Pureblood Harry (not a Potter-Evans child) A WIP idea…   Leave a comment

The real Harry Potter died of natural causes just hours after his birth. In their grief and insanity, James and Lily performed a dark arts ritual that summons a child as perfectly close to Harry as possible – age, gender, features, etc. – to them. However, something in the ritual went wrong and though they got a dark haired and green-eyed infant that was only hours old itself (born July 31st, 11:59p.m.), it was neither a baby boy nor was it fully human.

Seeing that the babe that they had stolen from it’s home was that of elfish descent, and also a beautiful little girl, Lily used to her charms skills to glamour up the sex of the baby and the inhuman features – pointed ears, mostly at that age, it was all that had developed, but even at just an hour or two old, her ears were only just pointed at the tips, not yet fully defined. They had no idea who the baby girl’s real parents were.

Lily and James buried the body of their own son, and told nobody about his death. They acted as though nothing had happened and that the baby in their care was, in fact still their own flesh and blood. Nobody became suspicious, not even Dumbledore.

At fifteen-months-old, Voldemort attacks the Potters killing James and Lily and marking ‘Harry’. The toddler is sent to the Dursleys, but only a few hours/days/weeks/months of being there, the glamours and spells to hide his different magical signature and scent that Lily had placed on ‘Harry’ fell. Using her signature, the baby’s biological parents – who had not given up looking for her, after her disappearance – were able to find her through elfin magic (visions, powerful tracking spells).

Marcas D’Aubigne and his wife, Simona came to the Dursleys and took their youngest child and only daughter. They brought her back to their family manor in Kilkenny, Ireland, where she is greeted by her older brothers, Dante and Andre, who were five and four respectively.

DANTE D’AUBIGNE – At 22-years-old

ANDRE D’AUBIGNE – At 21-years-old



Dark haired woman9 Dark haired woman1 Dark haired woman


SIMONA D’AUBIGNE – At 40-years-old


MARCAS D’AUBIGNE – At 41-years-old


Harry’s real name is Juniper Cassiopeia D’Aubigne – of French-Italian descent. Her father was a pureblooded and of Irish-French and her mother was full Italian and a pureblood elf. They lived in Kilkenny, Ireland but had a manor in Cornwall as well.

Juniper grew up with her parents, Marcas and Simona and her older brothers, Dante and Andre in Ireland.

When she is 11, she goes to Hogwarts pretending to be Harry Potter, as she is put under elfin glamours by her parents. She tells nobody about her real self, not even Ron and Hermione or Dumbledore.


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