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Halloween 2005

Cristina (friend), Me (with the hat), Kayla (twin sis) and Amber (little sis) - Halloween of 2005.


I am a 22-year-old fanfiction writer, reader and daydreamer. I daydream about fanfiction – or rather, possible fanfiction – and I write story outlines. Half the time they don’t get written, and if written, then hardly if ever, published. 

I have to admit I really love my ideas,  however, I am not rather good with the whole ‘writing’ thing. I can write fine, grammatically, it’s the whole characterization and finishing thing that I have trouble with. I love Harry-centric stories, and I love crossover fics that involve Harry – mostly (recently, that is) that would be Supernatural and Twilight, with a small amount of other different, odd ideas. While I love thinking up different SPN/HP or Twilight/HP crossovers to write, I can’t actually write them myself… Why? Because I’ll just butcher the other characters to death. I have no sense of characterization, AT ALL!! 

So, after realizing this, I started to think. I have all of these amazing, albeit weird, ideas for stories, stories I can’t write myself, but stories I want to have a chance to get written. I decided, to gather them all in one place and then offer my ideas and story outlines to everyone. I decided to put my ideas up for adoption! 

Those who wish to adopt any of my stories should read the Adpotion Guidlines for A Collection of HarryCentric Story Ideas, and see how much of my requirements you meet. Even if you don’t meet them all, I will still like to discuss/negotiate the terms of adopting one of my ideas – if you are that interested. 


This is what my cat, Josh, looks like (though not his actual picture)


I have a post on Fanfiction.Net with the same name, and I’ll post the link to that here. You may either leave comments here at WordPress or on Fanfiction.Net, should you wish to adopt anything I post. 

Should you wish to adopt, you may also join my forum, where we can also discuss the details and negotiations and all that good stuff that comes with adoption! 

Apart from reading, writing and daydreaming fanfiction, I also love animals, fanfiction art (of M-NC17 ratings) and I am addicted to Supernatural – especially Dean Winchester (a.k.a., Jensen Ackles). 

My favorite dogs include: the Pug, Bulldog, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Italian Greyhound, English Mastiff, Great Dane, Newfoundland and Weimaraner. 

My favorite cats include: Russian Blue, Abyssinian, White Turkish Angora, Egyptian Mau, Bengal cat and the Ocicat. 

I have red hair, blue-gray eyes and am about 5’2” tall. I am an indoors girl – in fact, some people may call me lazy because I don’t go outside much. I am NOT lazy, I just like being indoors, instead of being outside! There is nothing wrong with that.


Posted June 25, 2008 by esprit du coeur

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