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Yelena Kataryna Petrikova

Juliana Forge - Australian Model Juliana Forge - Australian Model1

Leander (Harry) Jerome Poulakis

Gaspard Ulliel2 or Grey Damon - True Blood Actor

Leander’s (Harry) Elemental Wolf form – only he has emerald eyes and instead of the white you see in his coat in the second picture (on his belly) it is emerald green – so dark that it looks black until light hits it or he uses his elemental powers (Earth and Fire – emerald fire).

Black Wolf1 Black Wolf

Yelena’s Elemental Wolf form- only she has sapphire blue eyes. Her coat is pure white with maybe a tint of icy blue or silver, to represent her Ice/Water element.

 White Wolf White Wolf1 

Harry and Yelena together – only he’s a lot bigger than she is.

Black and White Wolves1 Black and White Wolves

Cosmos (Leander’s Wolf name)

5ft. tall from head to paws. 6ft from head to tail.

Emerald eyes

Jet-black fur, with very dark emerald undertone (tint)

Broad and muscular body

Crystal (Yelena’s Wolf name)

4 1/2ft. tall from head to paw. 5ft. from head to tail.

Sapphire blue eyes

White fur, with very light icy blue or silver tint.


When Leander Jerome Poulakis (born July 31st, at 11:59 p.m.) was just a few hours old he was kidnapped from his crib by the Potters – Lily and James – through a dark magic summoning ritual. Their real son, Harry James Potter, had died of SIDS just hours after being born (July 31st, 11:00 p.m.). Upon Leander’s arrival, the Potters failed to check his bloodline for creature-blood, and went about making him into the carbon copy of James Potter, through potions and glamours.

A few months after being placed with the Dursleys, Leander is rescued by his real birth parents – Hector and Ophelia Poulakis – and taken to Crete, Greece where the Poulakis family live.

Hector and Ophelia are mated Elemental Wolves, but like Veela and Werewolves and Elves, they too can do wizard magic and is therefore also considered magical. They were pureblooded Elemental Wolf, their family going back as far as 2,000 years – before even Merlin and the Founders. They were one of the purest magical beings, the Poulakis family.

When Leander is two, his parents and him move to Siberia, Russia to join a small family of Russian Elemental Wolves named the Petrikova family – Edeke and Ivanna, and their two-year-old daughter, Yelena. The six of them become a very close-knit pack, with Hector as Alpha and Edeke as his Beta. Upon meeting one another, Leander and Yelena initiate a future soul mate bond through touch. They were only two, so they were unaware at the time of their bonding, but they became best friends and inseparable.

The Poulakis-Petrikova family pack live together in a manor surrounded by the cold Siberian wilderness (forest). Thankfully, they were all immune to the bitter cold, and actually found it homey. The pack moved every one to two years from Siberia to Crete, because the mothers wanted their children to think of both countries as their homes. They had even moved stayed at the Poulakis manor located on Isle of Wight in England.

At age 8, Leander becomes a big brother for the first time to Julian. At age 10, his sister Veronica was born. At age 12, his brother Isaak and when he was 14, his twin siblings Alexander and Asta were born.

Leander’s siblings and their ages: When Leander is 20-years-old

— Julian – 12-years-old

— Veronica – 10-years-old

— Isaak – 8-years-old

— Alexander and Asta – 6-years-old

Yelena brother Luka was born was she was 11 and at 13 her baby sister Milya was born.

Yelena’s siblings and their ages: When Yelena is 20-years-old

— Luka – 9-years-old

— Milya – 7-years-old

Just a few weeks after the twins, Asta and Alexander are born, Ophelia and Ivanna were out in a nearby village in Siberia, when they are attacked and killed by a pack of rogue werewolves, having been caught by surprise and mistaken for a human, since Elemental Wolves only had wolf-scent when in their wolf form. Angry at the murder of their mates, Hector and Hedeon go into a rage and go out hunting for the rogue pack of werewolves.  The two kill the entire pack – of twelve. However, only twenty-four hours after Ophelia and Ivanna’s deaths, Hector and Hedeon succumb to death themselves, for a mated pair can’t live without their soul mate.

Upon the deaths of their parents, Leander and Yelena, who are only 14, take charge of their siblings. By then the had already consummated their bond and were considered fully bonded and married. They pack up the seven small children and bring them to their home in Crete, Greece. Yelena was attending a small private magical school in Athens, since she turned eleven. The two had purchased a pair of two-way multi-compartment trunks when they turned eleven, which they use during the school year – with him playing ‘Harry Potter’ at Hogwarts and Yelena in AMA (Athens’ Magical Academy).

They also use this trunk to hide their young siblings in, now that they had no one else to watch them while the two eldest went to school. It was cozy and spacious designed like a large flat.

The trunk had 10 compartments – designed like a large home

— Four bedrooms

— A master en-suite bedroom (that Leander and Yelena shared when they could)

— A bathroom

— Living room

— Playroom

— Kitchen


Because it was a two-way trunk, Leander and Yelena were able to go down into the trunk and spend time with each other and their siblings. Leander (Harry) blood-adopted Luka and Milya as his own siblings, while Yelena blood-adopted Julian, Veronica, Isaak, Alex and Asta as her own siblings as well. However, the two raised them all like they were their own children, especially the youngest three (Milya, Alex and Asta).

Leander goes through his Hogwarts years, playing his role as Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, but that was just a front and act. Sure the people be befriended were his real friends, but since his mother Ophelia was a seer and therefore had warned him that the Dark Lord would return, he felt that he had to keep his real family a secret. He really was the Boy-Who-Lived, however, even if he wasn’t really Harry Potter.

During their seventh year, Yelena gives birth to their daughter, Chloe Gelasia.

Chloe Beth Poulakis

 Little blond haired girl3

After graduating, and without Leander (Harry) fighting Voldemort, he leaves to go back to his wife, daughter and siblings in Crete. There, they live three years, with Leander training himself, physically, mentally and magically, so that he would be ready to defeat Voldemort when it came time to fight. The two soul mates train together, though Leander trains harder than Yelena, and he also hires professional trainers to teach him combat (magical and muggle), dueling techniques, martial arts of many varieties, etc. He becomes strong and powerful. He also continues to work with his elemental powers of Earth, Wind and Fire

At the age of 20, the two decide that Leander was ready to return to England to finish the war. By then, they have three children – 3-year-old Chloe Gelasia and two-week-old newborn twins, Jackson Kostas and Aina Beth. Together, with their three children and seven siblings, they had 10 children to look after. Julian was Leander’s beta, though 6-year-old Alex was looking like he will one day replace him when he became of age (as Beta not as Alpha).

All the children, with the exception of Jack and Aina, are able to turn into their Elemental Wolf form, though they were all cubs still.

In the three years they lived in Greece, they also added two Dogue de Bordeaux dogs named Zeus and Hera.

Zeus and Hera

clip_image004 clip_image006

Jackson Kostas and Aina Beth Poulakis

clip_image007 clip_image008


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