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Winchester Family Photo

Winchester Family Photo3

Lily Evans (Potter) – Aged 19-years-old


Nineteen-years-old, and just a few weeks away from her wedding with her boyfriend, James, Lily Evans is sent to America on duty as an Unspeakable-in-training. It is while she is roaming the magical alley of New York City that she bumps into a much older, yet quite charming and handsomely roguish John Winchester, who was searching the magical center for some supplies for his hunt. Lily falls for the Winchester charm and ends up sleeping with John.

The two are together for only three days, before Lily guilt-ridden, breaks things off and returns back to England, where she marries James just shortly thereafter. At the time of the affair, Dean is 14 and Sam is 10. Nine months later, Lily gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom she names Harrienne Jazlyn, on July 31st, with only their house elf, Twitchy, to witness the birth. The second Harrienne was born, Lily sent an owl with a portkey to John, who, along with his two sons, came to Godric’s Hollow to see their newborn daughter/sister. They all fell absolutely in love with her.

John Winchester

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

John, Dean and Sam stay and spend a week at Godric’s Hollow (much to James’ displeasure, given that he was still seething over Lily’s affair) before taking another portkey back to America. It was after the three Winchester boys had gone that Lily and James glamoured Harrienne to appear as male (temporarily, to cover up the obvious affair on Lily’s part, seeing as due to an old curse, no Potter can produce females) before announcing their ‘son’s’ birth to their friends and family.

Just three months later, on October 31st, Voldemort attacks the Potter and kills them. Dumbledore places infant Harrienne on the doorstep (still disguised as the male heir of Potter) where she disappears a few hours later, only to reappear beside her biological father, John Winchester, and her two older brother’s side. The glamours that Lily and James had placed on her had canceled out just minutes before she appeared in America.

14 Years Later

Dean – 29-years-old

Sam – 25-years-old

Harrienne – 14-years-old

Winchester Family Photo4

Harrienne, able to perform some wandless magic, went to Hogwarts for only two years (her first and second year), while glamouring herself to once again portray the role of Harrison James Potter. However, she got fed up with the wizarding world after after year two, having witnessed just how simple-minded they were – she would never forgive them for how everyone acted when they thought it was her that was the Heir of Slytherin and when they found out she could talk to snakes.

Disgusted and incredibly hurt, Harrienne returns to her brothers’ side on the road, much to their displeasure. They did not want her mixed up in hunting.


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