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Harry is NOT a Magical Hermaphrodite, but actually was born a girl. Her name is Harrienne Jamena Goldenweiler. Harrienne or Harry for short, was kidnapped just an hour after she was born, by James and Lily Potter. the real Harry James Potter died of SIDS, and they wanted to replace their son. They performed a dark summoning ritual, which summoned little Harrienne to Godric’s Hollow.

Harrison James Potter – July 31st, at 8:34 p.m.

Harrienne Jamena Goldenweiler – July 31st, at 11:59 p.m.

When Harrienne is 16-months old (just a month after Voldemort attacked and killed the Potters), her real parents – Henryk and Edyta Goldenweiler – finally track her down, and bring her back to the family manor in Germany.

They have no other children. Edyta is Italian-Polish (born and raised in Italy). Henryk is German-Polish (born and raised in Germany). So Harrienne is of German, Italian and Polish descent, and raised in Germany, learning to speak fluently in German, Italian, Polish and English.

When Harrienne is 14 and still in Hogwarts (where everyone thinks that Harrienne is ‘Harry Potter’, and where she charms her voice to sound British, when she really has a German accent), her mother, Edyta, is killed by a group of Death Eaters (who are still loyal to Voldemort, even though he has yet to be resurrected – they are still trying to recruit, unsuccessfully). Henryk and Edyta were in England, doing business and they came across a group of Death Eaters, who upon knowing the Goldenweiler name (a twelve generation pureblood family), the Death Eaters tried to recruit the Polish couple. When they refused, the Death Eaters attacked, killing Edyta. In rage, Henryk killed them.

Upon returning to Germany for the summer holidays, Henryk refuses to let his daughter return to England. Thinking that it was only a matter of time before Voldemort returned and therefore nowhere in Europe would be safe. The two pack up and leave Germany, and head to America.

Female Harry Potter (Harrienne Goldenweiler)

Selena Gomez47 Selena Gomez22 Selena Gomez21

Henryk Goldenweiler – Harrienne’s father

Til Schweiger1

They move to Chicago, Illinois.

In Chicago, Harrienne goes into high school, and joins the swimming team.

High School Pool

School pool

Girl’s Swim Gear

Swimsuite Swim gear Swim gear3

Guy’s Swim Gear

Swimsuite1 Swim gear1

Miss Jodie Cavan – The Swim Coach

 Maria Bello1 Swim gear4 Swim gear5

Edyta Goldenweiler – Harrienne’s mother

Carla Gugino 

Some of Harrienne’s school mates:

Derek Pennington                              Chloe Zepeda                               Travis Jordan

Chase Crawford1 Dark haired woman13 Grey Damon - True Blood Actor

Beth McQuin                                   Lana Richardson                    Jacqueline Anderson

 Mary Elizabeth Winstead Amanda Bynes Nina Dobrev

Kendra Ross                                         Caleb Jackson                     Nicholas Collins

 Kiki Palmer Steven Strait (Newscom TagID: wennphotos069436)     [Photo via Newscom]


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