their animal form. The dark wizard cursed Harry in his female form permanently.

When Harry doesn’t show up at Hogwarts, Dumbledore panics and everyone goes looking for him but they find no trails and eventually stop looking.

The dark wizard who captured Harry is very cruel. Harry is tortured, abused and raped. Just a few months after being at the dark wizard’s manor,  in late November, Harry (having had menstrual cycles since he was 10) gets pregnant, and nine months later in August, just after turning 12-years-old, he gives birth to a baby girl, whom he names Ainabeth Evaine. The dark wizard ignores the baby, letting Harry care for her and protect her.

For the next three years, Harry continues to live with the dark wizard, reading up on magic from the manor’s library but unable to perform any of it thanks to the collar around his neck. Though young, he makes a good mother, loving his daughter very much. Then, he becomes pregnant again, and at 15, gives birth once again to another daughter, Briar Rose.

On Harry’s 16th birthday, he comes into his magical creature inheritance, which turns out to be a hybrid of elfin and Succubus, both of which are immortal, making him (or rather her) immortal as well. Forever 16-years-old. Also, with the enhanced magical creature powers, Harry is able to over-power the suppressant collar. Now, with his magic free, Harry mindlessly kills the wizard who is holding him captive and gathers his two daughters – Ainabeth (4-years-old) and Briar (1-year-old) – and escapes. Not after raiding the library of every book and using his new magic to shrink it all to portable size.

With his daughters in tow, Harry does back to Diagon Alley, the only magical place he knows, and up to Gringotts, where he becomes emancipated and is given contact to his godfather, Sirius Black, who had escaped Harry’s 1st year, after hearing about Harry’s disappearance. Sirius, along with Remus Lupin, immediately comes to Gringotts upon receiving Harry’s letter. They don’t tell anyone (the Order, Dumbledore, etc.) about getting a letter from Harry, they just leave.

When Sirius and Remus meet Harry for the first time, seeing that he’s a beautiful 16-year-old female, half-elf, half-succubus and is the mother of two beautiful little girls, they are shocked, but they instantly agree to help Harry, who doesn’t want to go to the wizarding world. Instead, he wants to live quietly in the muggle world, away from England, with his children and eventually find his soul mate. Remus and Sirius quickly decide to move with Harry, and act as his guardians to any muggle.

The two adult wizards find a house in America, and they all leave for Forks, Washington, where Harry would be acting as the daughter of Sirius (from another marriage), who is married or ‘with’ to Remus. Ainabeth and Briar are pose as Harry’s siblings, and the adopted children of Remus and Sirius.

Although Harry is immortal, that doesn’t mean that he’s now infertile. He can still have more children, which he will, with his soul mate (one of the younger male Cullens).


Female Harry Potter

Selena Gomez17 Dark haired model

Female Harry with young daughter

Selena Gomez9

Ainabeth Evaine

Dark haired little girl37

Briar Rose

Dark haired little girl18

Dark Wizard who captures Harry

Vin Diesel1

Who Took Your Virginity?–One Shot Fic   Leave a comment

Summary: Who knew a simple game of Truth and Dare could change everything for the Gryffindor seventh years? Secret lovers, secret desires and a bit of fluffy-goodness. A submissive-Harry, Harem-fic. ONE SHOT.

WARNING: Some curse words, submissive-Harry, Harem-fic, bisexuality, slash, het…Not much else, I don’t think. No smut, though. Love it, but I can’t write it. The story might get weird towards the end, seeing as I was practically asleep when I wrote this. Sorry for that. Was awake at the beginning, but towards the end I started to get really drowsy, and my mind is never clear when I’m tired. Good luck trying to make sense out of the whole thing, XD.

PAIRING: Harry/Multi


It was late at night, and most of the occupants of the Gryffindor tower were up asleep in their beds. Most, however, but not all of them. No, there was a small gathering of seventh-year students down in the common room, along with one sixth-year. Only one seventh-year was missing from the group, and that was one Harry Potter, who happened to have detention with Snape at that time.

Sitting around the large open fireplace, in a circle on the floor, sat the seventh-year boys – Ron Weasley, Dean Thomas, Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnegan, and the three seventh-year girls – Hermione Granger, Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown. With them, sat Ron’s younger sister, Ginny, who though a sixth-year, was usually considered part of the senior group by her friends, since she was best friends with them all.

In the center of the group, stood a half-empty vial of truth serum, and a completely empty bottle of butterbeer, which unfortunately for one Neville Franklin Longbottom, was pointed directly at him. Seamus, the one to have spun the bottle, smirked from his place across the circle at the mousy-haired teen.

Neville groaned at his misfortune, but he had gone into the game knowing that this might happen. He looked over at all of his friends, who looked eager and expectantly at him, before turning back to Seamus and gave a resigned sigh.


The Irishman cursed under his breath, “Always Truth with you, Longbottom. Can’t you ever choose Dare? Where’s the Gryffindor in you, mate?”

“What, just because I don’t like making a fool out of myself, I’m not a Gryffindor?” asked Neville, rolling his chocolate brown eyes. “I think it takes more guts to tell the truth than it does to run through the Great Hall bare-assed.”

“Whatever,” huffed Seamus, before glaring down at the carpeted floor in thought. After a few long seconds, his eyes snapped back onto the waiting Neville, and shrugged, “Who took your virginity?” he asked, expecting the answer to be ‘no one’.

The other teens looked at Neville in curiosity, as his face began to redden, embarrassed and because he was trying to fight the truth serum – they had all taken three drops of it before the game, and it was guaranteed to last a full 60-minutes.

“Ooh,” grinned Lavender, “I think Neville has a secret he doesn’t want to tell.”

Ron reached around Dean and slapped the struggling teen on the back roughly, “C’mon, Neville ole boy, just spit it out mate. We won’t make fun of you,” he said as he chugged down some of his butterbeer.

“Of course not,” Hermione assured from her own spot in the circle, between Parvati and Seamus. “I’d never laugh at you.”

The name he spat out, though, was one that shocked them all.

“H-Harry P-P-Potter,” said Neville, as he tried to choke it back, unsuccessfully. The second the name passed his lips, everyone’s backs got noticeably straighter, and all of their eyes were practically popping out of their heads, as their mouths fell to the floor.

“Harry?” sputtered Dean, staring at Neville in disbelief. “You lost your virginity to Harry?” Everyone looked back at Neville, equal looks of shock and disbelief on their faces.

“Um…” Neville’s face blushed darker, embarrassed to be discussing his sex life so openly. Also, he’s sworn Harry that he wouldn’t say a word to anyone. “Yeah.”

“When did this happen?” snapped Hermione, eyes narrowed.

Neville squirmed under all the staring, “Err – f-fifth year.”

“IMPOSSIBLE!” the screech came from Parvati, who looked perplexed, “That’s impossible,” she said in a calmer voice, “Because Harry and I were dating in 5th year. He took my virginity 5th year.”

Neville looked at her in shock. “What?”

“Well he took my virginity fourth year,” voiced Dean, frowning at the two.

“And mine, last year,” Ginny added in, staring around the group with widening brown eyes.

Ron’s head jerked around to look over at his younger sister, “WHAT?”

Ginny just waved him off dismissively. “Don’t start – “ she began.

“He took my virginity last year,” continued Ron, interrupting her. He growled and jabbed a finger at her, “He slept with both of us last year?”

“WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!” the chaos between the eight friends stopped as everyone turned toward Hermione, who had stood up and was looking around at everyone with a look of disbelief on her face. She had a growing feeling…”Let me get this straight – Harry has had sex with you, Dean, and Neville, Parvati, Ginny and Ron – and me!” she confessed, her face reddening as she herself got looks of surprise.

“You too?” Ron gaped. “When?”

“Some weeks ago…” she told him, fidgeting uncomfortable in front of her friends. “Just after term started.”

Lavender stood up as well and pouted, “You six aren’t the only one. I gave Harry my virginity fourth year as well, same as Dean obviously.”

All eyes suddenly went to Seamus, who so far was the only one to not claim anything, all hoping that that they had at least one friend who had not claimed Harry – or who Harry had not claimed. Their hopes were for not, however, because the Irishman cleared his throat and simply held up three fingers, a pleased smirk on his face.

The others gawked.

“Third year?” choked Hermione, stunned. “You slept with Harry THIRD YEAR?”

“What?” said Seamus, the calmest of the group, “it’s not like he was a virgin, even then. He told me so…Actually, what happened was that he caught me looking at him the showers, and instead of slapping me, he winked. Later that night, he snuck into my bed, did some awesome wandless magic on the curtains and asked me if I wanted him to teach me stuff he had learned over the summer.”

“Learned over the summer?” questioned Ron, bewildered.

“Mm,” said Seamus, taking a gulp of his drink, “Apparently he met a few people or something during the summer before 3rd year and they taught him, well, everything about sex.”

At this, Hermione gasped, “The summer before 3rd year – of course,” she said, nudging Ron, “Remember that summer, Ron? He left the Dursleys and spent over a month in Diagon Alley, and when we met up with him later in August, I did notice that he seemed a pinch different, but I thought nothing of it.” She frowned, and began pacing in front of the hearth, “I wonder who it was that he met?”

“Shouldn’t we be thinking of something more important, Hermione?” Parvati asked the bushy-haired girl in some annoyance. “Like the fact that every single one of us has had sex with Harry. Did he cheat on one of us? Did he use one of us? Play us? Are there others besides us?”

“Oh, of course, you’re right,” the know-it-all conceded. “Well, I know that Harry didn’t use me, or talk me into doing anything I didn’t want. It was late and we were the last to go to bed. We sat and talked for about an hour or so, before he simply blurted out, ‘Hey Mione, have you ever thought about having sex?’” She snorted, shaking her head of hair into her face. “I told him, of course, and he kissed me.”

“You had sex here in the common room?” Ron asked, throwing a look of disgust at the crimson couch.

“Yeah,” she said, rather embarrassed.

“Well that’s not a very Head Girl thing to do, Hermione,” giggled Lavender, looking at her with a bit of respect. “We had sex in Trelawney’s classroom – on her desk, actually,” she said, smirking naughtily. “It was damn hot.”

“On Trelawney’s desk?” laughed Dean. “Classic.”

Parvati threw her best friend a scowl. “I’ll never look at Divinations the same way, again. Thanks, Lav,” she said sarcastically.

Lavender gave her a cheeky grin, “You’re welcome, sweetie.”

“What about you, Ron?” asked Hermione, looking over at her best friend.

Ron’s eyes tipped red, “Um…I fucked Harry up in the dorm. Nowhere special.”

“De-ni-le,” sang Ginny, smirking at her brother. “Where at, big brother? Tell the truth!”

He growled at her, as the others gazed at him in blatant curiosity. “Okay, fine!” he snapped in defeat, “We snuck down to, err,” he gave a small laugh, “Hagrid’s hut.”

“RON!” shrieked Hermione, scandalized. “You and Harry defiled Hagrid!” she said in outrage.

“What?” he gave her a weird look. “Ewe! Gross! No, we had gotten done with Quidditch practice and decided to go and visit Hagrid, but he wasn’t home. We were about to leave but then Harry tripped over Fang and I went to catch him. I did catch him, but we both went down, me falling onto Harry – “

“Oh, poor guy,” commended Seamus with a wince, as he eyed Ron’s giant frame. “You could have killed the little sucker, mate. What do you weigh, 200lbs? What does Harry weigh, like 100lbs?”

Ron ignored the Irish prat and continued. “Since you’ve all had a piece of Harry, you all know how sexy he is. I couldn’t resist, after staring into those big expressive eyes and so I kissed him. He kissed back, very responsively too, and it went from there. I think we scarred Fang for life.” Before anyone could say anything about his story, he glared at Ginny. “And what about you?”

“In the Quidditch locker rooms,” the female redhead said simply with a shrug of her shoulders. “I snuck into the boy’s locker room to shy on Harry, but he caught me. I thought he would be pissed, but instead he just teased me, literally. Started undressing, slowly, swaying his hips and winking at me…Before he even got to his pants, I lost control and jumped him.” Ginny didn’t even look the least bit shamed that she had just confessed to having tried to spy on her brother’s best friend (turned fuck buddy).

“Humph, no fair! You got a show,” pouted Lavender.

Dean nodded his head in agreement, glaring at Ginny in envy, before deciding to tell his short story. “I knew Harry never put his name in the Goblet forth year, and I told him so a few nights later, having heard him crying in an unused classroom on the 3rd floor. He was depressed because of Ron,” he said giving the redhead a dirty look, “and the rest of the school turning their backs on him. When I went in, to comfort him, I told him I believed him. He gave me this beautiful, breathtaking smile, and threw his arms around me.” Dean chuckled, as he scratched at his dark head of hair, “I think I might have copped a feel, when my arms grabbed a hold of Harry, because he pulled away to look at me. Then he just kissed me. We went from kissing to tearing our clothes off of each other in just milliseconds, really.”

“You grabbed his arse?” snorted Seamus in amusement. “You’re lucky he didn’t take a swing atcha.”

“He’s not a chick, Seamus,” Neville told him.

He rolled his eyes, “So? Doesn’t mean a thing. Now, come on, Neville Bigbut, tell us your story then,” causing the others to turn toward the mousy-haired teen.

Neville glared at him for the nickname, before shrugging, “There’s not much to tell, really. Umbridge was whaling on him all year and I happened to be there when he came out of detention one night, cradling his hand. It was his first detention with the blood quill, I think. Anyways, I saw his hand and was pissed off, especially when I saw that Harry was barely keeping back tears. I wanted to go tell someone, but I just pulled him to one of the empty classrooms, and hugged him. Like Dean, I think I might have accidentally – “

“There was no accident on my part, mate,” interrupted Dean with a grin.

“I might have groped him or touched him in a way that he took to meaning that I wanted him,” Neville saw the raised brows, “that’s not to say that I didn’t want him, because I did! He practically climbed onto my lap, and then kissed me. Or I kissed him…I don’t exactly remember the rest, just that the next thing I know, he was laying on his back, naked and beautifully spread out on one of the tables, and I was – “

“No need to go into detail, Neville,” said Hermione hastily, face going red. “I think we get the picture. Very, very clearly, thank you.”

Neville blushed as well, realizing that he had gotten a little carried away with the tale. “Sorry…”

The eight friends sat once again in their circle, though not playing Truth or Dare, rather they were all lost in their own memories of their time or times, with Harry. Finally, it was Parvati that broke the quiet.

“What do you all want to do with this?” she asked, as she played with her long silky black hair, “Do we confront him? Do we hate him? I don’t know about you, but I can’t hate him, not for this. I mean, he wasn’t exactly dating any one of us when he slept with us, and therefore he wasn’t cheating, right?”

“Right,” said Hermione, still deep in thought. She was about to speak, but before she could even open her mouth to do so, the Fat Lady’s portrait swung open and in walked the person on everyone’s mind.

Harry Potter, dressed in casual jeans and a tee shirt, entered the common room, exhausted from his detention with Snape, having spent three hours cleaning the cauldrons and the entire floor of the potion’s classroom. Looking forward to getting a shower and then a good night’s sleep, Harry didn’t notice the eight figures still awake and crowded around the fireplace, until he was about halfway toward the stairs leading up to the dorm. It was thanks to Ron’s clearing of his throat that alerted him, and he whirled around, startled, to find eight pairs of eyes staring at him.

He blinked at them all, surprised to see them still up, given that it was close to midnight. “Hey,” he greeted, smiling at them, unaware to the fact that the friendly smile made him look like one of God’s angels, or that that same smile made them bite back sighs. “What are you all still up for? It’s like,” he looked down at his watch, “11:50.” He stared at them all as they stared at him, looks of wonder, curiosity and awe on their faces. After about five full minutes of silent staring, Harry started to squirm uncomfortably.

Then, Ron broke away from the group slowly and made his way over to his best friend, as the eyes of the group followed him wandering what the redhead was going to say. Harry raised an eyebrow at Ron, who came to a stop on front of him.

“Hey, Ron, what’s – “

He was cut off, however, by Ron grabbing the back of Harry’s head and bringing their lips together in a very dominating and controlling kiss. Harry, unprepared for the move, gasped, which allowed Ron to take advantage of the open mouth by slipping his tongue in. Harry grasped hold of Ron’s broad shoulder, having to use the extra half-inch of his tiptoes to reach the 6 foot 4 redhead with Harry’s own measly 5 foot 7 height. Ron’s long muscled arms came to wrap around Harry’s slim waist, and he used his superior strength to pull the dark-haired teen flush against him.

The invading tongue caressed Harry’s, causing him to let out a pleased moan, as he responded eagerly to Ron’s forceful kiss. He let the tongue wrestle with his, and gave the control over to his friend. He let out another wanton moan when Ron’s hands snaked down Harry’s back to grasp at his ass. The redhead gave him a firm squeeze, before abruptly breaking the kiss, leaving Harry panting for breath and incredibly turned on, and embarrassed, seeing as they had an audience, who watched the display with copious amounts of envy. Ron smirked, feeling the glares on him.

“I want to fuck you,” Ron growled, loud enough for the others to hear. Harry’s pupils dilated and he whimpered, his head bent up to look at Ron.

“He’s so beautiful,” breathed Parvati so only the others could hear, as the others went from glaring at Ron to staring at Harry longingly.

“I want to fuck you so hard, that you cum screaming my name,” continued Ron, giving the ass in his grasp another squeeze, causing Harry to suck in a breath, before the dark haired teen blinked in shock when Ron stepped back and gesture towards their audience of seven. “But it seems I’m not the only one.”

“What?” he asked, still rather dazed from the kiss.

“We know, Harry,” Hermione spoke up, bringing Harry’s attention to her. “We know about your, um, exploits with all of us.”

Harry’s viridian eyes widened in shock, “How?” he breathed, face paling.

Seamus smirked at Harry and gestured toward the vial of truth serum and empty butterbeer bottle, “One drop lasts 60 minutes, love, and we asked Neville here who took his virginity. Imagine our surprise when he said you when we all were quite certain that he’s never been laid in his life.”

Neville let out a indignant cry of “Hey!” but it went ignored.

“The confessions fell one after another after that,” the Irishman concluded.

“Yeah, but we’re not mad,” Ginny said to Harry, who was staring at them all, worried. She smiled at him, and sauntered over, “I could never mad at you, darling,” she cooed, as she laid a kiss on his cheek. “Ron’s right, I too want to fuck you until you scream.”

“But why – “ began Harry.

“Harry,” Dean interrupted, as he to went over to the dark haired teen. He leaned over and placed a kiss on the full lips, “I think I speak for all of us, when I say that you’re too special to hate, or be mad at. Plus, you didn’t do anything wrong by bedding all of us – very much the opposite, actually, you’re my little hero,” he leered at the smaller boy, “among other things.”

“Right,” coughed Hermione, “We’re not made at you because we realize that you didn’t cheat on any of us, and we all wanted – “

“Want!” corrected the group loudly.

“Yes, want you anyways, so it’s not like you forced us to sleep with you,” she went on.

“What I want to know,” Lavender spoke up, her eyes gazing at Harry, “is if we were the only ones at Hogwarts you ‘taught’ sex to?”

Harry gaped at the group, stunned beyond imagination by how well they were taking the fact that he had had every single one of them in a very sexual way. He shook his head wildly. “No,” he told them honestly, before once again squirming, this time nervously and his face was rather pink now. “Just you guys. I-I, um, I don’t really trust anyone e-else.”

At this, everyone frowned in confusion, “What do you mean, sweetie?” asked Parvati.

He ran his hand through his hair, a nervous gesture they all recognized, along as the licking of his lips. “Well, I don’t trust anyone else but my friends to, to, uh, love me,” he said in embarrassment. “To love me, and to not hurt me. I can’t trust anyone else but you guys, and I am a natural submissive – as you all know – and to relinquish control to just anyone isn’t something I’m comfortable with. I need to trust them when they take control of me, and who better to trust with that sort of thing but your own friends?” he reasoned.

“Aw!” cooed the girls, even Hermione, and they all pulled Harry into tight hugs.

“I do love you, Harry,” they each said to him, giving him many hugs and kisses. Harry’s eyes welled up slightly, and he smiled at them all, appreciatively.

“I’m glad you trust us that much, Harry,” Lavender told him, kissing his forehead tenderly.

“Yeah,” said Seamus, joining the girls and gave Harry his own tight hug. “I feel honored. Thank you, beautiful,” he delivered with a deep kiss before pulling away, allowing Neville to pull Harry into a kiss, then Dean followed with his own kiss and ass squeeze.

“I love taking control of you, lovely,” dark dark-skinned boy commented with another leer.

Harry sighed, feeling loved and cared for, as he looked at his surrounded friends. “Thanks you guys…I love you all so much,” he said “As more than friends.”

Hermione smiled and kissed the crowd of his head, “I love you too, Harry. But, I have to ask, if you were looking for someone to dominate you, and after you found it with Seamus, why didn’t you just stop and make it official between you? Or any one of us, really? Why did you feel the need to have all of us?”

“Because I wanted all of you,” he confessed, “not just one of you. I met some people the summer before third-year in Diagon Alley; they were staying at the Leaky Cauldron, too. They introduced me to sex, and told me all about different kinds of relationships and the most rare in the wizarding world. They mentioned the rarest type of relationship, a Harem, I became obsessed.” Harry was rather embarrassed to be admitting this, and ducked his head a little. “I immediately knew I wanted one, and I also knew exactly who I wanted to be in it. I wanted my friends, people I could trust with my life and my pleasure and all that jazz.”

“So you seduced us?” Neville asked. “One at a time, until you got us all? How very Slytherin of you.”

“What? No – okay, well maybe a little,” the youngest seventh-year admitted, “I wanted you guys to have a taste of me, to show you what you could have, before I asked you all about joining my Harem. I was going to wait until the end of seventh year to confess and ask you, but I guess now is as good a time as any.” He licked his lips again, and looked up at all of them, “Would you like to join my Harem?” Harry asked nervously. “Will you all be my dominates?”

“Yes,” Ron answered immediately, without hesitation.

The others followed his lead and they all blurted out “YES!”

Harry smiled in relief and was ecstatic that his dream had come true. Careful planning and strategic moves over the last four years has finally paid off. He finally had his Harem; with his eight dominate lovers eager to please him and, well…

Life was excellent. Life was very, very, very good.

Pureblood Harry (not a Potter-Evans child) A WIP idea…   Leave a comment

The real Harry Potter died of natural causes just hours after his birth. In their grief and insanity, James and Lily performed a dark arts ritual that summons a child as perfectly close to Harry as possible – age, gender, features, etc. – to them. However, something in the ritual went wrong and though they got a dark haired and green-eyed infant that was only hours old itself (born July 31st, 11:59p.m.), it was neither a baby boy nor was it fully human.

Seeing that the babe that they had stolen from it’s home was that of elfish descent, and also a beautiful little girl, Lily used to her charms skills to glamour up the sex of the baby and the inhuman features – pointed ears, mostly at that age, it was all that had developed, but even at just an hour or two old, her ears were only just pointed at the tips, not yet fully defined. They had no idea who the baby girl’s real parents were.

Lily and James buried the body of their own son, and told nobody about his death. They acted as though nothing had happened and that the baby in their care was, in fact still their own flesh and blood. Nobody became suspicious, not even Dumbledore.

At fifteen-months-old, Voldemort attacks the Potters killing James and Lily and marking ‘Harry’. The toddler is sent to the Dursleys, but only a few hours/days/weeks/months of being there, the glamours and spells to hide his different magical signature and scent that Lily had placed on ‘Harry’ fell. Using her signature, the baby’s biological parents – who had not given up looking for her, after her disappearance – were able to find her through elfin magic (visions, powerful tracking spells).

Marcas D’Aubigne and his wife, Simona came to the Dursleys and took their youngest child and only daughter. They brought her back to their family manor in Kilkenny, Ireland, where she is greeted by her older brothers, Dante and Andre, who were five and four respectively.

DANTE D’AUBIGNE – At 22-years-old

ANDRE D’AUBIGNE – At 21-years-old



Dark haired woman9 Dark haired woman1 Dark haired woman


SIMONA D’AUBIGNE – At 40-years-old


MARCAS D’AUBIGNE – At 41-years-old


Harry’s real name is Juniper Cassiopeia D’Aubigne – of French-Italian descent. Her father was a pureblooded and of Irish-French and her mother was full Italian and a pureblood elf. They lived in Kilkenny, Ireland but had a manor in Cornwall as well.

Juniper grew up with her parents, Marcas and Simona and her older brothers, Dante and Andre in Ireland.

When she is 11, she goes to Hogwarts pretending to be Harry Potter, as she is put under elfin glamours by her parents. She tells nobody about her real self, not even Ron and Hermione or Dumbledore.

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Harry Potter and Padma Patil

Harry Potter and Padma Patil ~ Chace Crawford ~ Afshan Azad ~


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My Patil Family   1 comment

PADMA PATIL (Afshan Azad) – Original actress to play Padma Patil, as I think that Afshan is beautiful and she was hands down my favorite new cast member in Harry Potter, other than Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood.

Afshan Azad - Padma Patil1

Padma Patil is the Ravenclaw of the twins, which means that she is more book smart than her sister, Parvati. She is the oldest of the two, by 20-minutes, and while she likes to look nice she is not nearly as fashion-crazed as her twin. She is more quiet and keeps more to herself, though she still is out going when she’s around her own group of friends – such as Su Li, Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein and the other Ravenclaws of her year-group. She is NICE to Luna, unlike most of her fellow Ravenclaws. AGE: 17-years-old


PARVATI PATIL (Afshan Azad) – Replaces Shefali Chowdhury as Parvati as I think that the the Patil twins were to be identical and I think that Afshan is gorgeous.

Afshan Azad - Padma Patil9

Parvati Patil is the Gryffindor of the twins, which makes her more courageous and people-smart. She tends to be vapid and rather shallow though she’s not too snooty or mean and unlike Padma, Parvati is obsessed with her looks and the looks of others, and all things fashion. Her best friend is Lavender Brown, a fellow Gryffindor of her own year. She’s more out-spoken and giggly and all together more girly-girl. She has rubbed off on her sister, to the point where Padma cares for her own appearance (again, Padma’s not as obsessed about her looks as Parvati, but she still DOES care). AGE: 17-years-old


AJAY PATIL (Allu Arjun) – My OC character, so that I can pair Harry up with a male Patil in a story idea I have going on. I thought that Allu is gorgeous and that he’d make a good Ajay Patil. You got to admit, he’s damn sexy.

Allu Arjun - Indian Male Actor and Model

Ajay Patil is the older brother of Parvati and Padma Patil. He’s five years older than his sister and was in his sixth-year when the twins arrived at Hogwarts for their first year. He was sorted into Ravenclaw, just like Padma, and was very popular. He was Prefect, Head Boy and also Captain of the Ravenclaw’s Quidditch team. He watched over his sisters for the two years he was in school with them (his 6th and 7th year), all the while getting excellent grades in his classes and hanging out with his friends and year-mates and doing Quidditch. He graduated from Hogwarts at 18 (he turned 18 while still in school) and joined the Ministry’s Department of Law Enforcement (DLE) as an Auror. AGE: 22-years-old


ISABEL ANDRESS-PATIL (Monica Bellucci) – My OC character so that the twins can have a mother. I went looking for an Italian woman born 1964-1965 and found Monica Bellucci. She’s beautiful, so I thought she’s be good. I made her Italian instead of Indian because I think that it makes a good combination, in features. Sorry if you all don’t agree…

 Monica Bellucci

Isabel Andress-Patil is the mother of Ajay, Parvati and Padma. She is a pureblood Italian witch, and her occupation is that of a clothing designer. It is from her, that Parvati gets her love of fashion. Isabel owns her own clothing boutique in the magical village close to the Patil residence in Cornwall. She herself was a Ravenclaw, and was in school the same time as the Marauders, just a few years ahead of them. She still is considered a very beautiful woman, as she looks very well groomed and kept for her middle age. She is a very nice woman, and an amazing mother to her three children, always laughing and smiling and willing to do anything for them. AGE: 42-years-old


RAHUL PATIL (Shahrukh Khan) – My OC character to give the twins a father. I love Shahrukh Khan, and I immediately knew that he would make a great Rahul Patil. Khan is an amazing Bollywood actor and a lot of his characters in his films are like Rahul in a lot of ways, so I just thought that he’d be perfect. I honestly thought of placing Kajol Devgan down as Aishnari Patil, as I love Shahrukh Khan and Kajol together. However, Kajol was too young to have teenage children such as Ajay, Padma and Parvati, unfortunately.

  Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan

Rahul Patil is a very generous and courageous man, who like his eldest child – son, Ajay – works for the Ministry as an Auror. At work, he’s all business and is very good at his job, and at home he is a wonderful family man, even a big goof ball, mischievous and enjoys a good prank (he’s a prankster at heart). He’s a former Gryffindor, who was in school at the same time as the Marauders, just a few years ahead of them. He’s a pureblood wizard, but finds nothing wrong with the muggle world – he often takes his family out into the muggle world. He is the Head of the Patil Estate, which is worth millions, but even though he is filthy rich, he still works for a living, preferring to do so than laze about. Rahul has taught his three children these morals as well. He’s a pushover when it comes to his daughters. AGE: 42-years-old

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Lily cheats on James with Dean Winchester while on a mission in America. She’s an Unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries. Just a few weeks later, she marries James without mention of the affair.

She finds out that she is pregnant with Dean’s baby but still says nothing to James or anyone else – 2 months after her affair with Dean and only weeks after getting married to James.

Nine months after the affair, Lily gives birth to Harry. She charms Harry to make him look like a Potter, with messy hair. She didn’t have to change too much of his features, though – only his hair texture. He was born with jet black hair and emerald green eyes. She just made him look more like James.

When Harry is 2 weeks old, Lily discovers that his is a MH (Magical Hermaphrodite). She hides it from everyone through another glamour charm – again, also hiding it from James.

Being an occasional seer, Lily gets a vision of her and James’ death. She also sees what happens to Harry – being taken to the Dursleys. She writes a letter to Dean, placing it under a Time Delay spell, and after writing the letter, she then uses her Charms and Unspeakable knowledge on Harry. This happens within Harry’s first or second month of life.

When Harry is 6-months-old (NOT 15-months-old), Voldemort attacks Godric’s Hollow, where he kills both James and Lily. The killing curse backfires and hits himself, killing him permanently. Just minutes after Voldemort’s death, the Yellow-Eyed-Demon known as Azazel comes and bleeds into Harry’s mouth. Azazel is gone by the time Hagrid/Sirius comes Godric’s Hollow and finds it in ruins. Hagrid then flies, on Sirius’ motorbike, to Privet Drive where he meets Dumbledore. They leave Harry on the doorstep of Number Four, Privet Drive, the residence of the Dursley family.

Before the Dursleys awake to find baby Harry on their doorstep, the magic that Lily had cast on Harry activates. He disappears from Number Four, and he – along with the Time Delayed letter from Lily – appear out of thin air in the hotel room of Dean Winchester, who is in San Jose, on a solo hunt.

Only John and Bobby, and of course Dean, know about Harry. Neither Dean, John or Bobby call up Sam, who is away at Stanford.

Dean is 23-years-old when Harry is sent to him. He is 26-years-old when he meets up with Sam to find John. At the time of Episode One, Season One, Harry is just barely 3-years-old. Either that, or you could have it so that it’s only a few months away from October 31st/November 1st, 2005 when Harry is placed in Dean’s care. Making Harry still an infant (just over a year old – 14-months-old or so). I would prefer him being at least 3, to give him more of a mind of his own and his own personality. That way you could write in Harry’s POV once in a while, instead of having the story being told by Dean’s. Third-person POV’s only!

Along with Harry and the Time Delayed letter, comes one of the Potter house elves, whom Lily personally assigned to look after Harry – like a baby sitter or a nanny. This house elf, male or female (though I would prefer it to be female) would be in charge of watching Harry in the hotel rooms while Dean and Sam are out hunting and doing investigations.