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Hellcat Girls

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Backdrop to Harrienne’s story

Harrienne is not Lily and James’ child. She was kidnapped (magically stolen) from her real mother, Alexandra Piotropakis, a single mother who had moved from Greece not long before giving birth to her only child and daughter, Harrienne Ismene. Harrienne was just a few hours old when she was kidnapped from her crib by a dark magic ritual.

She was brought to Godric’s Hollow, and there, she was placed under heavy glamours and potions, to turn into the carbon copy of the Potter’s deceased heir, Harrison James Potter. In truth, she already had most of the same features as Harrison – bright green eyes (even as a newborn) and jet-black hair. They only had to really just lighten up her skin a touch (being half Greek, she was a little darker than he had been) and give her some of James’ facial features.

The real Harry Potter had died of SIDS just shortly after his birth. He and Harrienne were only an hour apart. Harrison was born at 10:58p.m. of July 31st, and Harrienne was born 11:59p.m. of July 31st. She was the real Boy-Who-Lived, only not so much a boy.

Dumbledore placed her with the Dursleys (who were of no relation to herself) when she was 15-months-old. At the age of 5, all of the glamours that had been placed on her fell, but she was able to perform wandless magic (always had been, but everyone wrote it off as accidental magic), allowing her to replace the glamours. Of course, at 5, she had no idea what glamours were, but all she had to do was will her magic to make her look just like she had before, and it complied. She made sure that the glamours were back up before she faced the Dursleys.

At Hogwarts, Harrienne was miserable. Not nearly as miserable as when she was with the Dursleys, but still very unhappy. All the media-attention, her fame and even her friends, who though nice enough, were doing nothing but holding her back from her true potential, it just drove her mad. Not to mention the war and the many attempts on her life by various people (mainly Voldemort and his Death Eaters). At all was just too much for the girl, and by the end of her 5th year she had had enough.

Instead of getting in the car with her ‘relatives’ at the train station (after the Order’s threats), Harrienne tells Vernon to leave before getting a taxi and making her way to Diagon Alley, where she becomes emancipated and gets control of her vaults and other finances. She asks the goblins to transfer her accounts to the American equivalent of Gringotts (in New York), before buying a plane ticket and flies to the JFK Airport in New York City, where she moves into a nice penthouse, which she inherited from her biological father’s side of the family.

Biological Father: Azzo Arrigucci – a pureblood Italian, born and raised in Sicily, Italy as an only child. He and Alexandra met while Azzo was on family business in Crete. They did not marry, even though Alexandra was the heiress to a very wealthy pureblood family. Instead, they had a small tryst before Azzo returned to Sicily. He died when Harrienne was seven (he was killed during a raid of a dark wizard’s home). As he was the last Arrigucci, he left everything to Harrienne.

Biological Mother: Alexandria Piotropakis – a pureblood Greek, born and raised in Crete, Greece as an only child. She died when Harrienne was a year old, as she had fallen into a deep depression after loosing her only child. She then got sick, and her body couldn’t fight the illness. She, too was the last of the wealthy pureblood Piotropakis family, and therefore Harrienne inherited everything from her.

Once in New York, she had canceled her glamours. For the first time in her whole like, she was now able to be herself – Harrienne Ismene Piotropakis-Arrigucci.

Harrienne Ismene Piotropakis-Arrigucci

Selena Gomez84

For the next two years (from 16 to 18) she went to the smaller, local magical academy in NYC, called Magic Academy of New York City– also known as MANY or MANYC. There, while going to the night classes, she finished up her magical education, now able to perform at her best, without having to downplay her intelligence for friends who would have resented her for it (Hermione, Ron). She was able to be herself.

There, she met Alice Verdura, a pretty half-blood witch from Tennessee. The two became fast friends, even though their personalities were very different – Harrienne was sweet, friendly, selfless and she did things for others without expecting things in return. Alice was the opposite, even though at times she could be kind of sweet and selfless (to those very close to her). She did things for others, but always expected something in return. She was friendly, but only to your face – behind your back, she was rather cruel. Alice brought out the bitch in Harrienne at times, just as Harrienne brought out the kindness in Alice sometimes. They balanced each other out.

Alice was a year older than Harrienne.

The two also took muggle classes at school with Alice during the day, attending Memphis High School, where they were cheerleaders for the football team. Harrienne was hooked with the ‘sport’ the moment she tried it.

Notes:// Harrienne commutes by portkey/Apparation, from New York City to Memphis, just as Alice does from Memphis to New York City. MANYC provides portkeys for their commuting students (which was most of them on the east coast). Apparating is permitted at age 16, instead of 17, like in England, as that was the main transportation in the U.S. for witches and wizards.

Alice graduates both high school and MANYC before Harrienne, and goes off to Lancer University in Memphis, Tennessee, where she eventually becomes a Hellcat. She and Harrienne still get together on weekends, hang out and double date with their separate boyfriends (if they are dating then).

Notes:// I’m not sure of the Hellcats timeline, so I’m just going to do my own. Alice will be one year older than Marti and Savannah, while Harrienne will be their age (21) by the time the story actually kicks off. Alice and Lewis will date for one year, when they are Juniors at Lancing (they’re both Seniors in the show, I believe), so that leaves Alice two years previous (one year without Harrienne) at Lancing to date OC’s. Harrienne will have boyfriends, too (though more permanent than Alice’s relationships).

When Harrienne joins Alice a year later at Lancer, she tries-outs along-side Frankie and Darwin as a Hellcat and becomes a flier. Harrienne is 18 when she gets to Lancer. Not only does she become a Hellcat, but she also is on scholarship, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in History (International). She has a deep fascination with people and their cultures.

Adrian Charbonneau (Harrienne’s more permanent/serious boyfriend)

Gaspard Ulliel4 Gaspard Ulliel9 Gaspard Ulliel8

Adrian Charbonneau – A Beauxbaton Academy transfer student (attended MANYC two years ahead of Harrienne). He was a pureblood, but left his family to live in the muggle world. He and Harrienne had become really good friends at MANYC, and still kept in touch after he had graduated. He lives in New York and attends NYU, majoring in Medicine. He and Harrienne get together whenever they are both free and just after Harrienne graduated from MANYC, the two began dating. He transfers to Lancer as a Junior, when Harrienne goes to Lancer for her Freshman year. When he graduated from Lancer, he then goes into Medical School for another few years of schooling.

Savannah transfers to Lancer from Memphis Christian at age 20 (a year before the show’s pilot episode) and beats out Alice for captaincy of the Hellcats. Harrienne likely would have gotten it, but she didn’t put her name in and she told the squad not to nominate her, as she knew how much Alice had wanted the title.

Notes:// I will not follow the show. I will make up most of my own events (I will likely steal a few from the show but not everything) and create my own story. I can’t stand copy-cat stories, where they follow the show/movie to the T. It’s annoying to read. That’s not to say that I abhor reading some recognizable material, however.


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