Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover–OC characters and Female Harry.   Leave a comment

Harrienne’s mother, Zeta Andreacchi-Kasparkova. Appearance: 25-years-old. Real Age: 55-years-old.

Asia Argento Asia Argento1

Harrienne’s father, Isaak Kasparkova. Appearance: 30-years-old. Real Age: 60-years-old.

Jensen Ackles1 Dean Winchester8

Harrienne Avalon Kasparkova. Appearance: 16-years-old. Real Age: 16-years-old.

Selena Gomez52 Selena Gomez23

Ainabeth Evaine Kasparkova. Appearance: 4-years-old. Real Age: 4-years-old.

Dark haired little girl37 Dark haired little girl9


Earth Phoenix:

— Shape-shift

— Healing tears

— Speak to and understand all animals

— Teleport travel

— Has an affinity with all things Earth – plants, animals, sun, soil, humans, etc..

— Moods change weather – happy (sunny), sad (rainy), angry (storm), sick (gloomy, but not rainy), etc..

— Fly

Elemental Faery:

— Healing touch – plants/animals/humans/other creature

— Speak to and understand all animals

— Faery Magics (deferent method, but same concept as wizard magic, only without incantation or wand). Basically, wandless and wordless magic. Still use potions, spells and charms, but it’s more powerful when using them with Faery magic.

— Can help plants grown at an advanced rate/time.

— Has some control over the weather, briefly. Can cause earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

— Can conjure fire, plant vines, wind and water at various degrees.

— Shrink from big to small.

— Fly


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