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Rajan ‘Raj’ Priyashna (Original Male Character)

 Allu Arjun - Indian Male Actor and Model Allu Arjun Allu Arjun1

Rajan Priyashna – Is a 20-year-old half-blood wizard of Indian-descent (but is two generations British), who lives next to to the Dursleys with his muggleborn father, Ajay. They moved into Number Six, Privet Drive when Harry was three-years-old (Raj was then six). He’s a very athletic boy, who does heavy work out – running and visiting the local gym. He’s homeschooled in magic by Ajay, who is an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. He is popular with the females around Little Whinging for being a very handsome young man. His body only enhances the attraction, not to mention his dark skin, hair and other good looking features.

Ajay Priyashna – A 52-year-old half-blood wizard, who upon his wife’s death (when Raj was 2-years-old), decided to return to the muggle world where he was raised. Though still very much involved with the wizarding world, being a hard-working and very accomplished Auror, he prefers to live muggle-style. Muggle home, home neighborhood and he even made sure that his only son had a muggle education to turn back on, should his life/career in the wizarding world turn sour or simply didn’t work out.

Female Harry

Selena Gomez46 Selena Gomez47 Selena Gomez53 Selena Gomez1

Harry Potter – He’s a 17-year-old Magical Hermaphrodite, who was raised by the Dursleys as Harrienne Potter (in his female form). He goes into Hogwarts in his male form, trying to hide his MH status, but it eventually is found out and received well. However, at the end of 5th year, to get back at him for putting Lucius in Azkaban, Draco Malfoy curses him with a dark curse – a curse that was designed primarily for permanently locking animagi-shifters in either their animal form or their human form, forever, preventing them from ever shifting back or into their other form. However, it could be used for anything, such as transformation objects and of course, Magical Hermaphrodites. At the time he was cursed, Harry was in his female form, on the train back to the Dursleys. So he is now stuck in his female form for good.

Rajan/Harry History – A 6-year-old Rajan witnessed Vernon Dursley beating a 3-year-old Harry, and called his father. Ajay, in a rage, stormed over to the Dursleys house, hexing the obese man unconscious. Raj, having followed his father, grabbed Harry and brought him over to Number Six, while Ajay stayed and ‘took care’ of the Dursleys, by threatening them with magic. After that incident, Ajay and Rajan took Harry (who, again, went by Harrienne) under their wing, teaching him all about magic and how to cast it – wandlessly and wordlessly.

Harry grew up with Rajan as his best friend, even though they were three years apart. Ajay taught Harry early magic, which made him very advanced when he eventually came to Hogwarts at 11-years of age. They hung out all over the town, keeping to each other and trusting only one another.

When Rajan had first touched Harry (during the rescue), a soul mate bond had awakened between them, which as far as magic is concerned, means that they were at that very moment, legally married. Ajay recognized the golden glow that appeared, and so informed his son and future ‘daughter’-in-law about the bond and marriage.

Rajan is very protective, as well as possessive, of Harry. He follows Harry everywhere the younger wizard goes while around Little Whinging, even into the Dursley home. The Dursleys, under threat of Ajay, reluctantly (very, very reluctantly) ignore Rajan’s presence and most of the time, Harry’s as well. The only time Harry is actually at the Dursleys is to sleep and to do his daily chores – which Raj often helped him with, to the annoyance of the Dursleys. Also, he often used his wandless magic to help them both along.

Although they were technically married, Raj and Harry didn’t actually start dating until the summer before Harry’s 3rd year. They didn’t consummate their bond until March, when Harry snuck into Hogsmeade to meet up with Rajan, who at 15 and with the permission of his father, flooed into the village from Number Six to Three Broomsticks.

Since 3rd year, they would always meet up with each other in Hogsmeade – where Harry would sneak off from his friends to do so. Yes, his and Raj’s relationship/friendship is kept a secret from everyone, including his friends as well as the Order.

Ajay Priyashna joins the Order of the Phoenix, and warms the boys that Harry is being watched by Dumbledore’s people. In order to keep from being caught or seen by the Order members, the two sneak in and out through the Dursleys’ back door, as well as Harry’s window, which faced the back of the house – seeing as the Order was only watching the front of the house.

Harry also worked out with his boyfriend/husband, though only to stay fit, not gain muscles, like Raj was working for. They ran together, and went to the local gym together (Ajay gladly paid for his membership) for indoor workouts – weights, basketball, swimming, machine-workouts, martial arts and even dance. Harry’s favorites were swimming and dancing.



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Harrienne’s mother, Zeta Andreacchi-Kasparkova. Appearance: 25-years-old. Real Age: 55-years-old.

Asia Argento Asia Argento1

Harrienne’s father, Isaak Kasparkova. Appearance: 30-years-old. Real Age: 60-years-old.

Jensen Ackles1 Dean Winchester8

Harrienne Avalon Kasparkova. Appearance: 16-years-old. Real Age: 16-years-old.

Selena Gomez52 Selena Gomez23

Ainabeth Evaine Kasparkova. Appearance: 4-years-old. Real Age: 4-years-old.

Dark haired little girl37 Dark haired little girl9


Earth Phoenix:

— Shape-shift

— Healing tears

— Speak to and understand all animals

— Teleport travel

— Has an affinity with all things Earth – plants, animals, sun, soil, humans, etc..

— Moods change weather – happy (sunny), sad (rainy), angry (storm), sick (gloomy, but not rainy), etc..

— Fly

Elemental Faery:

— Healing touch – plants/animals/humans/other creature

— Speak to and understand all animals

— Faery Magics (deferent method, but same concept as wizard magic, only without incantation or wand). Basically, wandless and wordless magic. Still use potions, spells and charms, but it’s more powerful when using them with Faery magic.

— Can help plants grown at an advanced rate/time.

— Has some control over the weather, briefly. Can cause earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

— Can conjure fire, plant vines, wind and water at various degrees.

— Shrink from big to small.

— Fly

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Most of the people I use are, admittedly, older than 17 and more in their twenties. However, they still have enough youthfulness to perhaps pull off being a teenager. Hope you like the images I’ve chosen to represent the characters.

Daphne Greengrass/Astoria Greengrass Images

I picture Daphne and Astoria Greengrass of Harry Potter to be blonde and very beautiful. Some people have Daphne down as a brunette, and that’s okay too, but for me, Daphne is a blonde with either blue or green eyes. I’ve gathered some images up of models/celebrities and even (maybe) regular people, who I think would be a good Daphne and/or representation.

Take a look.

Some Blonde Model

Blonde Model

Anabela Belikova – Belarusian Model

Anabela Belikova 

Emilie De Ravin

Emilie De Ravin - Australian Actress Emilie De Ravin - Australian Actress1

Leven Rambin

Leven Rambin

Anastasia Cowez – French Model

Anastasia Cowez

Juliana Forge – Australian Model (one of my personal favorite pictures)

Juliana Forge - Australian Model

Tracy Davis Images

I picture Tracy Davis as a brunette, who, though not as beautiful as her best friend Daphne, is still very pretty and considered untouchable. She’s not as ‘icy’ as Daphne is, but she is just as standoffish and still very Slytherin.

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene Ashley Greene1

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Odette Yustman

Odette Yustman Odette Yustman1

Leighton Meester


Briana Evigan

Briana Evigan

Pansy Parkinson Images

Honestly? I had no idea who to chose to represent Pansy. I mean, I don’t know any celebrities who are youthful, brunette and have a pug-ish nose/face. So, I forwent the infamous Pansy Parkinson nose and supposed hideousness, and just chose a celebrity. Who is Sarah Hyland? I have absolutely no idea, but I thought she had a ‘Pansy-esque’ appearance. Is Sarah Hyland even Caucasian? Not that it matters what race she is, only that Pansy isn’t supposed to be black, or Chinese or whatever. Oops if she is!

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale LUCY HALE @ the CBS/Showtime/CW summer press tour 2008 held @ Boulevard 3.
July 18, 2008

Parvati and Padma Patil Images

I actually think that the original actress that played Padma was gorgeous, so I didn’t change her. Parvati, though, I did change. In the books, I think that they were supposed to be identical, however in the movies, they obviously aren’t. So I went with the movie theme, and didn’t go for identical representation.

Afshan Azad – the original Padma Patil

Afshan Azad - Padma Patil1 Afshan Azad - Padma Patil10

Samantha Ruth Prabhu – Parvati

Indian Teen1 Samantha Ruth Prabhu1

Priyamani – Indian Actress

Priyamani - Indian Actress2


Lavender Brown Images

I don’t really know much about Lavender, apart from the fact that she’s rather feminine (girly) and is into make-up, clothes and all of that. Didn’t really know who to go with for Lavender, so I just took a wing at it. Lets see who we have here…

Anastasia Bondarenko – Ukrainian Model

Anastasia Bondarenko - Ukrainian Model2

Don’t have a clue as to this is…

Dark haired woman8

Mariana Bayon – Mexican Model

Mariana Bayon - Mexican Model2


Su Li Images

Su Li, a Ravenclaw of Harry’s year. She’s obviously smart, and is of Chinese descent. We really know nothing else about her…

Yifei Liu – Chinese Actress

 Yifei Liu1

Gillian Chung – Chinese Actress

Gillian Chung Gillian Chung1

Angela Baby – Chinese Actress

Angela Baby Angela Baby1


Cho Chang Images

Another smart, Asian beauty. We know she’s supposed to be stunning, so I’ll do my best.

Li Bing Bing – Chinese Actress

Li Bing Bing Li Bing Bing2

Cecilia Cheung – Chinese Actress

Cecilia Cheung

BingBing Fan – Chinese Actress

BingBing Fan


Fleur Delacour Images

Fleur Delacour, the beautiful blonde Veela. Hope I do her justice…

Hana Soukupova – Czech Model

Hana Soukupova

Indra Zemmere – Latvian Model

Indra Zemmere - Latvian Model

Clemence Poesy – French Actress (the original Fleur)

Clemence Poesy

Doutzen Kroes – Dutch Model

Doutzen Kroes - Dutch Model

I don’t know who this is.

Blonde Girl1

Jessica Stam – Canadian Model

Jessica Stam Jessica Stam3


Ginny Weasley Images

The tomboyish redhead with freckles. Is she supposed to be beautiful? Or rather plain looking? I don’t know, but I chose these photos to represent Ginny. Hope they’re appropriate enough. Don’t worry – Lindsay Lohan will NOT be one of them.

I don’t know who this is. But she’s pretty, so I thought she would make a good Ginny.


Again, I have no idea who this is.


Renee Olstead – American Actress

Renee Olstead Renee Olstead1

Cintia Dicker – Actress/Model

Cintia Dicker Cintia Dicker1

Barbara Meier – German Model (Next Top Model)

Barbara Meier4 Barbara Meier Barbara Meier2


Luna Lovegood Images

I love Luna Lovegood, and I think that Evanna Lynch makes a great Luna. However, just for fun, I’m going to use these girls as a good representation of her. She’s cute, she’s blonde and she’s a little weird, but I just love her. Hope I do her justice as well. I’ll even add Evanna Lynch as well…

Evanna Lynch – British Actress (the original Luna)

Evanna Lynch

Isabelle Beyschlag – German Model

Isabelle Beyschlag - German Model

Clare Venema – Australian Next Top Model Finalist

Clare Venema - Australia's Next Top Model Clare Venema - Australia's Next Top Model1 Clare Venema - Australia's Next Top Model2

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Edward Cullen2Selena Gomez56

Objective: Harry gets kidnapped on the Platform 9 3/4, just before he was to get onto the train to Hogwarts for his first year.

The man who abducts Harry, takes him the older man’s home (in a different country) and keeps Harry prisoner there, through heavy magical wards and a No-Harm magical collar (which stops Harry from defending himself from the dark wizard by any means – magical or not). The wards are locked on him, keeping him trapped inside or at least on the wizard’s property.

The dark wizard, named Enryko Bȍrec treated Harry like a plaything – he used and abused him, sexually and physically, whenever he was in the mood or angry. Harry was raped repeatedly, but after a while he learned that not fighting Enryko allowed him a lot less pain and even some pleasure. Enryko was a gentler lover when Harry cooperated and didn’t struggle.

Just a few months after being held captive by Enryko, Harry (an 11-year-old Magical Hermaphrodite or he was born a female) falls pregnant. Nine months later, just a month after turning 12-years-old, he gives birth to his daughter, Vivienna Claire, on August 31st.

Just five months after Vivienna is born, Harry once again becomes pregnant. Nine months later, in October, and at 13-years-old, he gives birth to his son, William Mason. William is just 14-months younger than Vivienna.

Thankfully for Harry, he goes the next couple years without conceiving another child. Up until Harry is 15, that is. In mid-fall of what is supposed to be his 5th year, Harry once again falls pregnant. On July 29th, just two days before Harry’s 16th birthday, he gives birth to his third and youngest child, Ainabeth Olivia.

Only two days later, on his birthday, Harry comes into his magical creature inheritance of a Faery – an immortal creature who has magical (different than wizarding) powers and can elemental magic and can shrink from his original height of 5 foot 1 to a mere 6 inches. The minute he becomes a Faery, he knows that his children are NOT Enryko’s, but his soul mates’ instead. Magic found a way to take the essence of his soul mate, from wherever he was, and replace the genes needed to create Vivienna, William and Ainabeth. Also, the second he came into his inheritance, he stopped aging – he was now 16-years-old forever.

Thanks to his magical creature inheritance, Harry is able to fight the enchantments that is keeping him and his children captive. Revengefully, Harry murders Enryko without a moment’s hesitation, before taking his babies and leaving the country and heading back to England, with a 4-year-old Vivienna, 3-year-old William and a newborn Ainabeth.

In England, Harry went to Gringotts to check up on his finances and accounts/vaults, before walking away from the wizarding world, and going to the muggle world, where Harry and the kids stayed for a year at one of the many Potter homes in Wales. After a year, Harry decided that he was ready to go track his mate down (thanks to visions born from his Faery magic he knew who, what and where his mate was) and meet him and let his mate meet the three children he obviously didn’t know he had.

Harry packed up the children – ages 5, 4 and 1 – and left Wales for America, Forks, Washington to be exact.

Potter siblings

Emmett/Harry/Rosalie Threesome   2 comments


Emmett Cullen – Was turned at age 20, and is therefore forever in the image of a 20-year-old. Though he can go as young as 17.

Rosalie Hale – Was turned at age 19, and is therefore forever in the image of a 19-year-old. She can go as young as 16-17.

Harry Potter – Never turned into a vampire. However, on his 15th birthday, he came into his magical creature inheritance (Elf/Fairy/Incubus, etc.) and because of his inheritance, he has stopped aging at 15. He can go as young as 12, and as old as 18, if he really, really tried.

Before the move to Forks, Washington, Emmett and Rosalie decide to take a mini vacation to London, England. At the same time, Harry, who had just turned 15-years-old, decided to sneak out of the Dursleys, passed his Order of the Phoenix guards (thanks to his new creature inheritance, he could sense the guards) and head into London to visit Diagon Alley’s Flourish and Blotts’ book store to try and find books/information on what he had just turned into.

Rosalie and Emmett bump into Harry as the three walk down the streets of London. Upon contact (skin-to-skin), Harry immediately gets the overwhelming sense of peace, protection, safely and rightfulness, but not knowing what it meant to feel such things. Rosalie and Emmett, however, knew the signs of finding your mate, and instantly know what their own feelings meant – they were feeling protectiveness, peace, completion and desire.

Knowing that they had just found their third mate – their submissive – Rosalie and Emmett refuse to leave Harry’s side. Though, Harry wasn’t complaining, feeling perfectly at home with the two vampires. Coming from the wizarding world, Harry did know that they were vampires, but the animal-eating kind. He confesses his knowing, and in turn he tells them of his own new inheritance as well as about his Magical Hermaphroditism.

They agree to help Harry find out what he is. Rosalie and Emmett (thanks to Harry’s glamour charms) follow Harry into Diagon Alley and into Flourish and Blotts. There, they find out exactly what Harry is – an Elf/Faery hybrid. Apparently, the genes had laid dormant in the pureblooded Potter line and the long line of pureblooded squibs in the Evans line. When Potter and Evans collided, and created Harry, the genes became active. On the Potter’s side, was the Elfin blood and on the Evans was the Faery.

1. Wandless Magic

2. Strong, unbreakable glamour charms/illusions

3. Eternal Life

4. Ethereal Beauty

5. The ability to shrink his body from his original 5 foot even frame to a mere 6 inches tall.

6. Flight – in the form of wings.

7. Enhanced vision and hearing as well as strength and speed – though nowhere near a vampire’s level (in strength and speed, anyways).

8. Teleportation

9. Has much control over the element, Earth.

10. Gifted in languages – human and creature.

Harry decides not to return to Hogwarts for his 5th year. Instead, he decides to return to Forks, Washington with his two mates at the end of the summer. From July 31st to August 31st, Harry stays with Emmett and Rosalie in their hotel, getting to know one another better and eventually consummating their bond. Rosalie takes Harry’s masculine virginity (in his male MH form) while Emmett takes his feminine virginity (in his female form).

On August 31st, the three soul mates catch a plane from Heathrow Airport to Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, where they are picked up by Edward, Jasper and Alice. Because Harry is not a vampire, Alice is unable to see him, and therefore was caught off guard by Harry’s appearance/arrival, along with the other Cullens.

Carlisle and Esme

Jasper and Alice

Edward Cullen2

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Harry is NOT a Magical Hermaphrodite, but actually was born a girl. Her name is Harrienne Jamena Goldenweiler. Harrienne or Harry for short, was kidnapped just an hour after she was born, by James and Lily Potter. the real Harry James Potter died of SIDS, and they wanted to replace their son. They performed a dark summoning ritual, which summoned little Harrienne to Godric’s Hollow.

Harrison James Potter – July 31st, at 8:34 p.m.

Harrienne Jamena Goldenweiler – July 31st, at 11:59 p.m.

When Harrienne is 16-months old (just a month after Voldemort attacked and killed the Potters), her real parents – Henryk and Edyta Goldenweiler – finally track her down, and bring her back to the family manor in Germany.

They have no other children. Edyta is Italian-Polish (born and raised in Italy). Henryk is German-Polish (born and raised in Germany). So Harrienne is of German, Italian and Polish descent, and raised in Germany, learning to speak fluently in German, Italian, Polish and English.

When Harrienne is 14 and still in Hogwarts (where everyone thinks that Harrienne is ‘Harry Potter’, and where she charms her voice to sound British, when she really has a German accent), her mother, Edyta, is killed by a group of Death Eaters (who are still loyal to Voldemort, even though he has yet to be resurrected – they are still trying to recruit, unsuccessfully). Henryk and Edyta were in England, doing business and they came across a group of Death Eaters, who upon knowing the Goldenweiler name (a twelve generation pureblood family), the Death Eaters tried to recruit the Polish couple. When they refused, the Death Eaters attacked, killing Edyta. In rage, Henryk killed them.

Upon returning to Germany for the summer holidays, Henryk refuses to let his daughter return to England. Thinking that it was only a matter of time before Voldemort returned and therefore nowhere in Europe would be safe. The two pack up and leave Germany, and head to America.

Female Harry Potter (Harrienne Goldenweiler)

Selena Gomez47 Selena Gomez22 Selena Gomez21

Henryk Goldenweiler – Harrienne’s father

Til Schweiger1

They move to Chicago, Illinois.

In Chicago, Harrienne goes into high school, and joins the swimming team.

High School Pool

School pool

Girl’s Swim Gear

Swimsuite Swim gear Swim gear3

Guy’s Swim Gear

Swimsuite1 Swim gear1

Miss Jodie Cavan – The Swim Coach

 Maria Bello1 Swim gear4 Swim gear5

Edyta Goldenweiler – Harrienne’s mother

Carla Gugino 

Some of Harrienne’s school mates:

Derek Pennington                              Chloe Zepeda                               Travis Jordan

Chase Crawford1 Dark haired woman13 Grey Damon - True Blood Actor

Beth McQuin                                   Lana Richardson                    Jacqueline Anderson

 Mary Elizabeth Winstead Amanda Bynes Nina Dobrev

Kendra Ross                                         Caleb Jackson                     Nicholas Collins

 Kiki Palmer Steven Strait (Newscom TagID: wennphotos069436)     [Photo via Newscom]