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This site is dedicated to all the Harry-centric fans out there.
For those who need a little inspiration when is comes to writing fanfiction. Here at Esprit du Coeur there are tons of different Harry Potter story ideas, written by yours truly. There are Harry Potter Crossover, Slash, Het and all that in between. ALL are Harry-centric. You’ll also find some female-Harry, gender-bending Harry, creature-Harry, Mpreg and all that and more. PLEASE NOTE that they are just ideas and outlines, not actual stories. Think of each entry as sort of a Challenge, written by me, for anyone who finds them interesting. Heck, I might even eventually choose to try and write one myself. Doubtful, but who knows?

Fictional Winchester Family

I have a very wild and unusual creative mind. Hope it doesn’t frighten ya’ll away! Anyways…

Everything on this site – banners, ideas and whatnot (excluding my personal photos and personal art) may be taken without my permission. The only thing I ask is that, should you wish to take on one of the ‘challenges’ or ‘ideas’ that you tell me, so that I can know that said story is being written, as I’d love to read it. I hope that you all have a good time looking around and that at least ONE of my ideas inspires you enough to take up one of my challenges. I can’t wait to read them! All I ask is that you keep an open mind as you sift through the posts on this blog. If slash, crossovers, Mpreg, gender-bending and everything else of that sort offends you, then please leave. You have no business here.

Creative Commons License
Stories by Krista Mae is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Posted July 19, 2010 by esprit du coeur

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  1. Ummm has anyone adopted one of your fic??? i really want to read one if so..could u give me a link??

    • Bramble Iceweb of has adopted my Dom/Harry/Letty (Fast and the Furious/Harry Potter crossover) threesome challenge. I don’t think she’s published anything right now, though. I think she’s still writing on it. I can post her profile page on FF.Net for you, though, in case you want to check back with her:

      Aside from her, no. I haven’t had many offers, unfortunately, but that doesn’t stop me from posting more. If you are any good with writing, feel free to take your pick if you wish to adopt anything. Everything is for picks.

  2. Thak you!! someone really should adopt your ideas they’re amazing!! though i wish i can write but i’ll try^_^

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