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Asta Cassiopeia Proussalidi

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Olivia Annette Treveaux – Asta’s best friend

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Marie Jovana Weily – Asta’s best friend

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Aaron Pellum – Boyfriend of Marie

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Dmitry Carmody – Olivia’s boyfriend

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Kieran Ó Riain – Asta’s boyfriend

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Lily went to Greece on Unspeakable duty, where she met Hector Proussalidi, a pureblood Greek wizard.

Hector Proussalidi – Asta’s father

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They slept together, when out celebrating the job well done. She had a little too much to drink and one thing led to another. In the morning, Lily, ashamed of what she had done, left Greece, returning to England and to James. Six months later, Lily gave premature birth to her daughter, Asta Cassiopeia Proussalidi on July 31st. James, in his rage over the fact that the child was not his, made Lily glamour the child – she disguised Asta as Harry Potter, the son of James Potter, using her extensive Charms knowledge.

Three months after Asta’s birth, Voldemort came to Godric’s Hollow and killed James and Lily. He marked Asta as his equal as he tried to kill her as well. Orphaned, Asta was sent to live with the Dursleys, who were thought to have been her blood relatives. Lily Evans was no muggleborn, however. She was a pureblood witch, born to Welsh parents, Emrys and Gwyneth Boswyndel, who were killed by a clan of rogue vampires, leaving their only daughter, Emlyn Brynne Boswyndel orphaned. They had infant Emlyn with them but the vampires left her be. When muggle authorities found their bodies, they took Emlyn and placed her in an orphanage. Only a few months later, baby Emlyn was adopted by muggles Vance and Rosalind Evans, who already had a daughter named Petunia, but were unable to have more.

At the age of 3, Asta was able to control her magic, performing wandless magic with incredible ease, and using will magic as well.

At the age of 6, Hector Proussalidi tracked down his daughter and though he didn’t take her from the Dursleys, made sure to visit her frequently. Hector had been told about Asta by Lily and he had immediately agreed to sign the birth certificate, naming Asta as his one and only heiress. He did love his daughter, dearly, and wanted the best for her, but do to the wards set up around Number Four, he was unable to remove Asta from the filthy muggles’ care.

Asta grew up knowing the love and protection of a father. She adored her father like most little girls.


Hector allowed his daughter to wandlessly remove the glamours that Lily had placed on her at birth, so instead of Harry Potter that became known around Little Whinging, Asta was able to be herself and use her real name and her real face.

At the age of five, Asta met two witch cousins, Olivia and Marie, who also lived in Little Whinging. The three girls became best friends and were nearly inseparable. Olivia and Marie were half-bloods, who attended muggle primary school with Asta and Dudley and were in the same classes.

At the age of 11, Asta once again donned the glamour of Harry Potter and went to Hogwarts, while Olivia and Marie went to Beauxbaton Academy in Paris. The three had three-way journals and mirrors that they used to communicate to one another without the need for owls.

At Hogwarts her first year, Asta met Kieran Ó Riain – a then fourth-year Gryffindor, who, while athletically built, was not a Quidditch player. He was very popular within the house and a really nice guy. For some reason, Kieran could see right through Asta’s glamours and confronted the small first year about it. At first she freaked, but when Kieran consoled her and told her that he wouldn’t tell anyone, he just was curious as to why everyone was calling a small little girl Harry Potter. So, she tells him everything from her mother’s affair with Hector to James forcing her to cover up the affair by glamouring Asta as an infant. Then she goes on to tell Kieran about her father coming to visit her at the Dursleys. He nods and simply says “That’s cool, kid.”

From that moment on, Asta was the center of Kieran’s world. She didn’t know it, but his blue eyes hardly left her frame for the next three years that he was in school. When he was a 7th year, she was a 4th year and so he made his move. He approached her, when all of her friends (even Hermione chose to ignore her rather than be seen talking to the school cheat) abandoned her.


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