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Asta (Harry) Marie Winchester – 13-years-old

Green Eyes38Green Eyes9

Dean Winchester – 28-years-old

Jensen Ackles19Jensen Ackles27

Sam Winchester – 24-years-old

Jared Padalecki2Jared Padalecki9

John Winchester

Jeffrey Dean MorganJEFFREY DEAN MORGAN @ the premiere of 'Twilight' held @ the Mann Village & Bruin theatres.
November 17, 2008

Lily and James separated for two months, secretly. In the two months, Lily headed to Cincinnati, Ohio (America) to work an Unspeakable mission for the Department of Mysteries division of the Ministry of Magic. There, she meets John Winchester, and the two become involved for the two months. Lily finds out that John is a Hunter, and he finds out that she is a natural-born witch. Thankfully for her, John had known about natural-born wizards and knew that they were not all bad – that they were like people, in that wizards had their good guys and their bad guys. Of course, they realized immediately that their relationship was not going to work, as a witch and a hunter were the least compatible. They switched information, in case of emergencies and Lily returned to England where she reluctantly got back together with James. She still loved James but she was unsure if they, too were able to work out.

A few weeks later, Lily discovers that she is pregnant, and that the baby was not her husbands, but rather John’s instead. She tells James about her relationship in America with John, and that she was pregnant. Also, she uses the contact information John had given him, to call him and tell him about her pregnancy.

Six months into the pregnancy, Lily goes into premature labor and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl whom she names Astrid (Asta) Marie Winchester. Asta was three months premature, and was extremely tiny, weighing only 1 lb., 6 oz., and 10 inches.

Newborn baby6

After Asta’s birth, Lily sends John a portkey, and he comes, bringing with him his two sons, 15-year-old Dean and 11-year-old Sam. Upon seeing how incredibly tiny, weak and fragile Asta was, the three Winchesters swore that they would do anything to protect her. She stole their hearts the moment they saw her. Dean, especially, felt an immediate bond with his baby sister and he vowed that he would be the best older brother he could be to her – a much better brother than he was to Sam, even.

The Winchester’s stayed a week at Godric’s Hollow, before returning to America. As soon as they left, Lily placed glamours over Asta to hide her real appearance – she made her into Harry Potter, changing her gender and some of her features to make her look like a carbon-copy of James Potter. She did this to hide the ‘affair’ she had, while still with James, and to hide the fact that Asta was not James’ child.

Three months later, on October 31st, Voldemort came to Godric’s Hollow and killed James and Lily. He marked Asta (Harry Potter) as his equal, by casting the killing curse, which rebounded and struck Voldemort. Only minutes after Voldemort fled the manor, a demon came into the nursery – a demon with yellow eyes. He stood over Asta’s infant form and bled into her mouth, before disappearing. Hagrid showed up just minutes later, where he grabbed Asta and delivered her to Dumbledore. Dumbledore placed Asta on the doorstep of Number Four, Privet Drive – the home of the Dursleys.

It was only an hour later, after she was placed there, that her glamours which had been placed by Lily, fell and with a faint flash of light, she disappeared, only to reappear a second later in the lap John Winchester. Moments later, a Timed Delay letter from Lily also appeared.



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