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Blaise Zabini (actor, Gaspard Ulliel)

  Gaspard Ulliel2

I know that Blaise Zabini is supposed to be black, but I don’t and can’t picture him black. I’ve always thought that Blaise was a tall, dark and handsome Italian boy, but never black. I have nothing against him being black (the actor who plays him is good looking) but when I write Blaise, I’m going to write him as I always saw him to be – which is Caucasian (white)-Italian.

— 6 foot 2

— Italian-born and raised

— Collar-length black hair

— Some facial hair along his lower jawline, a goatee and a thin, shadow of a mustache

— Beautiful blue eyes

— Strong and powerful presence – muscular build, with a 6-pack and impressive biceps.

Draco Malfoy (actor, Tom Felton)

 Tom Felton1 Tom Felton

— 6 foot 2

— Blonde hair (shorter than collar-length) with bangs that fall into his face on occasion.

— Beautiful silvery-blue eyes

— Strong and powerful presence, also muscular build of a 6-pack and impressive biceps.

Harrienne Potter (actress, Selena Gomez)

Selena Gomez65 Selena Gomez89Selena Gomez28

— 5 foot 5

— Long jet-black curly hair (that she straightens on occasion) that is mid-back length.

— Deep, emerald green eyes

— Lithe and slender build, like that of a dancer.

— Is of Greek-Italian on James’ side of the family (her paternal grandmother, Dorea Black was Greek – she was adopted into the Black line when she was a child – and her paternal grandfather’s mother was Italian)and Welsh on her mother’s side (Lily was adopted by the Evans, but was actually born Lillian Boswyndel and a pureblood). Because of the Greek-Italian in her bloodline, she is naturally tanned in the skin but not that dark, either.


6 responses to “Blaise/Fem-Harry/Draco Characteristics

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  1. Everything looks good, but I must say: It doesn’t really matter if you can or cannot picture Blaise Zabini being black or dark skinned (as he was described from the beginning). Even the author, who gave you the opportunity to mull over these characters identifies him as such. In the world of fanfiction, you can make these characters look and do as you wish – but 80% people stick close to book of physical features. It’s a little shady when you are absolutely refusing to acknowledge this.

    It’s not that you ‘can’t picture him black’, but you refuse to.

    Anyway, do as you wish. But, I do hope you realize your BZ is false.

    • That was kind of harsh…and you misunderstood.

      I am not refusing to write him as black, just in this post and a few others. I write Blaise Zabini as both, all the time, it just depends on the story or plotline that I’ve created. A black Blaise just doesn’t always fit into my stories sometimes, so I have to write him some other way. This is one of those times. I have ALWAYS known Blaise to be black, I just never really thought that it fit him – his name, that is. Zabini is very much an Italian name, but yes, I acknowledge that there are black-Italians as well. I happen to be friends with two.

      In a lot of my posts, I tend to get a little carried away with trying to get my thoughts out in a way that the readers would understand. I get stubborn, and stuck on my own story ideas and I can’t let them go, such as for example, the whole ‘Blaise isn’t black’ thing.

      My Blaise Zabini is not false, however. I just happen to, sometimes, dismiss the canon characterization of Blaise Zabini and do it how I originally thought he SHOULD HAVE been characterized from the beginning. I also happen to find my version of BZ much more appealing and good looking than the canon. That’s my opinion, of course, and I know you disagree with it but I can’t help on how I see him. Creative Interpretation and all that…

      I’d prefer this Blaise to that of a female Blaise. Female-Harry is fine, so long as it’s written well or has a good plot, because we ALL know he really is male, and it’s just the writer’s choice and creative thinking that has them writing him as female. However, those who often write Blaise as a female just don’t know. They didn’t get the memo that, YES, Blaise Zabini is a male, not a female.

      I know you aren’t trying to be rude (even though it did sound rather rude) so I’m not going to reply brashly. I understand what you are saying, and I respect your opinion, I just hope that you also respect my opinion as well when I say, sometimes you just have to screw canon and just go with it.

      If it helps any, though, I have started writing Blaise Zabini as black a lot more than my OCC BZ. This was written in March, and in the nearly 5 months, I’ve gotten rather fond of the canon-described Blaise. I find that I actually like him more and more, so there will probably be a LOT of Harry and Blaise pairings posts coming from me in the future – and though the image of Blaise may not always be Louis Cordice, it will most likely be another dark-skinned and hunky male. Though, I gotta say, for a OOC Blaise, Gaspard Ulliel does make a good candidate – the guy’s gorgeous. That’s just my opinion, however.

      I hope I cleared up the misunderstanding. And if I didn’t, please feel free to comment back. I’ll be sure to respond once more. Hope you had a good weekend, Dante.


      P:S: Have you been to see DH:Part 2 yet? What did you think of it? I might have cried a little for Snape…lol, but I enjoyed it. There are mixed reviews amongst the fans, but I didn’t see what was bad about it, except the Epilogue scene. Sorry, but even in the book it was bad. The movie just made it worse. I won’t say anything else, in case you haven’t seen it. If you aren’t planning on going to see it (I can only assume that you’re a Potter fan, from having even bothered reading this post to begin with) then don’t mind me. I’m only trying to be friendly…Hell, you can ignore me either way, lol…

  2. In what possible way could him being black affect your story line???? come on tell me.

    • None at all. I just used to struggle with the ‘feel’ or even the ‘image’ of Blaise being black. I have to have a clear vision of my character in my head before I can really write them, otherwise they’ll just become horrible. Of course, I’m completely over it and I absolutely adore a black Blaise now, and Blaise Zabini is one of my strongest characters, apart from Harry. If you think I’m being racist, that is by far not the case! I’m not in the least bit racist, just so you know – several of my friends will attest to that.

      You guys are over-analyzing and reading too much into this post and its starting to annoy me. My response to Dante above, if you had read it, would have explained everything, I think. So, please, stop. If that is the only thing you’re going to comment on – how I prefer a white Blaise to a black Blaise – then just don’t bother reviewing…please. I’m not going to turn this post into a freaking black vs. white discussion or debate!

  3. Do you think I can adopt this story???
    It’s a really good idea and I really would enjoy writing.

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