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Hellcat Girls

HellcatsSelena Gomez28Ashley TisdaleAlyson Michalka2

Backdrop to Harrienne’s story

Harrienne is not Lily and James’ child. She was kidnapped (magically stolen) from her real mother, Alexandra Piotropakis, a single mother who had moved from Greece not long before giving birth to her only child and daughter, Harrienne Ismene. Harrienne was just a few hours old when she was kidnapped from her crib by a dark magic ritual.

She was brought to Godric’s Hollow, and there, she was placed under heavy glamours and potions, to turn into the carbon copy of the Potter’s deceased heir, Harrison James Potter. In truth, she already had most of the same features as Harrison – bright green eyes (even as a newborn) and jet-black hair. They only had to really just lighten up her skin a touch (being half Greek, she was a little darker than he had been) and give her some of James’ facial features.

The real Harry Potter had died of SIDS just shortly after his birth. He and Harrienne were only an hour apart. Harrison was born at 10:58p.m. of July 31st, and Harrienne was born 11:59p.m. of July 31st. She was the real Boy-Who-Lived, only not so much a boy.

Dumbledore placed her with the Dursleys (who were of no relation to herself) when she was 15-months-old. At the age of 5, all of the glamours that had been placed on her fell, but she was able to perform wandless magic (always had been, but everyone wrote it off as accidental magic), allowing her to replace the glamours. Of course, at 5, she had no idea what glamours were, but all she had to do was will her magic to make her look just like she had before, and it complied. She made sure that the glamours were back up before she faced the Dursleys.

At Hogwarts, Harrienne was miserable. Not nearly as miserable as when she was with the Dursleys, but still very unhappy. All the media-attention, her fame and even her friends, who though nice enough, were doing nothing but holding her back from her true potential, it just drove her mad. Not to mention the war and the many attempts on her life by various people (mainly Voldemort and his Death Eaters). At all was just too much for the girl, and by the end of her 5th year she had had enough.

Instead of getting in the car with her ‘relatives’ at the train station (after the Order’s threats), Harrienne tells Vernon to leave before getting a taxi and making her way to Diagon Alley, where she becomes emancipated and gets control of her vaults and other finances. She asks the goblins to transfer her accounts to the American equivalent of Gringotts (in New York), before buying a plane ticket and flies to the JFK Airport in New York City, where she moves into a nice penthouse, which she inherited from her biological father’s side of the family.

Biological Father: Azzo Arrigucci – a pureblood Italian, born and raised in Sicily, Italy as an only child. He and Alexandra met while Azzo was on family business in Crete. They did not marry, even though Alexandra was the heiress to a very wealthy pureblood family. Instead, they had a small tryst before Azzo returned to Sicily. He died when Harrienne was seven (he was killed during a raid of a dark wizard’s home). As he was the last Arrigucci, he left everything to Harrienne.

Biological Mother: Alexandria Piotropakis – a pureblood Greek, born and raised in Crete, Greece as an only child. She died when Harrienne was a year old, as she had fallen into a deep depression after loosing her only child. She then got sick, and her body couldn’t fight the illness. She, too was the last of the wealthy pureblood Piotropakis family, and therefore Harrienne inherited everything from her.

Once in New York, she had canceled her glamours. For the first time in her whole like, she was now able to be herself – Harrienne Ismene Piotropakis-Arrigucci.

Harrienne Ismene Piotropakis-Arrigucci

Selena Gomez84

For the next two years (from 16 to 18) she went to the smaller, local magical academy in NYC, called Magic Academy of New York City– also known as MANY or MANYC. There, while going to the night classes, she finished up her magical education, now able to perform at her best, without having to downplay her intelligence for friends who would have resented her for it (Hermione, Ron). She was able to be herself.

There, she met Alice Verdura, a pretty half-blood witch from Tennessee. The two became fast friends, even though their personalities were very different – Harrienne was sweet, friendly, selfless and she did things for others without expecting things in return. Alice was the opposite, even though at times she could be kind of sweet and selfless (to those very close to her). She did things for others, but always expected something in return. She was friendly, but only to your face – behind your back, she was rather cruel. Alice brought out the bitch in Harrienne at times, just as Harrienne brought out the kindness in Alice sometimes. They balanced each other out.

Alice was a year older than Harrienne.

The two also took muggle classes at school with Alice during the day, attending Memphis High School, where they were cheerleaders for the football team. Harrienne was hooked with the ‘sport’ the moment she tried it.

Notes:// Harrienne commutes by portkey/Apparation, from New York City to Memphis, just as Alice does from Memphis to New York City. MANYC provides portkeys for their commuting students (which was most of them on the east coast). Apparating is permitted at age 16, instead of 17, like in England, as that was the main transportation in the U.S. for witches and wizards.

Alice graduates both high school and MANYC before Harrienne, and goes off to Lancer University in Memphis, Tennessee, where she eventually becomes a Hellcat. She and Harrienne still get together on weekends, hang out and double date with their separate boyfriends (if they are dating then).

Notes:// I’m not sure of the Hellcats timeline, so I’m just going to do my own. Alice will be one year older than Marti and Savannah, while Harrienne will be their age (21) by the time the story actually kicks off. Alice and Lewis will date for one year, when they are Juniors at Lancing (they’re both Seniors in the show, I believe), so that leaves Alice two years previous (one year without Harrienne) at Lancing to date OC’s. Harrienne will have boyfriends, too (though more permanent than Alice’s relationships).

When Harrienne joins Alice a year later at Lancer, she tries-outs along-side Frankie and Darwin as a Hellcat and becomes a flier. Harrienne is 18 when she gets to Lancer. Not only does she become a Hellcat, but she also is on scholarship, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in History (International). She has a deep fascination with people and their cultures.

Adrian Charbonneau (Harrienne’s more permanent/serious boyfriend)

Gaspard Ulliel4 Gaspard Ulliel9 Gaspard Ulliel8

Adrian Charbonneau – A Beauxbaton Academy transfer student (attended MANYC two years ahead of Harrienne). He was a pureblood, but left his family to live in the muggle world. He and Harrienne had become really good friends at MANYC, and still kept in touch after he had graduated. He lives in New York and attends NYU, majoring in Medicine. He and Harrienne get together whenever they are both free and just after Harrienne graduated from MANYC, the two began dating. He transfers to Lancer as a Junior, when Harrienne goes to Lancer for her Freshman year. When he graduated from Lancer, he then goes into Medical School for another few years of schooling.

Savannah transfers to Lancer from Memphis Christian at age 20 (a year before the show’s pilot episode) and beats out Alice for captaincy of the Hellcats. Harrienne likely would have gotten it, but she didn’t put her name in and she told the squad not to nominate her, as she knew how much Alice had wanted the title.

Notes:// I will not follow the show. I will make up most of my own events (I will likely steal a few from the show but not everything) and create my own story. I can’t stand copy-cat stories, where they follow the show/movie to the T. It’s annoying to read. That’s not to say that I abhor reading some recognizable material, however.

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Winchester Family Photo

Winchester Family Photo3

Lily Evans (Potter) – Aged 19-years-old


Nineteen-years-old, and just a few weeks away from her wedding with her boyfriend, James, Lily Evans is sent to America on duty as an Unspeakable-in-training. It is while she is roaming the magical alley of New York City that she bumps into a much older, yet quite charming and handsomely roguish John Winchester, who was searching the magical center for some supplies for his hunt. Lily falls for the Winchester charm and ends up sleeping with John.

The two are together for only three days, before Lily guilt-ridden, breaks things off and returns back to England, where she marries James just shortly thereafter. At the time of the affair, Dean is 14 and Sam is 10. Nine months later, Lily gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom she names Harrienne Jazlyn, on July 31st, with only their house elf, Twitchy, to witness the birth. The second Harrienne was born, Lily sent an owl with a portkey to John, who, along with his two sons, came to Godric’s Hollow to see their newborn daughter/sister. They all fell absolutely in love with her.

John Winchester

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

John, Dean and Sam stay and spend a week at Godric’s Hollow (much to James’ displeasure, given that he was still seething over Lily’s affair) before taking another portkey back to America. It was after the three Winchester boys had gone that Lily and James glamoured Harrienne to appear as male (temporarily, to cover up the obvious affair on Lily’s part, seeing as due to an old curse, no Potter can produce females) before announcing their ‘son’s’ birth to their friends and family.

Just three months later, on October 31st, Voldemort attacks the Potter and kills them. Dumbledore places infant Harrienne on the doorstep (still disguised as the male heir of Potter) where she disappears a few hours later, only to reappear beside her biological father, John Winchester, and her two older brother’s side. The glamours that Lily and James had placed on her had canceled out just minutes before she appeared in America.

14 Years Later

Dean – 29-years-old

Sam – 25-years-old

Harrienne – 14-years-old

Winchester Family Photo4

Harrienne, able to perform some wandless magic, went to Hogwarts for only two years (her first and second year), while glamouring herself to once again portray the role of Harrison James Potter. However, she got fed up with the wizarding world after after year two, having witnessed just how simple-minded they were – she would never forgive them for how everyone acted when they thought it was her that was the Heir of Slytherin and when they found out she could talk to snakes.

Disgusted and incredibly hurt, Harrienne returns to her brothers’ side on the road, much to their displeasure. They did not want her mixed up in hunting.

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A month before her marriage to James Potter, Lily heads to Greece for Unspeakable business. While in Crete, she meets a native man named Niko Piotropakis and ends up having an affair with him. An affair that lasts only one night, but has major consequences. Guilt-ridden, Lily returned to England, but she still marries James. It is only a few weeks after their wedding, that she discovers that she’s pregnant. She then confesses to James that the baby might not be his.

James is distraught but doesn’t leave her. He decides that even if the baby isn’t his, he’ll still love it like his own and name it his heir. They agree to keep the affair between them, telling not even their closest friends. James warns Lily that if the baby turns out to be a girl, then they would have to either make the affair known (which would disgrace her good name) or they would have to hide the baby’s gender, turning her into a temporary boy.

Why? In the mid-1600’s, the Potter head at the time, Emrick Potter, had placed a curse on his future bloodline so that they could only ever produce male heirs. If Lily’s child was a girl, it would be a dead giveaway to her adulterous act. Everyone would know that the baby was not James’ child. It didn’t matter if they weren’t married at the time of the affair or not.

When Lily gave birth to a little girl, whom they named Harrienne Jazlyn Potter, they decided that the best option was to change the baby’s outer appearance, so that she appeared to be a boy, not a girl. They glamoured her with strong, powerful spells and they made her look like a male, carbon copy of James, so that the guise held tight.

When the Potters died, the magic that held the glamours began to very slowly dwindle, until, on Harrienne’s fifth birthday, they fell completely. Frightened that she would get in big trouble with the Dursleys, Harrienne used wandless magic (which she had been able to perform since she could remember – only non-defensive/offensive magic such as unlocking spells, glamours, levitation, healing, etc.) to replace them, only they were now held by her own magic. They could only come down when she wanted them to.

She entered Hogwarts as Harry Potter, even though she really did not want to. She was in her ‘male’ glamours when Hagrid picked her up, so she knew from her little trip to Diagon Alley with Hagrid that the wizarding world was expecting her as Harry James Potter, not Harrienne Jazlyn Potter.

How does she know her real name? Lily had written a time delay letter to her, to be delivered to Harrienne when the glamours eventually fell, telling her about the affair, the Potter curse, her real name and why they had to glamour her. Harrienne received the letter when she was five-years-old, even though she couldn’t read very well if at all. She kept the letter with her in the cupboard and as she aged, more and more words began to make sense and by the time she got to Hogwarts she understood the letter fully.

During fourth year, before the Yule Ball but after the first task, Harrienne dropped her glamours for good. She was tired of hiding who she really was, and hated acting like a boy (in her opinion, her acting was horrible – she felt like she had made Harry Potter appear feminine. Not all if it was in her head, either). Because she was now Harrienne (also known as still ‘Harry’ just female now), she did not take Parvati Patil to the dance with her. Instead she was asked out by Cormac McLaggen, as well as several other boys. She went with Cormac, though she didn’t really care for his company. She was just desperate to find a date in time for the ball and didn’t have much time to be very picky about who she went with. Champions had to have a date, after all.

Year after year, her beauty grew, but she was very ignorant to that beauty. She had no idea just how naturally beautiful she was or how much her presence affected those around her. She had this charm about her that not a single person – male or female – could ignore. Her dazzling big smile made those around her smile and her laugh was very infectious making others laugh or turn to look at her when she did. The female population of the school were all inferior to her and they wanted to hate her for it, but because she was just too kind or ignorant of it all, they couldn’t. They admired her instead and wanted to be friends with her.

Her enemies still hated her, though both Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy hated her a little less than before. Draco, before he found himself attracted to Harrienne, and Snape, because she was not related to James and therefore she did not warrant as much hatred from him as she had previously when Snape thought her to be James Potter’s offspring.

Harrienne still has Lily’s emerald green eyes, but she has her birth father’s (Niko Piotropakis) dark hair and was very good mix of both her parents.

Lily Potter                                                    Niko Piotropakis

Redhead5 Theo Theodoris - Greek Male Model

Female Harry Potter – (a.k.a. Harrienne Jazlyn Potter)

Selena Gomez67 Selena Gomez65 Selena Gomez46

During the summer before sixth-year, she is staying with the Weasleys from July 30th to September 1st (Burrow or Grimmauld Place, I haven’t decided). That summer, Charlie Weasley also comes to stay and spend time with his family before going back to Romania. The two secretly start dating and it’s as Harrienne, Ron and Hermione gets on the Hogwarts Express September 1st that Charlie decides that Romania could wait for a couple of years, until his girlfriend graduates. Not telling his family that he was taking a sabbatical from the dragons, Charlie gets a small convenient flat in Hogsmeade while also doing some work in the muggle world to get extra money (he enjoys being a bouncer at a night club).

During Hogsmeade weekends and whenever she gets a chance to sneak out undetected, Harrienne goes to spend days and sometimes nights with her boyfriend. None of her friends catch on to her, thanks to her handy invisibility cloak and her always having the Marauder’s Map. Also, she’s a very convincing liar when she needs to be.

In January of her sixth year, Harrienne finds out that she’s pregnant. She once again uses glamours to hide her developing pregnancy from everyone, and she only tells Charlie. By the time school lets out for summer in early June, she’s already five-months pregnant.

When the Order members go and pick her up from the Dursleys on the eve of her birthday, she’s in her sixth (almost seventh) month. Remus, Tonks, Shacklebolt and Mad-Eye Moody walk in on Harrienne as she’s packing up her trunk for the departure. She and Charlie had agreed beforehand that they would come clean with the pregnancy, as it was physically draining for her to keep hold of the glamours while pregnant (her pregnancy was eating up a lot of her magical reserves) as well as their relationship. So, when the four Order members enter her small room, they see her in all of her pregnant glory.

They are shocked but they don’t comment. Instead they simply help her finish her packing and guide her down the stairs to the Dursley’s fireplace – which was hooked temporarily to the floo network.

Note to Self://She is wearing this when they pick her up: Only she’s pregnant while wearing it.

Outfit17 or Outfit1

By the end of August she is seven months pregnant:

Harrienne while pregnant

Pregnant woman1

However, for some reason, she goes into labor just two days before she is to return to Hogwarts for her 7th year. She gives birth to her and Charlie’s daughter, prematurely. She’s a healthy baby, despite her premature birth, and because of magic (spells and potions combined), the baby doesn’t need to be in an incubator like muggle preemies.

Avalon Evaine Potter-Weasley

Newborn baby1 Dark haired baby

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Cormac and Female-Harry Gryffindor Banner (photos)

Cormac and Harrienne1

Cormac McLaggen

Freddie Stroma7 Freddie Stroma6 Freddie Stroma3

Harrienne (Harry) Potter

Selena Gomez72 Selena Gomez67 Selena Gomez90

Harry’s First Year Overview

When Cormac was eleven, he was told by his father to start looking around for a future spouse the moment he entered Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, when Cormac started his first year at the school, he was not impressed by his year-mates or those ahead of him. Disappointed, twelve-year-old Cormac returns to his home in Fowey, Cornwall. Over the summer, he gets curious about sex and looks through the library in the McLaggen manor, where he finds several books – books from hetero sex to homosexual sex. Like many magical families, especially pureblood families, the wizards tend to often be bisexual, as homosexuality is not looked down upon in the wizarding world, like the muggle world.

The percentage for a young wizard to have sex with at least one other male in their lifetime is about 75%. Not all wizards are bisexual, but many will still find pleasure wherever they can get it. However, there are still more heterosexual marriages than homosexual.

Cormac finds the books and takes them from the library, and goes back to his room. For the rest of the summer, he becomes obsessed with finding someone he can do all the things to that he sees in the magically moving pictures.

Upon starting his second year, his honey-brown eyes fall upon little first year, Harry Potter, and he immediately knows that it is Harry he wants to not only be his partner in the sexual activities department, but also be his future spouse. The small boy was beautiful, even in the too-big baggy clothes and awkwardly hideous glasses. Eye sights can be fixed and so could a faulty wardrobe. Cormac saw the beauty underneath the Dursley-made mask (profile) of Harry.

That night, after the sorting and after everyone had gone up to the Gryffindor tower, Cormac pulls Harry away from the crowd, out of the common room and into an empty broom cupboard just down the corridor. In the cupboard, a stunned and confused eleven-year-old Harry gapes at Cormac when the older, golden-haired boy confidently announces:

“Harry, I am Cormac McLaggen, and I wish to court you. The moment I saw you I knew that you were the perfect choice to become my spouse in the future. Please, allow me to be your boyfriend, so that we shall get to know each other very well, and so that eventually, you will become my betrothed and then my spouse.”

Harry, the naive muggle-raised kid that he was, was confused and had no idea what a betrothed was, or even what a ‘court’ meant, but he did know what boyfriend meant to some degree and since he was attracted to the older boy, agreed, blushingly.

Then, before Harry could blink, Cormac was kissing him and Harry was kissing Cormac back. Cormac, eager to try those things he had seen out in a book, asked, “Can I make you feel good?”

When Harry says yes, Cormac grins and undoes Harry’s pants before sliding his hand inside of them and takes ahold of Harry’s cock. Harry, stunned, jumps back, but he moans softly as Cormac starts to move his hand up and down, stroking him gently but eagerly. Having never before touched himself and never feeling such pleasure, Harry doesn’t stop him and the honey-brown haired boy continues, until he orgasms for the first time right into Cormac’s hand.

Again, Harry was a naïve and sheltered (thanks to the Dursleys) little boy, who had never felt affection of any kind that he remembered. When Cormac said that he wanted Harry, and then when he had touched him and gave him enormous amounts of pleasure, Harry was quickly drawn in. Cormac, also only a naïve twelve-year-old, had no idea that he had accidently manipulated Harry into becoming his boyfriend by way of using Harry’s cravings of affection and being wanted, as well as by every male’s (young and old) need for sexual pleasure.

Harry was, from that point on, extremely attached to Cormac – the first ever person that he knew of, to ever want him and promise to care for him forever. He would do anything Cormac asked of him, to hold on to that one person. Cormac was just as enamored with Harry, and over the next nine months, the two became even closer, though only in secret. They didn’t tell their friends about each other.

In his first year, Harry Potter lost his virginity to Cormac McLaggen.

Notes://I know that they are VERY young and most of you will not approve about the sexual activities between them, at their age, but I don’t really care. I was young when I lost my virginity, so I know kids this young DO have sex.

Sure I was 13-years-old and not 11 like Harry, or 12 like Cormac, but 13 is still young and I had been curious about sex since probably the age of 8. I wasn’t a slut or promiscuous. That was my one and only time I have ever had sex in my life – that was ten years ago, for I am now 23-years-old.

Anyways, please don’t complain about their age. NO, I don’t condone underage sex, but it happens and there isn’t much we can do about that. Also, I’m not a pervert of any kind either. Just a chick with a weird sense of entertainment.

When (if ever) the story does come out, don’t bitch at me. We clear? Awesome, lets continue, then!

Harry and Cormac’s relationship over the next several years

The two continue dating and continue to keep their relationship a complete secret from everyone. The only ones who know about it are Cormac’s parents, Cavan and Meredith McLaggen. It was Cavan and Meredith that advised them to keep their relationship and secret, saying that it would only be a matter of time before Voldemort returned, and they didn’t want their son hurt. Harry didn’t want Cormac hurt either, so he readily agreed to the secrecy.

Like all pre-teen and teenage boys, once they had discovered sex there was no stopping them from going at it.

A few months into their relationship during first year, Harry confessed to Cormac about being a Magical Hermaphrodite (definition above on it’s own page).

Blaise/Fem-Harry/Draco Characteristics   6 comments


Blaise Zabini (actor, Gaspard Ulliel)

  Gaspard Ulliel2

I know that Blaise Zabini is supposed to be black, but I don’t and can’t picture him black. I’ve always thought that Blaise was a tall, dark and handsome Italian boy, but never black. I have nothing against him being black (the actor who plays him is good looking) but when I write Blaise, I’m going to write him as I always saw him to be – which is Caucasian (white)-Italian.

— 6 foot 2

— Italian-born and raised

— Collar-length black hair

— Some facial hair along his lower jawline, a goatee and a thin, shadow of a mustache

— Beautiful blue eyes

— Strong and powerful presence – muscular build, with a 6-pack and impressive biceps.

Draco Malfoy (actor, Tom Felton)

 Tom Felton1 Tom Felton

— 6 foot 2

— Blonde hair (shorter than collar-length) with bangs that fall into his face on occasion.

— Beautiful silvery-blue eyes

— Strong and powerful presence, also muscular build of a 6-pack and impressive biceps.

Harrienne Potter (actress, Selena Gomez)

Selena Gomez65 Selena Gomez89Selena Gomez28

— 5 foot 5

— Long jet-black curly hair (that she straightens on occasion) that is mid-back length.

— Deep, emerald green eyes

— Lithe and slender build, like that of a dancer.

— Is of Greek-Italian on James’ side of the family (her paternal grandmother, Dorea Black was Greek – she was adopted into the Black line when she was a child – and her paternal grandfather’s mother was Italian)and Welsh on her mother’s side (Lily was adopted by the Evans, but was actually born Lillian Boswyndel and a pureblood). Because of the Greek-Italian in her bloodline, she is naturally tanned in the skin but not that dark, either.

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Harry in wolf form

Black Werewolf Black Werewolf2

He’s supposed to be monstrously huge and one that can stand on two legs. I don’t like the way Remus Lupin (Moony) was portrayed to look in the 3rd Harry Potter film, so I have decided to change it and have it so that the HP werewolves look more like Underworld or Van Helsing’s werewolves. I also wanted the werewolf body to be very muscular and strong-looking, instead of the emaciated wolf that Remus turned into. He’s about 6 ft. 7 inches to 7 ft. tall from head to feet.

Harry in human form

 Emmett Cullen Emmett Cullen-Kellen Lutz

However, he still has emerald green eyes, and isn’t pale at all. Actually, I think he should have a small (very slight) tan. The color of the hair is perfect, but maybe an inch or two longer, so that it is stylishly messy and unruly, instead of laying flat like this. I love Kellan Lutz’s look here, but it IS a vampire’s look, not a werewolf. Really, I’m only after his build and good looks, to represent my version of Harry. Kellan Lutz is the only one I could think of at the top of my head.

Harry’s Mate

Juliana Forge - Australian Model Juliana Forge - Australian Model1

In her werewolf form

Female Werewolf3 Female Werewolf2 Female Werewolf1

I honestly could not find any really good female werewolf pictures, so I just chose the ones I could. They’re not great, but they should at least give you an idea of what she might look like in her werewolf form. She’s white, due to her having blonde hair (plus, white usually reads more feminine as far as I am concerned). She too can stand on two feet, and she is also quite muscular and strong, though not nearly as strong as Harry is in his form. She is about 6 feet tall from head to feet.

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Yelena Kataryna Petrikova

Juliana Forge - Australian Model Juliana Forge - Australian Model1

Leander (Harry) Jerome Poulakis

Gaspard Ulliel2 or Grey Damon - True Blood Actor

Leander’s (Harry) Elemental Wolf form – only he has emerald eyes and instead of the white you see in his coat in the second picture (on his belly) it is emerald green – so dark that it looks black until light hits it or he uses his elemental powers (Earth and Fire – emerald fire).

Black Wolf1 Black Wolf

Yelena’s Elemental Wolf form- only she has sapphire blue eyes. Her coat is pure white with maybe a tint of icy blue or silver, to represent her Ice/Water element.

 White Wolf White Wolf1 

Harry and Yelena together – only he’s a lot bigger than she is.

Black and White Wolves1 Black and White Wolves

Cosmos (Leander’s Wolf name)

5ft. tall from head to paws. 6ft from head to tail.

Emerald eyes

Jet-black fur, with very dark emerald undertone (tint)

Broad and muscular body

Crystal (Yelena’s Wolf name)

4 1/2ft. tall from head to paw. 5ft. from head to tail.

Sapphire blue eyes

White fur, with very light icy blue or silver tint.


When Leander Jerome Poulakis (born July 31st, at 11:59 p.m.) was just a few hours old he was kidnapped from his crib by the Potters – Lily and James – through a dark magic summoning ritual. Their real son, Harry James Potter, had died of SIDS just hours after being born (July 31st, 11:00 p.m.). Upon Leander’s arrival, the Potters failed to check his bloodline for creature-blood, and went about making him into the carbon copy of James Potter, through potions and glamours.

A few months after being placed with the Dursleys, Leander is rescued by his real birth parents – Hector and Ophelia Poulakis – and taken to Crete, Greece where the Poulakis family live.

Hector and Ophelia are mated Elemental Wolves, but like Veela and Werewolves and Elves, they too can do wizard magic and is therefore also considered magical. They were pureblooded Elemental Wolf, their family going back as far as 2,000 years – before even Merlin and the Founders. They were one of the purest magical beings, the Poulakis family.

When Leander is two, his parents and him move to Siberia, Russia to join a small family of Russian Elemental Wolves named the Petrikova family – Edeke and Ivanna, and their two-year-old daughter, Yelena. The six of them become a very close-knit pack, with Hector as Alpha and Edeke as his Beta. Upon meeting one another, Leander and Yelena initiate a future soul mate bond through touch. They were only two, so they were unaware at the time of their bonding, but they became best friends and inseparable.

The Poulakis-Petrikova family pack live together in a manor surrounded by the cold Siberian wilderness (forest). Thankfully, they were all immune to the bitter cold, and actually found it homey. The pack moved every one to two years from Siberia to Crete, because the mothers wanted their children to think of both countries as their homes. They had even moved stayed at the Poulakis manor located on Isle of Wight in England.

At age 8, Leander becomes a big brother for the first time to Julian. At age 10, his sister Veronica was born. At age 12, his brother Isaak and when he was 14, his twin siblings Alexander and Asta were born.

Leander’s siblings and their ages: When Leander is 20-years-old

— Julian – 12-years-old

— Veronica – 10-years-old

— Isaak – 8-years-old

— Alexander and Asta – 6-years-old

Yelena brother Luka was born was she was 11 and at 13 her baby sister Milya was born.

Yelena’s siblings and their ages: When Yelena is 20-years-old

— Luka – 9-years-old

— Milya – 7-years-old

Just a few weeks after the twins, Asta and Alexander are born, Ophelia and Ivanna were out in a nearby village in Siberia, when they are attacked and killed by a pack of rogue werewolves, having been caught by surprise and mistaken for a human, since Elemental Wolves only had wolf-scent when in their wolf form. Angry at the murder of their mates, Hector and Hedeon go into a rage and go out hunting for the rogue pack of werewolves.  The two kill the entire pack – of twelve. However, only twenty-four hours after Ophelia and Ivanna’s deaths, Hector and Hedeon succumb to death themselves, for a mated pair can’t live without their soul mate.

Upon the deaths of their parents, Leander and Yelena, who are only 14, take charge of their siblings. By then the had already consummated their bond and were considered fully bonded and married. They pack up the seven small children and bring them to their home in Crete, Greece. Yelena was attending a small private magical school in Athens, since she turned eleven. The two had purchased a pair of two-way multi-compartment trunks when they turned eleven, which they use during the school year – with him playing ‘Harry Potter’ at Hogwarts and Yelena in AMA (Athens’ Magical Academy).

They also use this trunk to hide their young siblings in, now that they had no one else to watch them while the two eldest went to school. It was cozy and spacious designed like a large flat.

The trunk had 10 compartments – designed like a large home

— Four bedrooms

— A master en-suite bedroom (that Leander and Yelena shared when they could)

— A bathroom

— Living room

— Playroom

— Kitchen


Because it was a two-way trunk, Leander and Yelena were able to go down into the trunk and spend time with each other and their siblings. Leander (Harry) blood-adopted Luka and Milya as his own siblings, while Yelena blood-adopted Julian, Veronica, Isaak, Alex and Asta as her own siblings as well. However, the two raised them all like they were their own children, especially the youngest three (Milya, Alex and Asta).

Leander goes through his Hogwarts years, playing his role as Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, but that was just a front and act. Sure the people be befriended were his real friends, but since his mother Ophelia was a seer and therefore had warned him that the Dark Lord would return, he felt that he had to keep his real family a secret. He really was the Boy-Who-Lived, however, even if he wasn’t really Harry Potter.

During their seventh year, Yelena gives birth to their daughter, Chloe Gelasia.

Chloe Beth Poulakis

 Little blond haired girl3

After graduating, and without Leander (Harry) fighting Voldemort, he leaves to go back to his wife, daughter and siblings in Crete. There, they live three years, with Leander training himself, physically, mentally and magically, so that he would be ready to defeat Voldemort when it came time to fight. The two soul mates train together, though Leander trains harder than Yelena, and he also hires professional trainers to teach him combat (magical and muggle), dueling techniques, martial arts of many varieties, etc. He becomes strong and powerful. He also continues to work with his elemental powers of Earth, Wind and Fire

At the age of 20, the two decide that Leander was ready to return to England to finish the war. By then, they have three children – 3-year-old Chloe Gelasia and two-week-old newborn twins, Jackson Kostas and Aina Beth. Together, with their three children and seven siblings, they had 10 children to look after. Julian was Leander’s beta, though 6-year-old Alex was looking like he will one day replace him when he became of age (as Beta not as Alpha).

All the children, with the exception of Jack and Aina, are able to turn into their Elemental Wolf form, though they were all cubs still.

In the three years they lived in Greece, they also added two Dogue de Bordeaux dogs named Zeus and Hera.

Zeus and Hera

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Jackson Kostas and Aina Beth Poulakis

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