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Asta Calypso Boswyndel, was kidnapped by the Potters just hours after her birth on July 31st. Their own son, who had also been born July 31st, just a few hours before Asta, had died of SIDS during the first night. In their grief, James and Lily resort to forbidden dark magic to gain another child – they perform a dark magic summoning ritual that would bring them a child, a child that had the requested characteristics and features as their son and more. Part of the ritual was to add a drop of Lily’s blood and James’ blood to the cauldron, as well as throw in bits of parchment that had certain characteristics and features.

The two asked for ‘their’ new child to be/have:

  • Jet black hair (for James)
  • Emerald green eyes (for Lily)
  • A massive magical core – very powerful
  • A Pureblood or Half-blood
  • Beautiful
  • Born on July 31st

They forgot to write in ‘male’, so when the infant arrived, they discovered that the baby was a little girl. After a quick DNA test, which told the Potters who the baby was, and who her parents were, the two then glamoured Asta to change her into a infant male version of James Potter – they renamed her after their own deceased son, Harry James Potter.

Just three months later, Voldemort came on October 31st and killed the Potters, while trying and failing to do the same to Asta. Instead, she was marked as his equal and then shipped off by Dumbledore, to the Dursleys.

At the age of 3, Asta was able to do wandless magic. Also, it was at that age that her real birth parents, pureblood elitists, Aloysius and Euphemia (Femia) Boswyndel, finally tracked her down and took her from the Dursleys – before they left, they made sure that the Dursleys knew that they would be coming back, to drop Asta off upon her eleventh birthday.

Asta was the youngest child and only daughter of Aloysius and Euphemia. They had, in total nine children, eight of which were sons.


Youngest to Oldest – The Boswyndel Siblings

1. Astrid (Asta) Cassiopeia Boswyndel – 17-years-old

Green Eyes14

2. Gabriel Viktor Boswyndel – 22-years-old

Gaspard Ulliel8

3. Kellan Joel Boswyndel – 23-years-old

Kellan Lutz33

4. Jared Samuel Boswyndel – 24-years-old

Jared Padalecki1

5. James Andrew Boswyndel – 27-years-old

James McAvoy2

6. Dean Desiderius Boswyndel – 28-years-old

Jensen Ackles27

7. Leonius Isaias Boswyndel – 32-years-old

Karl Urban

8. David Gabriel Boswyndel – 34-years-old

David Boreanaz

9. Dominic Julius Boswyndel – 35-years-old

Vin Diesel5



Astrid 'Asta' BoswyndelGabriel BoswyndelKellan BoswyndelJared BoswyndelJames Boswyndel

Dean BoswyndelLeonius BoswyndelDavid BoswyndelDominic Boswyndel


Once back at Boswyndel manor, Aloysius and Euphemia take off her glamours. All of her brothers, much older than herself – the closest in age was Gabriel, who was five years older than her, and the farthest in age was Dominic, who was 18 years older than her. All eight boys were extremely protective of her, and though there was such an age gap between her and all of them, they were far from distant with one another – in fact, all of the brothers and Asta were very close. Of course, there were fights between the boys and they all loved to tease and pick on their ‘baby sister’ to no end, but they all loved each other very much and each had a special bond with each sibling. She didn’t have a favorite brother, as they all spoiled her rotten and watched out for her.

When Asta is six, Aloysius and Euphemia were out on business in Romania, when they were attacked by a clan of vampires and killed. Without her parents to look after their sister, the oldest five brothers – James, Dean, Leo, David and Dominic – band together and help take part in raising Asta, and the youngest three boys, Gabriel, Kellan and Jared, whom at the time were 11, 12 and 13, respectively. James was 16, Dean was 17, Leo was 21, David was 23 and Dominic was 24.

They all lived at Boswyndel Manor, located in the Snowdonia valley of Wales. The land was owned by them, and on it also laid a farm, which the brothers and the family house elves helped manage. They had horses, sheep, cows, ducks, dogs, cats, chickens, goats and pigs. It sits in the Snowdonia National Park, though it is hidden by wards, so that the whole Boswyndel property is invisible and undetectable by muggles or wizards alike.

As Asta grows up, she is taught how to perfect her wandless magic – though none of her brothers can do wandless magic, they help her control her own ability. Also, they give her advanced lessons in magic, both theory and practical. Potions, Defense against the Dark Arts, Transfigurations, History of Magic, Charms, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Herbology and she is given crash courses through Magical Creatures, Divinations, Astrology, Astronomy and Muggle Studies. The Boswyndels, though purebloods, have nothing against muggles and often they go out and wander the muggle world – restaurants, shopping, cinema, amusement parks, etc..

At the age of 11, Asta wandlessly creates a new glamour – an older, 11-year-old version of Harry Potter (she had a photo of James and Lily Potter, to go on), places it on herself and is reluctantly sent to the Dursleys, where she is later picked up by Hagrid, before she enters Hogwarts for her first year, as Harry Potter.


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