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The real Harry Potter died of SIDs just hours after his birth on July 31st, at exactly 11:00 p.m. Upon his death, Lily and James perform a dark summoning ritual that summons another infant to them with similar features to that of Harry Potter – dark hair, natural-born green eyes, powerful magical core and birth date. The ritual summons to them, Harrienne Avalon D’Aubrie, the newborn (July 31st, 11:59 p.m.) daughter of Dean and Priscilla D’Aubrie, the leaders of a small vampire clan in southwestern Germany (in the Schwarzwald “Black Forest”)

The Potters have no idea that the infant they now have in their possession is a human who is destined to become a vampire in her teens. They think she’s an ordinary human child. Lily and James place glamours on her to hide the fact that she was a female (all of their friends knew that they had given birth to a son) and then they fed her a potion to make her look like a Potter.

When Harrienne is 15-months-old, the Potters are attacked and killed. She is marked as Voldemort’s equal and placed in the Dursleys home. Two days after the Potter’s death, Harrienne’s glamours and the potion fades, allowing her searching family to zone in on her magical signature and also thanks to Dean and Priscilla’s parental identification (as the potions and the wards around Godric’s Hollow had blocked them before), the D’Aubrie clan were able to track her down. It took a few weeks after the glamour and potion wore off for them to find her, as they were all the way in Germany when they had picked up her magical trail.

DaywalkerThe D’Aubrie clan are Daywalkers, a type of vampire that is able to survive under the sun, even though they too prefer the darkness of night. There are born Daywalkers and there are turned Daywalkers, though neither is more special than the other. When a Daywalker has a child, that child is born a human. It is only upon them coming into their inheritance that they become a vampire. Most vampires come into their inheritance between 17 years of age to 30, and once they have transformed they are immortal and do not age. Same with turned vampires – once bitten and turned, you don’t age and are immortal.

Harrienne is raised just outside the village of Schiltach, Black Forest, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, learning fluent German and English.

At age 11, Harrienne used her gift in wandless magic to put her own glamours on herself to make her look like Harry Potter once more, before going to Hogwarts. Also, she disguised her German accent for an English one. She made everyone believe that she was living with the Dursleys. Thankfully one of the D’Aubrie clan members had the ability of Sight, and therefore knew that Harrienne had to return to the Dursleys home a few days before his eleventh birthday, to make it look like he lived there. The Dursleys, frightened of the vampires, went along with the scheme reluctantly.

During the summer Harrienne turned 14, she came into her inheritance. The whole clan was shocked that her inheritance came so early, as it was incredibly rare for it to do so. Usually it was between your 17th to 30th birthday. She was the youngest born vampire, not only within the clan, but also in all of Europe.

D’Aubrie Clan Members

Dean D’Aubrie – Clan Leader. He is the mate (husband) of Priscilla; older brother of Samuel; father of Harrienne. He is 29-years-old (born Daywalker).

Jensen Ackles1Jensen Ackles20

Priscilla D’Aubrie – Clan Matriarch. She is the mate (wife) of Clan Leader, Dean; the sister-in-law of Samuel; mother of Harrienne. She is 25-years-old (born Daywalker).

Michelle Rodriguez27Michelle Rodriguez8

Samuel D’Aubrie – Clan Advisor and right hand man of Clan Leader. He’s Clan Leader Dean’s younger brother; brother-in-law of Priscilla; uncle of Harrienne. He’s 26-years-old (born Daywalker).

Jared Padalecki2Jared Padalecki1

Harrienne D’Aubrie – Daughter of Clan Leader and Matriarch, Dean and Priscilla and she’s the niece of Sam D’Aubrie. She’s 14-years-old (born Daywalker).

Selena Gomez96Selena Gomez101

Calder – Clan’s Weapon Master and “muscle man” as he is the strongest. He is 35-years-old (turned Daywalker).

Vin DieselVin Diesel3

Majesta – Her job within the clan is a scout. She goes and scouts the mansion’s surrounding perimeter to make sure that nothing is trespassing. Also, she keeps an eye on the wards. She is 20-years-old (turned Daywalker).

Jamie ChungJamie Chung1

Emil – He is the hunter of the Clan. Also, he is Harrienne’s mate. He is 19-years-old (turned Daywalker).

Gaspard Ulliel10Gaspard Ulliel8Gaspard Ulliel3


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Lily Evans was not, biologically the daughter of muggles Vance and Daliah Evans. Her real name is Eostre Morgaia Boswyndel, and she was the daughter of two full Dames Vertes (elves), whose names were Yavan and Moana Boswyndel. When Eostre (Lily) was just a month old, Yavan and Moana were killed. Upon her birth, the two elves had placed glamours upon her, so that only those of elfish decent could see through them – these glamours were also on Yavan and Moana, so that they could interact with muggles, with whom they lived amongst.

When they died, Eostre was found and placed in a muggle orphanage, only to be adopted by Vance and Daliah Evans soon after, and renamed Lilith Jocelyn Evans. They had already had one daughter, 4-year-old Petunia.

James Potter also had creature blood running through his bloodline, though it was dormant. Back in the mid-1700’s, a Potter male married a vampire, and though the vampire blood hadn’t popped up within the family since said vampire’s great grandchildren, it was still very much present in the bloodline. James wasn’t born a vampire, but he did pass it on to his child.

Lily found out of her elfin blood when she was eleven, when she went into Gringotts for the first time before her first year at Hogwarts. As she was setting up a wizard account, the goblins had taken a blood sample, and it had been discovered then.

Although Lily gave birth to Harrison James Potter, at the age of 19, it came as a shock to both her and James. They had been expecting a daughter, as that is what their midwife had told them they were having upon her 5th month check-up. It wasn’t until a few weeks after Harry’s birth that Lily remembered the potions accident that had taken place when she was 8-months pregnant. She had been in the potions lab in the Potter manor, brewing a potion, when James had come in. Distracted, she had added the wrong ingredient and it had blown up in her face. When she came out of it unharmed, she and James figured that everything had been okay.

She realized that the potion had somehow changed the gender of her child. After running tests on Harry as well as successfully recreating the potion she had mistakenly made, she came to the conclusion that the potion was not permanent and that it would in time wear off. This would mean that Harry was without a doubt meant to be a girl and not a boy. She and James did, in fact, have a daughter and not a son. And that she had not only inherited Lily’s elfin blood but also James’ vampiric blood. Three-fourths elf, one-fourth vampire.

The two agree to create a second, more accurate, birth certificate which had the same detail and information as the first one, only the name and gender was different.

Name: Harrienne Eloise Potter Gender: Female

After hearing the prophecy, Lily received two of her rare visions of the future (elfin magic). The first vision was of her and James’ demise, and the second was of their daughter, Harrienne, growing up with her adopted muggle sister, Petunia. Knowing that these two events had to happen, and that she was unable to prevent either, she and James made sure that there would still be someway for them to help her. In the eight months they had left, the two wrote everything down in two journals. The first journal explained everything from the magical creature blood to the potions incident and even the prophecy. In the second journal, James and Lily explained the magical world and everything Harrienne needed to know about it prior to entering said world.

Though the potion wears off when Harry is 16-months-old, Lily sees, in later visions, how important it was for her to enter Hogwarts under the guise of Harry James Potter, and not Harrienne Eloise Potter. She doesn’t have to stay Harry Potter, though.

Both journals (written by both James and Lily, not just Lily) were spelled to be magically delivered to Harrienne on her 8th birthday.


Within a month after being placed on the Dursleys doorstep, the potion wears off. Harrienne Eloise Potter was now herself for the first time outside her mother’s womb. The abrupt change in gender enrages the Dursleys, but they can’t do much about it besides go along with it. It was just their luck that they hadn’t introduced their ‘nephew’ to the neighborhood before then. Thankfully, the elfin glamour that Lily has placed on her upon birth, to hide her elfish and vampiric features had not canceled out. They held up until her 5th birthday, however, before the Dursleys could see, Harrienne panicked and used her wandless magic abilities (an ability she got thanks to her hybrid elf-vampire magic) she replaced them, subconsciously.

Harrienne grows up in Little Whinging and is known as the niece of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. She still is dressed in bags, as well as boy’s clothing – still all were Dudley’s cast-offs. She was still abused and neglected as well as starved. Harrienne was still teased and bullied in school for her tomboyish and ragged and tattered appearance.

Harrienne did have two best friends, despite her drab appearance and reputation – cousins, Eve McQuin and Addie Richardson. They too, are witches, though instead of Hogwarts they go to Beauxbaton, like their mothers previously did. Their mothers (who were sisters) were muggleborn French witches who both married muggles and settled down in the muggle world. Why they picked Little Whinging, nobody knows.

She grew up hating her clothes, which led to her passion of fashion. Harrienne constantly dreamed of all the nice clothes she could have worn if not for the Dursleys’ hatred. Although she never got to wear them herself, she got to know clothes very well through Petunia’s fashion magazines and being brought to the mall with Petunia when she went shopping. Also, when Beth and Lana and their mothers learned of her passion, they helped her learn all that there was to know about fashion as well. She swore that one day, when she wasn’t being dictated and ruled by the Dursleys, she would buy the best outfits and accessories and be the fashion diva that she secretly wanted to be.

On her 8th birthday, Harrienne received her parents’ journals. After reading, she realizes that all the weird and unusual things happening around Beth and Lana was also magic. She confronts them, and the truth about them all being magical comes out.

When the Hogwarts letters start arriving, Harrienne listens to her parent’s and erects glamours upon herself, disguising her female self. With the glamour on, all magical beings see her as a boy, Harry James Potter. Though annoyed at having to hide behind the glamour and therefore lie to her new friends, Harrienne also feels comforted by it and rather sneaky (it was a secret about herself that only she knew).

During the summer before 3rd year, when she’s staying in Diagon Alley, Harrienne meets her soul mate, Casten Morjveck, a Durmstrang student going into his 6th year (he was born and raised in Romania), who was on business in England with his father. He is a vampire. The two become very close that summer, as he – as her mate – can see through her glamours. They don’t consummate their soul mate bond until 4th year, when the Durmstrang 7th years, which include Casten, arrive for the Triwizard Tournament. It isn’t until the night of the Yule Ball that they complete the bond, even though they don’t go together.

In fifth year, Harrienne’s glamours that disguised her female form come down during a potions class, which leads to her secret coming out. However, she replaces it and refuses the let it down. For some reason she feels stubborn about showing off her real self and again takes comfort in the glamour, as she was still unable to wear what she truly wanted to wear and all the clothes she possessed (having not yet felt it was safe enough to replace her wardrobe without it being destroyed during the summers). After a while of nagging, the populous of Hogwarts drops the subject, realizing that she wasn’t going to budge on her decision.

The summer after 5th year, Harrienne decides to test the Dursleys. On the last Hogsmeade weekend before the summer holidays, Harrienne goes and buys one outfit – a pair of jeans and a tee from their small muggle selection – and some makeup. At the Dursleys, Harrienne puts on the clothes, and is pleased when after they question her about where she got the clothes and she replied “muggleborn friends” as a blatant lie towards them, they simply accepted it and dropped the subject.

Thrilled, Harrienne sent for some muggle currency at Gringotts, before sneaking out to grab Lana and Beth, and the three then traveled to the London mall. There, Harrienne proceeded to buy a whole new wardrobe from head to toe. Using her wandless magic, she shrinks all of her purchases until they fit into her pocket, and upon returning to Number Four, enlarges everything and puts them all in her trunk.

That summer, she was able to truly be herself, by expressing herself through her knew clothes. Those living in the Dursleys neighborhood saw a totally new and improved Harrienne Potter that summer, and everyone (especially the male population) was impressed.

Back at Hogwarts for her 6th year, she still wore the glamour, as she wasn’t ready to come out completely. However, every once in a while everyone would get a glimpse of her under the glamour, just enough of one to appease them with their curiosity.

The summer before 7th year, Harrienne decides to permanently leave her glamour off.


Evelina “Eve” McQuin         Xavier Chaput (boyfriend)

Mary Elizabeth WinsteadGrey Damon - True Blood Actor

Adelaide “Addie” Richardson        Damien Lavouie (boyfriend)

Ashley Tisdale1Chase Crawford2

Harrienne Potter                Casten Morjveck (soul mate)

Selena Gomez104Gaspard Ulliel8

Harrienne Potter — 5 foot 6 — Long jet-black hair; straight — Deep emerald green eyes; no glasses — Slender and curvy build; petite figure. Is 17-years-old.

Casten Morjveck — 6 foot 3 – Collar-length dark brown or black hair — Deep blue eyes – Muscular but lean build; biceps and 6-pack abs. Is 20-years-old.

Eve McQuin — 5 foot 8 — Long, dark brown hair — Dark brown eyes — Slender physique. 17-years-old.

Addie Richardson — 5 foot 7 — Long dark brown hair — Dark brown eyes — Slender physique. 17-years-old.

Damien Lavouie — 6 foot 2 — Dark brown hair — Hazel green eyes — Athletic physique. 18-years-old.

Xavier Chaput — 6 foot 2 — Dark brown hair with frosted tips — Blue eyes — Athletic physique. 18-years-old.

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Vin Diesel and Michelle RodriguezVin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez1


Challenge Pairing: Dom/Harry/Letty – Fast and the Furious/HP crossover. SLASH, HET, FEMSLASH. Rape, Sex, Cars, Magic, gender-bending, Wandless Magic, Mpreg, Magical Hermaphrodite…

Objective: While on vacation in Los Angeles, the Dursleys abandon four-year-old Harry Potter. Harry, bloodied and broken from his uncle, Vernon’s physical and sexual abuse, is found by Tony Toretto, and his son Dom and pseudo-son Vince, while on their way home from a race.


Harry – 4-years-old at the beginning. Goes back to England at 11, and returns after graduating Hogwarts, when he’s nearly 18-years-old.

Letty – 12-years-old in the beginning. Is 19 when Harry leaves for England. She’s 26 when Harry returns.

Dom – 15-years-old in the beginning. Is 22 when Harry leaves for England. He’s 29 when Harry returns.

Vince – 15-years-old in the beginning. Is 22 when Harry leaves for England. He’s 29 when Harry returns.

Mia – 11 ½-years-old in the beginning. Is 18 when Harry leaves for England. She’s 25 when Harry returns.


Sexually and physically assaulted, Harry is taken to the hospital by Tony, Dom and Vince. After a few weeks of trying to figure out who the guardians of Harry is, Tony agrees to adopt him. However, Tony thinks that Harry is a 4-year-old girl, because when Harry was found, his natural glamours (that hid his Magical Hermaphroditism) had canceled out in order to help preserve his magic, which was helping his injuries heal faster. So, when Harry told Tony that his name was Harry, Tony automatically assumed that it was short for Harriet or Harrietta or some other name like that. On the adoption papers, Tony signed Harry’s name as Harrietta Toretto.

It wasn’t until a few weeks after Harry had been home, that they find out that Harry is a MH (Magical Hermaphrodite), though they don’t really know the term, being muggles (make up your own term that the Toretto’s call Harry’s MH). You can also choose HOW they find out about Harry’s MH and his magic. Though muggles, nobody in the house cares about Harry’s magical abilities, as they all love Harry like the baby sib that he is.

Growing up in the Toretto household, Harry (now considered neither just male nor female by them, as to them he is BOTH genders) gets attached to each and every person – Tony, Vince, Mia, Dom and Letty (who is Mia’s friend and one of the boys). However, it is Letty and Dom that Harry latches onto the most. They become his childish ‘idols’, and he wants to do everything that they do, because he admires them. He is taken to the garage where they all work, and taught all about cars and how to mix them up. Letty teaches him to be fluent in Spanish, while how to do tune ups and oil changes, while Dom teaches him how to fight a little, though Letty also helps with this (female tricks/cheats to fighting) but also he teaches Harry about racing and also how to fix up cars.

Together, he learns all about the cars themselves, the mechanics behind fixing and tuning them and all about street racing. He falls in love with the whole business. From ages 4 to 11, Harry spent most of his time either with Tony, Dom, Vince and Letty in the garage, helping out and learning car and mechanics, or with Mia, learning clothes, make-up and all the other stuff an 11 to 18-year-old would teach their younger sibling (remember, Harry has a female side, which DOES need to know clothing/fashion and make-up). Or, he was attending muggle school.

When Harry is 8, Tony in killed. When he’s 9, Dom is arrested and sent to prison for two years.

At age 11, Harry is sent to Hogwarts, just days after Dom’s release from the LAC Prison. Dom actually drives Harry to the airport himself, on August 30th. Harry stays in Diagon Alley (the Hogwarts letter mentioned how to get to DA) one day, buying school supplies. During that day, Harry hears the rumors and talk about ‘Harry Potter’, and immediately realizes that he was not what everyone is expecting Harry Potter to be. Not wanting to cause suspicion in a community he didn’t know and wasn’t familiar with, he decides that he’d play the part they expected. Meaning, he would use his wandless magic to make his American accent sound English, his tanned skin paler and to glamour his MH features (his femininity – as even in his male form, he was VERY feminine).


** Harry can do WANDLESS MAGIC. Has always been able to do wandless magic, even as a baby – though his parents and their friends thought that it was just the usual and very common raw underage magic that kids were known to do.


Harry makes friends with Ron Weasleys and Hermione Granger, but after only a few months, they begin to drive him insane – Ron because of his laziness and bigotry, and Hermione, because she’s the world’s largest Know-It-All and perhaps the bossiest and rudest. He also realizes soon after befriending them, that they were only friends with him for his fame and the privileges that come with being his friend. However, he still socializes with them, and pretends that they are his best friends, because he was ‘Harry Potter’ and Harry Potter did not ditch friends. Apparently…

Privately, Harry gets on well with his other roommates – Dean, Seamus and Neville – and the four top Slytherins – Draco, Pansy, Theodore and Blaise. By the time Harry’s 15, he’s had sexual intercourse with Dean, Seamus, Draco, Blaise, Theo and Pansy. Neville was just only one he didn’t sleep with, because he was too much of a friend and too shy. While not a total slut, Harry DID love sex. Pansy is the only female he slept with (usually, while in his female form), but they were together numerous times – more times than he was with any of the other guys (usually in his male form, though often in his female form too). They all were under wizard’s oath, taken when Harry told them his secrets of being a MH and Wandless Magic user – which were both VERY rare. These seven were the ONLY people he told about his MH and wandless magic.

At 16, Harry brewed an eye correction potion that healed his eyes and gave him perfect vision. He hid this from everyone by wearing his glasses that had fake glass lenses (that didn’t damage his eyes yet again). He only kept this a secret because it was a small surprise/advantage over the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

At 17, just two months before his graduation from Hogwarts, he defeats Voldemort.

** Harry was sent back to the Dursleys every summer, much to his displeasure, the Dursleys displeasure and his adopted family’s MAJOR displeasure. Even though he was only 4-years-old, Harry still remembers the physical abuse and sexual assaults done by Vernon. He uses his wandless magic to defend himself against the Dursleys, though it doesn’t do much for the starvation and neglect he suffers while in their care for the summers. They CANNOT touch him, his magic (and his dire will) will not let it happen again.


** While in the magical world for the near seven years, Harry still communicates with his family and friends in L.A. through several two-way journals, all color-coded for a specific person.

Red Journal Mia

Purple Journal Letty

Black Journal – Dom

Blue JournalVince


Writing Letty and Dom back and forth in the journals through the last near 7 years, Harry’s childish admiration for them turn into love. He has fallen in love with them both, their minds and their personality while talking to them one-on-one privately through the journals.

Right after getting out of Hogwarts after his 7th year, Harry sneaks off to Diagon Alley and to Gringotts. After claiming his inheritance from his parents and Sirius, he transfers all of his accounts to the L.A. Gringotts branch. Once done, he goes and shops in the muggle world for clothes and such, before taking the portkey the goblins made him, and leaves for L.A.

Arriving at the Toretto house, Harry is greeted by Dom, Mia, Letty, Vince and Jesse, whom he had never met before. The four are shocked by the change from the little Harry they knew at 11-years-old to the grown-up 17-year-old Harry. He had grown-up and developed quite well over the near decade he was gone, even though he was still extremely short compared to everyone else his age. However, he too, is shocked by the changes in everyone – seven years was a long time to a teenager and lots of changes seem to take place in that time. Everyone looked more adult-like and grown-up. Mia was gorgeous and feminine, tall and scrawny. Vince, looked pretty much the same, only a bit older and more masculine. Dominic was a hell of a lot taller, and a HELL of a lot more muscular that he was when Harry left. His whole presence just screamed ALPHA and MALE. Letty was still petite and the perfect mix of feminine-masculine, but she was a lot much more sexy.

Harry’s attraction and lust grew in heights upon seeing the older and hotter Dom and Letty. However, when he realized that they were together (had been for a few years by then), he’s heart broken.

When he doesn’t know however, is that Letty and Dom were also very much in love with him – though neither had ever mentioned it aloud. Through the journal, they had realized just how much little Harry had grown up, and over the years and after and in between their conversations through the journals, they had caught themselves thinking and dreaming of Harry. Neither said anything because for one – Dom was supposed to be thinking Harry as his sibling, not as someone he wants to fuck; two – the age difference between Harry and Letty and Dom. Dom was a good 11-years older than Harry, and Letty was 8-years-older; three – Harry was still a minor in the U.S.

When the two see Harry for the first time in nearly 7 years, both are struck dumb and blown away. Both of them immediately thought that Harry was breathtakingly beautiful, and their minds pictured him as the perfect middle/sub to their, hopeful, sandwich. They were known to have threesomes every once in a while (though absolutely no skanks, as Letty would say), with either sex though most of the time it was with a female – sometimes they had another male, but not often. Both Letty and Dom were dominate by nature – so dominant that neither of them willing submitted to anybody. They even constantly fight each other for dominance, fights that each have won. They simply HATE submitting, but love each other and the sex, so they make the sex the fight (if that makes sense – both are in control and it’s random, and sometimes aggressive but they LOVE it, the fights).

Harry is very submissive by nature (that doesn’t mean he’s weak or anything, he just loves to be controlled and dominated in bed). He never tops a male, as he prefers the bottom, and he is also very submissive when having sex with a female, who often like to take control in bed anyways. He’s feisty and freaky in bed too, but loves to submit to his lovers – of both sexes.

Once Harry returns to L.A., Letty and Dom start to get possessive and VERY protective of Harry. They block his every turn when being flirted with or flirting with someone else. Because he knows that Letty and Dom are together, he’s trying to get over his feeling so that they don’t get in the way of his bond with either of them. He’s shocked and confused over the severity of the newfound closeness, possessiveness and jealousy (?), and turns to Mia, his older sister, for help. When she, Mia, catches on to why Dom and Letty are acting the way they are, she is shocked but after learning that Harry has feelings for both of them as well, she just smirks and deviously (being the best friend and little/older sister, of course she’s going to be devious about it) hatches up a scheme to help the threesome along.


MUST be Mpreg (Harry), though whether you want to make Letty pregnant or not too is up to you (though I honestly can’t see her pregnant).

— The Dom/Harry/Letty hook-up can’t take up most of the story. I want them to be a threesome pairing for MOST of it, perhaps during the first ten or so chapters (depending on the length of the chapters). I don’t want the ‘chase’ as it’s called to last long, because the relationship has to be very solid and firm when the actual plot (which I leave up to you to create, though it must have something to do with the actual Fast and the Furious theme – cars, races, heists, etc.)

— Letty and Dom must be as close to in character as possible, with Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in mind!

— Brian may or may not be written in. I don’t care – if you want to go that into the Fast and the Furious film, go for it. However, not before a while after D/H/L get together.

DO NOT kill off Letty! Or Dom, for that matter! But definitely not Letty!




— 5’2’’

— Long, jet-black hair

— Deep, mesmerizing emerald green eyes.

— Petite, slender body that is curvy and physically fit (though not as femininely muscled as Letty’s body). Tiny waist, proportioned breasts (maybe a 34B-cup, not really sure), long legs and arms, with delicate and small hands and feet. Small frame, all in all, but still he isn’t exactly weak. He is very powerful and has a quick fuse when set off.

— Piercings – naval, tongue and both ears.

— Tattoos – a tramp stamp (lower back) of his favorite car logo, and a Lily flower on the inside of his ankle (you choose which ankle).


Harry’s Style:

In both his female and male form, he dresses femininely, as his male form is still quite feminine. The only thing that really changes while switching genders in his breasts and private parts (genitals), everything else pretty much stays the same – long hair, cheekbones, lips, flawless skin, etc. He is often mistaken as a female when in his male form, as he uses his wandless magic to hide (glamour) the bulges of his cock and breasts.

FEMALE: Leather, denim, fishnet, pleather…A mix of girly and tomboy – one minute he’ll be in a mini skirt and a short, skin-tight shirt, and then in the next, he’ll be in skinny jeans or tight denims jeans, and a tight shirt or plain tee. Whatever he feels like it.

MALE: Usually either feminine cargo-pants, skinny jeans or pleather/leather pants. Most of the clothes he wears in his male form, are, again, designed for a female. Loves his stylishly cool heeled boots (not cowboy boots, yuck)!


I don’t think anyone has done a Dom/Harry/Letty threesome before, so this MIGHT be the first. If it isn’t please tell me so that I can read them.

I’ll willingly admit to everyone that I have the biggest lesbian crush on Michelle Rodriguez right now. I absolutely love her, so please make me absolutely proud of you by adopting this idea from me and making this Letty THE Letty Ortiz we all love and miss (damn them for killing her off!).

So are you interested in adopting this? Anyone? Pleeaaassee!

Thanks for reading,

~Esprit du Coeur~