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PADMA PATIL (Afshan Azad) – Original actress to play Padma Patil, as I think that Afshan is beautiful and she was hands down my favorite new cast member in Harry Potter, other than Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood.

Afshan Azad - Padma Patil1

Padma Patil is the Ravenclaw of the twins, which means that she is more book smart than her sister, Parvati. She is the oldest of the two, by 20-minutes, and while she likes to look nice she is not nearly as fashion-crazed as her twin. She is more quiet and keeps more to herself, though she still is out going when she’s around her own group of friends – such as Su Li, Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein and the other Ravenclaws of her year-group. She is NICE to Luna, unlike most of her fellow Ravenclaws. AGE: 17-years-old


PARVATI PATIL (Afshan Azad) – Replaces Shefali Chowdhury as Parvati as I think that the the Patil twins were to be identical and I think that Afshan is gorgeous.

Afshan Azad - Padma Patil9

Parvati Patil is the Gryffindor of the twins, which makes her more courageous and people-smart. She tends to be vapid and rather shallow though she’s not too snooty or mean and unlike Padma, Parvati is obsessed with her looks and the looks of others, and all things fashion. Her best friend is Lavender Brown, a fellow Gryffindor of her own year. She’s more out-spoken and giggly and all together more girly-girl. She has rubbed off on her sister, to the point where Padma cares for her own appearance (again, Padma’s not as obsessed about her looks as Parvati, but she still DOES care). AGE: 17-years-old


AJAY PATIL (Allu Arjun) – My OC character, so that I can pair Harry up with a male Patil in a story idea I have going on. I thought that Allu is gorgeous and that he’d make a good Ajay Patil. You got to admit, he’s damn sexy.

Allu Arjun - Indian Male Actor and Model

Ajay Patil is the older brother of Parvati and Padma Patil. He’s five years older than his sister and was in his sixth-year when the twins arrived at Hogwarts for their first year. He was sorted into Ravenclaw, just like Padma, and was very popular. He was Prefect, Head Boy and also Captain of the Ravenclaw’s Quidditch team. He watched over his sisters for the two years he was in school with them (his 6th and 7th year), all the while getting excellent grades in his classes and hanging out with his friends and year-mates and doing Quidditch. He graduated from Hogwarts at 18 (he turned 18 while still in school) and joined the Ministry’s Department of Law Enforcement (DLE) as an Auror. AGE: 22-years-old


ISABEL ANDRESS-PATIL (Monica Bellucci) – My OC character so that the twins can have a mother. I went looking for an Italian woman born 1964-1965 and found Monica Bellucci. She’s beautiful, so I thought she’s be good. I made her Italian instead of Indian because I think that it makes a good combination, in features. Sorry if you all don’t agree…

 Monica Bellucci

Isabel Andress-Patil is the mother of Ajay, Parvati and Padma. She is a pureblood Italian witch, and her occupation is that of a clothing designer. It is from her, that Parvati gets her love of fashion. Isabel owns her own clothing boutique in the magical village close to the Patil residence in Cornwall. She herself was a Ravenclaw, and was in school the same time as the Marauders, just a few years ahead of them. She still is considered a very beautiful woman, as she looks very well groomed and kept for her middle age. She is a very nice woman, and an amazing mother to her three children, always laughing and smiling and willing to do anything for them. AGE: 42-years-old


RAHUL PATIL (Shahrukh Khan) – My OC character to give the twins a father. I love Shahrukh Khan, and I immediately knew that he would make a great Rahul Patil. Khan is an amazing Bollywood actor and a lot of his characters in his films are like Rahul in a lot of ways, so I just thought that he’d be perfect. I honestly thought of placing Kajol Devgan down as Aishnari Patil, as I love Shahrukh Khan and Kajol together. However, Kajol was too young to have teenage children such as Ajay, Padma and Parvati, unfortunately.

  Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan

Rahul Patil is a very generous and courageous man, who like his eldest child – son, Ajay – works for the Ministry as an Auror. At work, he’s all business and is very good at his job, and at home he is a wonderful family man, even a big goof ball, mischievous and enjoys a good prank (he’s a prankster at heart). He’s a former Gryffindor, who was in school at the same time as the Marauders, just a few years ahead of them. He’s a pureblood wizard, but finds nothing wrong with the muggle world – he often takes his family out into the muggle world. He is the Head of the Patil Estate, which is worth millions, but even though he is filthy rich, he still works for a living, preferring to do so than laze about. Rahul has taught his three children these morals as well. He’s a pushover when it comes to his daughters. AGE: 42-years-old


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