Logan Lerman and Ian Somerhalder…Possible brothers?   3 comments

Okay, so I know they aren’t brothers, but is it just me, or do they look like they could be? Both have the same (sometimes) hairstyle, dark, with a border-on pale complexion with gorgeous eyes and smiles. I know that most won’t agree with me, but this is just my opinion. It came to me while I was looking at some photos of Logan, and I had to pause and study his pictures, and it randomly just came to me – he looks like Ian!

I am not saying that they are identical 100%, just simply that they share a few similarities in their features. They could be cast as brothers and I would believe it.

Just my opinion, of course.

Logan Lerman3Ian Somerhalder4


Posted July 18, 2012 by esprit du coeur in Misc.

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3 responses to “Logan Lerman and Ian Somerhalder…Possible brothers?

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  1. when you look closely. they do look a bit alike. yh i could believe they were brothers, but brothers dont always look alike

  2. Oh, trust me, I know that, lol. I have two brothers and lets just say, I and the rest of my family (jokingly, of course) believe that my father did NOT have anything to do with the conception of Alexander, the youngest of the two, who looks nothing like my dad, but acts exactly like him. One’s got jet black hair and dark brown, almost black eyes (Justin) and the other’s got very, very blonde hair with blue eyes (Alexander). Its a family joke…

    Anyways, thanks for the comment! I appreciate it, and your opinion! I’m just glad someone actually saw and read my post! That doesn’t happen too often!

  3. I agree.. I realize their similiarity the way you did too..

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