Ron/Harrienne (female Harry)   2 comments

Ron Weasley

  • 6 foot 4
  • Athletically muscular (built)
  • Red hair
  • Blue eyes

Weasley Boy1

Harrienne Adelaide Malfoy-Snape

  • 5 foot 4
  • Slender and curvy
  • Jet-black hair
  • Emerald green eyes

Green Eyes14Green Eyes5

Lily Evans was born Rhiannon Boswyndel was the pureblood daughter of wealthy Cadeyrn and Gwendolyn Boswyndel of Wales, both of whom  were purebloods and from wealthy Ancient and Noble Houses. Voldemort killed them when they refused to join him and his Death Eaters. Lily was sent to a muggle orphanage, where she was adopted by Robert and Rosalind Evans.

At 19, James and Lily get married. A few months later, Lily is kidnapped while on her way to work at the Ministry, and is taken to Voldemort, where she is raped and tortured before being rescued by James, Sirius, Remus and a few others. Nobody but James, Sirius and Remus knows that she was raped. Nine months later, she gives birth to Harrienne Jaslynne Malfoy-Snape.

NOTE:// Lucius and Severus had been two of the men that had raped her. However, neither of them had wanted to do it. Bellatrix had Imperioed Severus, when she saw him about to leave, and her husband Rodolphus did the same to Lucius, when he too looked ready to leave with Severus (they were secret lovers). Lucius’ loyalty was wavering because he saw that Severus’ was.


2 responses to “Ron/Harrienne (female Harry)

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  1. Oh my… a parallel universe of the Potter world. Now if that was a book, it’ll be interesting!

  2. Yeah, this story outline isn’t finished. I only posted it so that I could come back to it later to finish. There is more to my idea for this story then what is written already. I’ll be finishing it up soon!

    Thanks for the comment!

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