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Dom Toretto/Letty Ortiz

Vin Diesel8Michelle Rodriguez2Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez2Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez1

Letty is 16 when she and Dom, who is 19, begin dating. A year later, Dom is sent to Lompoc prison, where he spends two years. When Letty is 19 and he 22, Dom is let out on good behavior and the two lovers reunite once more. However, only a short time after that, six months at most, Dom makes the mistake of sleeping with Johnny Tran’s sister, causing not only a huge rift between the Toretto team and the Tran family, as well as hurting Letty. Letty, upset, takes off to her aunt’s house halfway across LA, where she discovers that she is pregnant with Dom’s child. Still too upset to face Dom or any of the team, feeling humiliated, she stays with her aunt for nine months, ignoring the phone calls from Dom, Mia, Leon and even Vince, who have no idea that she is pregnant.

In that time, Dom has tried to convince her, over the phone, that he was sorry and regretted having cheated on her. She knows that he is sorry but is still feeling too betrayed to listen. She was a stubborn girl. She still is in love with Dom, and knows he’s still in love with her, but she refuses to acknowledge it.

On July 31st, Letty goes into labor and at 11:59p.m. she gives birth to her and Dom’s beautiful daughter, Harrienne Marie Toretto.

Harrienne Marie Toretto (Harry Potter)

Newborn baby1Dark haired baby

Five days after giving birth, Letty decides that enough was enough and that she had to face her ex-boyfriend and father of her baby. So she packed up herself and her daughter, moved from her aunt’s house and returned to the home that she had lived at for the last five years, the Toretto house. She pulls up, unannounced, in her maroon Nissan 240sx, causing her ‘family’ to rush out of the house in excitement, only to give them the shock of their lives as she reached into the back seat of her car and pulled out a bulky baby carrier (car seat).

Dom watched his ex-girlfriend, who looked delicious in tight figure fitting jeans and a spaghetti strap shirt, approach the family, and he and everyone else is curious as to why their Letty had a baby with her. All eyes were on her and the infant, whom could be seen laying fast asleep within the carrier, strapped in securely. The babe was dressed in lavender – what looked like a white onesie, with a pair of lavender pants and white socks – which told the extended family that the little one was a girl. She had jet black peach fuzz for hair and a cute little lavender head band that wrapped around her incredibly small head.


The dark-haired Latina turned her nervous dark brown eyes onto her ex, who was looking back at her, his own eyes moving from her to the infant, trying to work out the huge missing piece of the puzzle. When realizing settled in, his eyes widened and his eyes whipped back down the baby.

“This is m – “

Letty cut him off by narrowing her eyes at him, “We gotta talk, privately.”

He nodded jerkily, and the others started to put two and two together as they quickly dispersed, disappearing into the house. Mia was the last to leave, as she was too busy grinning. The thought of being an aunt was just too amazing. Dom turned and glared at his younger sister, “Mia! House, now!”

The nineteen-year-old nodded, “Right,” she said and practically hopped into the house leaving Dom and Letty.

“Bedroom,” the muscled man commented, and upon getting a nod, the two also entered the house and passed the others, going up the staircase to the second floor and into the bedroom the two had shared for the passed four years, since she was sixteen. Even while he was in prison for those two years, the bedroom had been hers.


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