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Asta Proussalidi (female Harry Potter)

Selena Gomez162Selena Gomez161Selena Gomez156

Beginning Story Points:

  • Lily is actually a pureblood – from the Boswyndel family. She was orphaned as an infant and adopted by the Evans family.
  • Lily married James Potter, but she wasn’t in love with him. James had fed Lily love potions since their seventh year, to get her to fall for him. She did, but she had been in true love with someone else.
  • Hector Proussalidi, a pureblood wizard from Greece – he and Lily had met when the Evans took a family vacation the summer before her 6th year. He was a year older than her, but he too had fallen in love with her.
  • After Lily and James were married, James stopped giving her the potions, thinking that they weren’t needed any longer. The moment all of the potions were out of her system she left James and headed to the small Greek island of Karpathos, to the Proussalidi Manor, where she knew her beloved would be. They had a passionate week together, before Lily returned to England, to pack her things. However, James caught her and force fed her more love potions as well as bound her to him.
  • Lily found out she was pregnant. Six months later – 3 months premature – she gave birth to her daughter, Asta Cybella Proussalidi. Knowing that James would freak if he knew that the baby wasn’t his, Lily reluctantly glamoured her child into the spitting image of James Potter and unofficially renamed the baby Harry James Potter.
  • Since the late 1700s the Potter line has been unable to procreate daughters. The Head of Potter House at the time, Cassius Potter, cursed the Potter line so that only males could be born. He had not wanted any female heirs.
  • The only person Lily told about Asta being a girl and not James’ daughter, was Hector, whom she still kept in touch with behind James’ back. She was unable to leave James, do to the binding spell, but that was all. She still had her free will otherwise. Hector swore to protect their daughter.
  • When Asta was 3 months old, on October 31st, Voldemort showed up and killed James and Lily. Severely wounding himself, and marking Asta as his equal, he then vanishes. Asta is sent to the Dursleys, by Dumbledore, to be kept safe.
  • Hector is unable to find Asta for five years, do to the wards surrounding Number Four, Privet Drive. They mask Asta’s scent.
  • At age 3, Asta begins training herself in wandless magic – she knows she has magic and is well aware that it listens to her will of mind.
  • At the age of 5, Hector eventually tracks Asta down, and comes to the Dursleys for a visit. Unfortunately he is unable to remove his daughter from the care of the disgusting muggle family, but he comes and visits his beloved only child very often.
  • Hector tells Asta the truth about her being a girl and named Asta not Harry, about James, the prophecy and Lily’s blood – that her mother was a pureblood witch, and neither a muggleborn nor an Evans by birth.

During the summers between Asta’s 5th and 11th birthdays, Hector arranged for the Dursleys to go on a family vacation in Greece. This allowed for Hector to spend time with his daughter outside the wards of Privet Drive, and it gave Asta time to spend with her father and away from the horrid muggles. The Dursleys eagerly took up the arrangement – it was a full paid two-months vacation to the beautiful Greece and two months away from the freak. Who would have given that up?

In those summers, Hector made sure to help Asta with her wandless magic abilities as well as teach her to speak Greek as well as a head start in Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, History, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.

Also, Hector came clean to his daughter and told her that he was a Loup-Garou – a  shape shifter who could turn into a massive wolf at will. Lily had been his one and only mate. However, he was also the Alpha of a pack of Loup-Garou, all mostly adolescents, that lived amongst the houses that were scattered around the Proussalidi land on Karpathos Island. Although Hector was Greece, the other wolves were from all over Europe – England, Ireland, Russia and Slovenia.

All in all, there were about twenty pack members – more than half of them were adults, the rest were children around Asta’s age and all boys. There wasn’t a single female wolf in the pack – all the females were muggles or witches, who married a Loup-Garou and were thereby accepted as part of the pack. Most Loup-Garou born were males. It was extremely rare for a female with the shape shifting Loup-Garou gene to be born. This made Asta a rarity within not only the Loup-Garou nation but also the wizarding world in general.

Asta inherited the Loup-Garou gene from her father. She was able to shape shift into a jet black wolf with emerald green eyes.

Unlike the werewolves, Loup-Garous were not considered dark creatures, since one had to be born with the gene to become one. A Loup-Garou was born, not made or Turned. One cannot be turned into a Loup-Garou by a Loup-Garou’s bite.

Hector Proussalidi

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3

At the age of 11, Asta with her own glamours now in place and still looking like Harry Potter (she only looked like herself when around her father during the summers), she went to Hogwarts. There, she plays the role of Harry Potter, while in disguise, without anyone becoming suspicious. It was hard, though. In the muggle world there were no expectations for Harry Potter so Asta, though still looking like Harry, was able to generally be herself. However, at Hogwarts and in the public of the wizarding world, Asta had to essentially mold herself into the perfect Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding world. She did what she thought was expected of Harry – she excelled in the Defense Against the Dark Arts, but hid her intelligence and knowledge of the other classes (it was actually easier than she thought it would be, with Ron Weasley as a friend), as well as played naïve to the wizarding world.

She felt horrible for lying to her two best friends, but she couldn’t tell them the truth, scared that it would somehow get back to Voldemort (whom she knew was not dead).

  • Years 1 through 5 happen as it did in cannon. This means that she was unable to go to Greece with her father. Instead, the Dursleys stayed in Little Whinging and Hector came and visited frequently, unseen through his own powers of invisibility (Loup-Garou were magic using, shape-shifting folk – they had their own powers, just like Vampires or some werewolves).

A few weeks after 5th year, Dumbledore comes to the Dursleys, with Ron and Hermione in tow. Much to the Dursley’s displeasure, Dumbledore has given Ron and Hermione permission to stay with ‘Harry’ for the rest of the summer. The old wizard enlarges Asta’s small bedroom to fit three twin-sized four-poster beds, a private bathroom facility and three wardrobes, as well as a small kitchenette. Basically, Dumbledore had turned his room into a mini suit.

On Asta’s 16th birthday, she wakes up early and so gets dressed in a pair of jogging pants and shirt before going outside for a run around the neighborhood. For a full hour she was out running, and when she approached the house, Ron and Hermione were waiting, having awoken to find her gone and had assumed she was out exercising. They were sitting on the front porch steps, dressed for the day. She was only a few steps away from them, when suddenly three large men appeared out of thin appear in front of the three teenagers.

Ron and Hermione were instantly on guard, but Asta immediately recognized the intruders as Aleksandro Palomer (Estonian), Crevan Mulrennan (Irish) and Dmitri Jarkovovich (Russian) – her pack-mates. Forgetting momentarily that her two best friends were there, Asta screeched in excitement and threw herself at the three massively tall and muscular men, who were all two years older than her.

“Sandro! Crevan! Dmitri!” she cried happily greeting the three with tight hugs.

Almost immediately, upon touching them, did she realize that something wasn’t right her three pack-mates. She pulled away from them, or at least she tried to, but their hold on her was firm. Stiffening in alarm, she noticed how Sandro’s hands gripped her tight, how Dmitri had buried his nose in her long jet-black hair and how Crevan growled deeply in his throat. She knew exactly what was happening, and she groaned in not only disbelief but also distress.

Using her wandless magic, she gently stunned the three strong Loup-Garou men in place, before quickly wriggling out of their arms. She spun around, grasped hold of Hermione and Ron and proceeded to hurriedly pull them up the steps of Number Four and into the house.

“Hurry! The immobilization charm will only hold them for a few seconds. Get inside!”

The two, confused and alarmed, followed their friend inside. She slammed the door behind them and rushed them up the stairs.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” asked Hermione sharply.


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Asta Cassiopeia Proussalidi

Selena Gomez162Selena Gomez156

Olivia Annette Treveaux – Asta’s best friend

Briana EviganBriana Evigan3

Marie Jovana Weily – Asta’s best friend

Alyson MichalkaAlyson Michalka2

Aaron Pellum – Boyfriend of Marie

Freddie StromaFreddie Stroma3

Dmitry Carmody – Olivia’s boyfriend

Gaspard Ulliel2Gaspard Ulliel8

Kieran Ó Riain – Asta’s boyfriend

Kellan Lutz20Kellan Lutz16

Lily went to Greece on Unspeakable duty, where she met Hector Proussalidi, a pureblood Greek wizard.

Hector Proussalidi – Asta’s father

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model2

They slept together, when out celebrating the job well done. She had a little too much to drink and one thing led to another. In the morning, Lily, ashamed of what she had done, left Greece, returning to England and to James. Six months later, Lily gave premature birth to her daughter, Asta Cassiopeia Proussalidi on July 31st. James, in his rage over the fact that the child was not his, made Lily glamour the child – she disguised Asta as Harry Potter, the son of James Potter, using her extensive Charms knowledge.

Three months after Asta’s birth, Voldemort came to Godric’s Hollow and killed James and Lily. He marked Asta as his equal as he tried to kill her as well. Orphaned, Asta was sent to live with the Dursleys, who were thought to have been her blood relatives. Lily Evans was no muggleborn, however. She was a pureblood witch, born to Welsh parents, Emrys and Gwyneth Boswyndel, who were killed by a clan of rogue vampires, leaving their only daughter, Emlyn Brynne Boswyndel orphaned. They had infant Emlyn with them but the vampires left her be. When muggle authorities found their bodies, they took Emlyn and placed her in an orphanage. Only a few months later, baby Emlyn was adopted by muggles Vance and Rosalind Evans, who already had a daughter named Petunia, but were unable to have more.

At the age of 3, Asta was able to control her magic, performing wandless magic with incredible ease, and using will magic as well.

At the age of 6, Hector Proussalidi tracked down his daughter and though he didn’t take her from the Dursleys, made sure to visit her frequently. Hector had been told about Asta by Lily and he had immediately agreed to sign the birth certificate, naming Asta as his one and only heiress. He did love his daughter, dearly, and wanted the best for her, but do to the wards set up around Number Four, he was unable to remove Asta from the filthy muggles’ care.

Asta grew up knowing the love and protection of a father. She adored her father like most little girls.


Hector allowed his daughter to wandlessly remove the glamours that Lily had placed on her at birth, so instead of Harry Potter that became known around Little Whinging, Asta was able to be herself and use her real name and her real face.

At the age of five, Asta met two witch cousins, Olivia and Marie, who also lived in Little Whinging. The three girls became best friends and were nearly inseparable. Olivia and Marie were half-bloods, who attended muggle primary school with Asta and Dudley and were in the same classes.

At the age of 11, Asta once again donned the glamour of Harry Potter and went to Hogwarts, while Olivia and Marie went to Beauxbaton Academy in Paris. The three had three-way journals and mirrors that they used to communicate to one another without the need for owls.

At Hogwarts her first year, Asta met Kieran Ó Riain – a then fourth-year Gryffindor, who, while athletically built, was not a Quidditch player. He was very popular within the house and a really nice guy. For some reason, Kieran could see right through Asta’s glamours and confronted the small first year about it. At first she freaked, but when Kieran consoled her and told her that he wouldn’t tell anyone, he just was curious as to why everyone was calling a small little girl Harry Potter. So, she tells him everything from her mother’s affair with Hector to James forcing her to cover up the affair by glamouring Asta as an infant. Then she goes on to tell Kieran about her father coming to visit her at the Dursleys. He nods and simply says “That’s cool, kid.”

From that moment on, Asta was the center of Kieran’s world. She didn’t know it, but his blue eyes hardly left her frame for the next three years that he was in school. When he was a 7th year, she was a 4th year and so he made his move. He approached her, when all of her friends (even Hermione chose to ignore her rather than be seen talking to the school cheat) abandoned her.

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Winchester Family Photo7

Asta Demetria Latsis was born to Greek natives, Hector Latsis and Hypatia Proussalidi. Hector was the Alpha Wolf of the Loup-Garou nation all across the world, which was basically a King, as he himself was a Loup-Garou. Hypatia was the Queen of Magic Folk – she was a Dames Vertes (also known as an elf). With Hector and Hypatia having mated, they helped the other rule over each other’s nations – Hypatia was known as the Alpha Mate, making her the Loup-Garou Queen. Hector was King of the Magical Folk, as he had married and was soul bound to the Queen.

Asta had an older brother, who was five years older than her named Evander. Evander was in training, with Hector and their uncle, Mateo, to be the next Alpha Wolf someday. He was without a doubt he was their father’s favorite – his perfect son and heir. Hector hardly ever acknowledged Asta unless it was to reprimand or criticize.

When Asta was 3 days old (August 3rd), she was kidnapped by the Potters who had summoned her through a dark summoning ritual. Their son, Harry, had just died of SIDS, so they were irrational and grief-stricken. Harry and Asta shared the same birthday – July 31st – even though Harry had been a few hours older, born at 9: 42 p.m. while Asta was born at 11:59 .m.

Lily used her extensive charms and potions knowledge to create a glamour that she placed on Asta to disguise her has Harry Potter. They hid her gender and gave her Potter features. Her emerald green eyes were changed to jade, to match Lily’s. Only three months later, on October 31st, Voldemort came to Godric’s Hollow and killed the Potters, while marking Asta as his equal. She was then placed on the doorstep of the Dursleys, where just a few hours later, she was tracked down by the still searching Latsis family, and brought back to the palace located on the island of Crete, Greece.

There, she grew up learning her powers ad abilities and how to control them. She also learned to behave as a royal, especially a queen should anything happen to her mother. Even though Evander’s mate (should he find his) would become queen, not Asta.

At the age of 11, a reluctant Asta went to Hogwarts, wearing a charmed elven medallion that held up a strong glamour over her, making her look like a possible and satisfyingly correct version of Harry Potter, from the English accent to the bad eyesight and the messy hair. At the end of her 5th year, however, Asta decides that she’s had enough of the wizarding world and so upon getting to King’s Cross, teleports back to Crete, where she learns that her father has just arranged a marriage between her and her father’s Beta Wolf, whom she had known since childhood as Uncle Mateo.

Apparently, Mateo had been watching Asta very closely as she grew up, and had liked what he had seen. He was obsessed with her, and became determined to make her his bride. The man was in his late forties, and was obviously a massive pervert. Disgusted and angry, Asta packs up her things from her room before teleporting to Seattle, Washington.

Only two days later, Asta (the medallion now charmed to hide only her elfish ears and eyes) meets Dean Winchester, who was 25 and on a solo hunt. They were in the underground Seattle, Asta for a tour and Dean for the ghost he was hunting. Asta wandered off during the tour and came across Dean. Immediately she recognized Dean as her soul mate. In annoying teenage fashion – but with a bit more maturity – Asta walks straight up to Dean and refuses to leave his side. She also confesses to being a Loup-Garou and a Dames Vertes hybrid, and that Dean was her mate.

Dean is at first cautious and wary of the nearly 16-year-old hybrid girl, however, due to him being her soul mate it was against his nature/instincts to turn her away completely or ignore her. She quickly grew on him and eventually he gave into the idea of being soul mates. Even the initial discomfort of her being underage was forgotten. She was incredibly beautiful, breathtakingly so, and he fell in love with her.

They consummated their soul bond on Asta’s 17th birthday – a full year after meeting. They’d done oral before then, but no actual penetration until then.Winchester Family Photo8

November 2nd, 2005

Dean and Asta had just left Jericho, California, with John’s journal, when Sam calls, distraught and angry, asking Dean to come and get him from Stanford, wanting to hunt down the Yellow-Eyed demon and avenge Jess’ death.

When Dean arrives, with Asta in tow, Sam is surprised. He could tell right away that the two of them were more than ‘simply friends’ as they awkwardly claimed to be. Sam wasn’t stupid, but he didn’t call them on it.

Asta took an immediate liking to Sam, and became a little sister slash mother-hen to him. She was a mother-hen to Dean, too. Both Sam and Dean were amused, especially Dean, who was also thankful that his wife and younger brother were getting along superbly.

For Sam’s comfort, Dean and Asta hide their relationship. When Sam is asleep, the couple would sneak out of the motel room and out into the Impala where they’d fool around in the back seat, or they would go off together in the Impala, while on food runs to spend a few minutes together intimately before returning. Though they tried to hide their ‘activities’ from Sam, Sam knew exactly what they were doing and it greatly amused him, watching the two sneak around. Often times he’d turn down going with one of them to get food, so that the ‘lovers’ could spent their needed time together.

A few months into their search for John, Sam purposely catches Dean and Asta kissing, and he (while chuckling in amusement) confessed to knowing all along their involvement. Dean and Asta in turn tell Sam about their soul bond (which is basically marriage) and about Asta and Dean not being human. Upon consummation of their bond, Dean inherited Asta’s magical traits and was able to turn into a wolf form.

A Year Later

Asta (18), Dean (27) and Sam (23) were sound asleep in their motel room – Sam in one bed and Dean and Asta in the other, curled up comfortably. Their motel door suddenly bangs open, startling them into consciousness. Dean and Sam were immediately on trained alert, their guns out and pointed at the intruders. Asta stared at the intruders, shocked, as she recognized her father, mother and her perverted intended.

Mateo, upon seeing his ‘beloved’ in bed with another man, growled threateningly and took a step forward, only to be stopped by Hector, who was glaring down at his only daughter, his loathing reading clear in his eyes.

“Get up,” he said angrily, using his Alphatic powers of command. Gulping in fright, Asta quickly scrambled out of the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of really short shorts and a tight spaghetti strapped shirt that left little to the imagination. Hector growled, his liquid amber eyes taking in his daughter’s nearly indecent attire as well as the two brothers. His nose then wrinkled in disgust over the motel room, before turning back to Asta. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, you little brat?” he snarled. “Associating yourself with hunters of all people! As a princess, this behavior is beyond deplorable! You have put this family and our subjects at risk, for what? So you could become a hunter’s little slut?”

Asta’s tanned complexion paled at her father’s harsh words, and she opened her mouth the defend herself, only to be cut off by Hector backhanding her across the face so hard that she was knocked to the ground hard.

“Hector!” Hypatia screeched, having stood quietly behind her husband until then, observing her daughter and the two handsome but deadly men on either side of her. She rushed over to her daughter and knelt down, all the while glaring up at her mate. “What in the world are you doing?” She reached out and gently cupped her wounded daughter’s face in her small soft hands, the Elven woman locking eyes with her. “Are you okay, darling?”

Behind them, they heard a loud and deep growl, which echoed off the motel room walls. The two women turned looked up, and were startled to find Dean, his eyes narrowed dangerously at Hector, his face set in anger. He looked more than ready to kill, as he took a fighting stance, flexing his biceps threateningly.

“Oh goodness,” said Hypatia, as she helped Asta shakily to her feet, “Did you mate with this young man, Astrid?”


Asta Demetria Latsis

Selena Gomez156Selena Gomez149Selena Gomez148

Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles27Jensen Ackles28Jensen Ackles34

Sam Winchester

Jared Padalecki7Jared Padalecki8Jared Padalecki1

Hector Latsis – Alpha Wolf of the Loup-Garou Nation

Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model3Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model2Theo Theodoridis - Greek Male Model

Hypatia Latsis – Queen of the Magical Folk

Rachel Weisz10Rachel Weisz20Rachel Weisz4

Evander Latsis

Ian Somerhalder - Damon Salvatore1Ian Somerhalder - Damon SalvatoreIan Somerhalder - Damon Salvatore2

Mateo Papadakos

Til Schweiger1Til Schweiger

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Bill Weasley – 30-years-old

Alvaro Jacomossi (Bill or Charlie Weasley)Alvaro Jacomossi - Male Model3

Charlie Weasley – 29-years-old

Weasley Boy3Weasley Boy4

Percy Weasley – 22-years-old

Simon Woods

Fred and George Weasley – 19-years-old

Weasley Boy5

Ron Weasley – 17-years-old

Weasley Boy1

Ginny Weasley – 16-years-old


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Dean and Adrienne Winchester

Winchester Family Photo15Winchester Family Photo16

Dean – 28-years-old

Adrienne – 19-years-old

Only three months after being selling his soul to bring Sam back from the dead, Dean is told by his wife (and mate) of three years that she is pregnant. Adrienne Sennett Durchardeaux-Winchester had no idea, when she told him, that her husband was going to hell. When Dean traded his soul for Sam’s life, he hadn’t been thinking straight and therefore hadn’t given any thought as to what his death might do to his wife, and he was guilt-ridden. When leaning that he would be leaving behind not only his wife but also an unborn child, he was devastated.

He doesn’t tell Adrienne about going to hell, not wanting to see the tears she would spill for him, over his stupid mistake.

September 18th, 2008 – Dean escapes from hell.

The first thought upon crawling out of his gravesite was his wife and child. However, he did not immediately go to see them. Instead he went to Bobby for help, and the two then went to Pontiac, Illinois to get Sam. For the next three days, the three of them stayed in the mid-West, searching for the thing that had pulled Dean from the pit. It was as just after the Rising of the Witnesses when Dean decides that it is time to ‘face the wife’.


Sam sat in the passenger’s seat of the Impala, looking out of the window in confusion as Dean took a sharp turn off the highway. The road they were now driving down was one surrounded by a forest of pine trees, and only a sliver of light could be seen through the canopy said trees made over the woodsy dirty road.

“Uh, where are we going?” he asked, eyes radiating his confusion before glancing over at his brother. He was surprised to see Dean’s hands clenching the steering wheel so tight that they were white, and his jaw was set, his eyes were wide and focused on the road. He looked nervous. “Hey, Dean,” Sam reached over and nudged his brother.

Dean jerked, startled, “What?” he groused tightly.

“Where are we going?” Sam repeated, gesturing toward the scenery. “We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

“We’re not,” Dean told him, smirking at him, almost knowingly. “We’re headed in the right direction, dude, I know where we’re going. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery – we’ll be there in about half an hour.”

Sam raised an eyebrow suspiciously, eyeing Dean warily. He was still looking decidedly nervous but there was an air of excitement about his brother as well. He watched as Dean started drumming his thumbs against the wheel, and his face softened slightly from where it had been tense just a moment before and Sam let out a sigh.

“God, please don’t tell me we’re going to be meeting up with one of your old flings, Dean,” he groaned, recognizing the signs for what they were. “You did not just drag me all the way from South Dakota just to get laid. Please tell me you didn’t?”

Dean mentally cackled at how close to the mark Sam actually was, “Not quite,” he admitted in amusement, bottle green eyes shining in mirth.

Sam threw him a dirty look, “What does ‘not quite’ mean?”

He rolled his eyes, looking back out at the road, “It mean, ‘not quite’. Look, you’ll understand once we get there and you meet her,” Dean assured him, reaching up to scratch his head, “You’ll like her, Sammy, I promise.”

Sam crossed his large arms across his chest, glaring at Dean in annoyance. “Is there even a hunt?”


“No?” he scowled.

Dean shook his head and smiled cockily at his brother, trying to lighten the mood. “No…There isn’t a hunt, that I am aware of, in Washington State,” he confessed to the glaring young man beside him. The smile slowly disappeared as he pictured his young wife, and their child, who would have already been born if his calculations were correct. He licked his lips, as his mind’s eye tried to imagine what his baby looked like, or whether or not it was a boy or girl, because he had no idea. He would gladly admit that while he was anxious and excited to get back ‘home’, to see Adrienne again and to meet his kid, he was also scared shitless. Of how Adrienne would take the news of him having been in Hell for four months, and of seeing his baby. They were the two most important people in his life, more so than even Sam, believe it or not, and he was scared that Adrienne would have given up after four long months of not seeing or hearing from him.

He never went more than a few days at a time without going up to Snoqualmie, just for a few hours, before returning to his brother before Sam even knew he had been gone. Mostly he was about to get away at nights or while Sam was doing research at local libraries. Four months was the longest he and Adrienne had gone without contact of some kind. She must have felt it when he died, for sure, and then possibly when he returned to the living. She must be confused and hurt.


Sam’s voice once again jolted him from his thoughts, and he looked over at his brother, “Yeah?”

“You all right? You got kinda quiet there,” the giant asked, still folding his arms in displeasure but also looking at him with his hazel eyes filled with concern.

“I’m fine, Sammy,” he replied, instantly perking up when he spotted the turn off. He turned, after about a quarter mile down the road, the canopy of trees began to thin a little, before suddenly they were able to see a large, almost mansion-like home situated in a large clearing, still surrounded on all sides by trees and other wild plant life. “We’re here,” he said unnecessarily, driving around the off-white almost yellow building, and to the parking garage. The garage door automatically opened for them and Dean easily and with obvious experience, maneuvered the Impala inside and came to a complete stop, the garage doors sliding closed behind them.

Dominican Republic mansion

Dean cut the engine, and grinned over at his brother. “Well, come on then. Let’s get inside!” he said, opening his door and sliding out. He went to the backseat to grab his bags, gesturing for Sam to the do the same, before he lead them through the humungous four-car garage, and over to the door leading into the main house.

They walked into what looked to be the laundry room, as there was a washing machine and a dryer up against the wall, and a few empty baskets on top of the washer. It smelt of clean laundry, which Dean inhaled with a smile. Yep, he thought to himself, he was home. They left the laundry room and walked through a hallway that lead them straight into the living room.

Grand Living room

Sam looked around him in awe, taking in the beautifully decorated and expansive high ceiling room. “Wow,” he said, rather speechless, his eyes practically zooming around, looking at all the expensive furniture and paintings.

Dean grinned proudly, as technically it was his home, too, seeing as he had married the owner and had helped her make the large house homey and lived in. “It’s great, isn’t it?”

“Great? More like amazing – “


The two whipped around in surprise, not having heard them approaching, only to see a extremely beautiful young woman standing in the doorway, dressed in a pair of short denim shorts and a light pink spaghetti strapped shirt, both of which were tight fitting, leaving nothing to the imagination and doing a fantastic job of showing off her slender, petite and curvy figure. She had long, jet-black hair that fell down to her mid-back in waves. The most breathtaking and striking feature on the young woman was her eyes – a deep emerald green that shone brightly. It didn’t help that said eyes were filling up with tears, making them even more luminous.

In her arms, she was cradling a tiny, lavender bundle to her chest protectively, as she stared at Dean in shock.

Sam blinked at the girl, taken aback by how young she looked. Also, he was admitted rather stunned by just how beautiful she was.

Selena Gomez90

Dean watched his wife stared at him with teary eyes and winced as guilt shot through him. He gave her a small smile and nodded, “Hey, Adrie.” He left Sam’s side and made his way slowly to her.

She drew in a shaky breath, and a tear rolled down her tanned cheek, “I felt you die,” Adrienne choked out, reaching out and ran her small delicate hand over his chest, reassuring herself that she wasn’t just seeing thing and he was actually really standing before her. “You were dead, Dead…Dead! And then, a week ago I felt our link pulsate with life, after four excruciating months.” She gave a sob, and Dean was quick to wrap his strong arms around her small frame, holding her to him tightly, mindful of the infant in her arms. “What the hell is going on? Why did you die and how did you come back?”

Dean shook his head, running his hands up and down her back soothingly, “It’s a long story, babe. I did something rather selfish and stupid, and though I’m glad it all worked out in the end, I am still unbelievably sorry I put you through all this shit. I-I wasn’t thinking clearly when I did it.”

She hugged him tightly, burying her face into his shoulder, “What did you do?” she asked almost reluctantly.

Instead of answering straight away, Dean kissed her head and led her to the white sofa, where the two sat. He looked over at Sam, who was standing in the middle of the living room, gaping at the two of them, confused but suspicious, and gestured for him to come over. Sam slowly, hesitantly walked over and sat on the settee facing them. “Babe, this is my brother, Sam…Sam, this is my, uh, wife, Adrienne,” he introduced awkwardly.

Sam’s eyes grew wide, “Your wife?”

“Mm-hmm, yeah.”

“Since when are you married?” he asked, mystified, eyes moving from Dean to Adrienne in quick secession.

“Since about 3 years ago,” Dean confessed, sheepishly, before he looked down at the infant his wife cradled gently, and his breath left his throat as he drunk in his first look at his child. Judging by the color of receiving blanket, lavender, he was the father of a little girl. He gulped, and leaned forward, taking no notice to his speechless brother across from him, and tenderly ran the very tips of his fingers along her tiny little forehead and down her cheek, taking notice of which features she inherited from him and Adrienne. “She’s beautiful,” he breathed softly, a smile on his face.

“She’s angelic,” Adrienne replied, wiping the tears from her face and passed the baby over to him. He took her, unsure of himself, she was so damned tiny.

“When was she born?”

“September 18th…”

His head shot up, to look at her, surprised, “That’s the day I – “

“Returned to the living?” Adrienne finished, “Yes, it was. It was the shock of feeling your life once again connected to our previously dead link, that I think brought on the labor, I think. It was rather painful, having the link snap back into place so suddenly. Almost as painful as it was when it broke." She ran her fingers through her hair, tossing it out of her face and she gave her husband a small smile. “Don’t you wanna know what I named her, love?”

“Of course,” he said quickly.

Dark haired baby

She grinned and leaned in to kiss him for the first time in four months, “Dean, darling, I’d like you to meet your six-day-old daughter, Ainabeth Marie Winchester.” Both proud parents looked down at their daughter, who gave a wide yawn and blinked her baby blue eyes up at them sleepily. “Aina, sweetheart, this is your daddy.”

Dean grinned widely and caught his wife’s eyes before leaning in to capture her lips with his. She sighed into the kiss and brought one of her hands up to touch Dean’s cheek. Both had forgotten that Sam was still in the room.

Sam shook his head, feeling like he was going crazy. He never thought, in a million years, that Dean would settle down with someone, or ever have children.